Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Case: "EPN" cards in the bay for white market: $50 billing on Pinterest and available international geos on TikTok.

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Lately, it has become nearly impossible to do solo arbitrage. The main issue for me is the lack of payment methods that I can seamlessly use. Even launching campaigns on white hat sources like Pinterest has become problematic.

Initially, with TikTokAds, I used my own cards for funding campaigns targeting Russian-speaking countries with a 20% VAT. For European traffic, I relied on agency accounts with equally high commissions for their services.
Today, I will share a solution to the problem using a service I recently discovered. offers payment cards with low fees, the ability to issue unlimited cards, and seamless integration with platforms like Facebook (which is restricted in Russia), TikTok, Google, and other advertising networks. In my case, using this service completely solves all the problems.

EPN offers two types of cards:

• Advertisement Card: A free card with a $10 monthly service fee and a 2% transaction fee. Suitable for payments on any advertising network.
• Universal Card: A free card with a $15 monthly service fee and a 2% transaction fee. It is a versatile card suitable for any dollar transactions.

• You can issue one card without verification. After completing the verification process, you can issue unlimited cards with no spending limits.
• They also have a referral program where you can earn 1% (up to $500) for each new user you refer.

Testing the cards with TikTokAds:

I chose the Advertisement card, which fully meets my needs. Now, let's get down to business and try to link the card to TikTokAds. For this, we will need:

  1. A TikTokAds account with the USA as the target location.
  2. An IPv4 ASocks proxy.
  3. Any anti-detection browser, such as Dolphin.
By the way, ASocks proxies have good speed and are excellent for software used for parsing and mailing purposes. They also offer a trial version that you can test. You can check their functionality and geolocation.
Everything is fine. The desired geolocation is being detected. Let's proceed with linking the card and accessing the EPN user account dashboard.
We copy all the data from the EPN user account and enter it into the TikTokAds advertising account
The card has been linked. I have topped up with $10 for testing. We can proceed with launching campaigns. Another significant advantage is the absence of VAT in the US account and the availability of payment-friendly geos such as the US and Canada. These geos are not accessible with European accounts and cards.

Pinterest Campaign Funding

In the beginning of the article, I mentioned Pinterest as a traffic source for a reason. With over 945 million monthly users, and a significant portion of that traffic coming from the US, Pinterest is an excellent platform to test new offers, including white hat ones.

Recently, I started testing a small-scale white hat offer. After analyzing the market and studying the demand, I decided to focus on Pinterest. It turned out that competition in my niche is minimal, and there are hardly any arbitrageurs present.

After preparing my product website, creatives, and setting up an advertising account on Pinterest, I proceeded to link my bank card. However, during the process, I discovered that Pinterest does not provide advertising account access for users from Russia, and it does not accept cards from Russian banks. I didn't give up and tried using a virtual card from Capitalist, but I faced another setback.
The prepaid card with a balance couldn't be linked. I decided to try linking an EPN card instead. The card was successfully linked without any issues, and I was pleasantly surprised by the $50 billing limit, as it was rarely achievable before.
I created and launched the campaign. After a ten-minute moderation process, the campaign was approved, and I started receiving impressions on the ads.
EPN cards allow you to test new traffic sources and continue funding campaigns on familiar ones without the need to search for a reliable service.


Based on my experience and feedback from colleagues in arbitrage communities, EPN cards seamlessly work with all traffic sources. The service is relatively new, and the card bins are also fresh. With low fees and a user-friendly interface, the EPN card service allows for unrestricted usage. For me, these cards have completely replaced the need for agency accounts on TikTokAds with their 15-20% commissions.