Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

TikTok Case Study: 195% ROI Using PWA for International Advertising

Hello everyone! We are the internal media buying team at Profitov.Partners.

Traffic acquisition through PWA applications is gaining increasing popularity. We are actively utilizing this tool as well, and in this case, we would like to share our experience of running a campaign on the Cashalot offer using PWA from PWA.Market.

Source: TikTok
Geo: Italy
Affiliate program: Profitov.Partners
Offer: Cashalot
Offer type: Public
Payment model: CPA
Payout per action: $150 per deposit
Campaign period: 16.02.2022 - 20.02.2022
Spent: $3310
Received: $9750
ROI: ~195%

Approximately 25 agency accounts were involved in this offer. The expenses on these accounts accounted for approximately 15% of the total spend. We acquired them from Gorgona. Domains and designs for the app were done within the PWA itself (not included in the expenses).

The payout for each account ranged from $80 to $250. After launching and approving the ad campaign, we immediately created 4-5 clones of the ad group. We then disabled ad groups with low CTR and focused on the install price.

Typically, creatives on TikTok don't last long, so we prepared new creatives for each launch, emphasizing emotions. The cost for each creative was around $4 (not included in the expenses).

We would like to note that PWA.Market offers a branding feature for PWAs. For the applications, you can upload your own design or choose from existing templates. For the Cashalot offer, we settled on the following app:
In PWA.Market, there is also a cool feature of flexible push notification settings. Push notifications can be sent either on a schedule (specific date and time) or based on events (after install, registration, or deposit). We mainly set up push notifications based on events such as install and registration. We came up with the titles and text ourselves, according to the GEO. The expenses for images used in push notifications were minimal (not included in the expenses).

Generally, push notifications have a significant impact on conversions. After installation, users are highly engaged with the application, and push notifications can encourage them to take the next desired step. Below are examples of some push notifications we used after installation and registration.

Examples of push notifications:

After installation:

After 5 minutes:

Welcome Bonus! Go to the app to increase your balance.

After 30 minutes:

Only one step left to get the money! Register in the app and receive a welcome bonus in your account.

After registration:

After 5 minutes:

Boost your deposit! Additional percentage - Bonus for account replenishment!

After 30 minutes:

Bonus for topping up your balance! The bigger the deposit, the more comfortable the game. Deposit half, and we'll add the rest.


We have extensive experience in arbitrage, so it's worth noting that the spending on PWA accounts is much higher compared to web view apps. The payout per account on PWA could reach up to $250, while on web view, it averaged between $70 to $100.

As a result, the data is as follows:

65 deposits
694 registrations
Install-to-registration ratio: 1:2.5
Registration-to-deposit ratio: 1:11
For tracking, we used the default TikTok pixel. Below is an example of the statistics from one of the accounts. When we started running campaigns through PWA, the performance curve sharply increased.


After working with PWA.Market, we can confidently say that it is a good alternative to web views, especially if none of the apps are working for you. Currently, we are continuing to test different GEOs using PWA exclusively.

By the way, we recently discovered a promo code for PWA.Market: enter "pwamar2022" and get the second PWA for free.

Wishing everyone successful campaigns in the international market!