Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Case: 837% ROI from email campaigns for the "Eat to Lose Weight" info product offer.

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Today, I will tell you about an old-school traffic source that is becoming increasingly popular and in demand every day, especially when working with info offers. I will also share the combination and results of our recent email campaign.

Campaign Period: 01/04/2023- 24/06/2023
Geo: Russia
Affiliate Network: Lead-Magnet
Traffic Source: Email Campaign
Offer: "Eat to Lose Weight" - Free Masterclass Registration
Payment Model: CPL (Cost Per Lead, payment for leads that registered on the website)
Spent: 23,500 rubles
Profit: 220,164 rubles
ROI: 837%

Similar results can be achieved by completing the training at Lead-Magnet Academy. Free lessons on driving traffic to info offers through email campaigns are already available in the Telegram bot.


The essence of the offer is simple: an invitation to participate in a free masterclass where the target audience will learn how to lose weight while enjoying delicious food.
In the email, the user is presented with an enticing offer to register for a weight loss masterclass, with the promise of a bonus for taking this action. In our case, the bonus is a checklist titled "10 Weight Loss Mistakes."
Upon clicking the button in the email, the user is directed to a landing page that urges them to complete the registration quickly as the masterclass is about to begin.

After completing the registration, the user is redirected to a Telegram bot or Viber, where content marketing is used to nurture the user and guide them towards the masterclass, ultimately leading to the purchase of the weight loss course.


The 837% ROI on the "Eat to Lose Weight" offer was achieved using the following combination: the email service provider "Elastic Email" → a purchased email database → a suitable offer for the target audience.

It is important not to send blatant "garbage" to the email database in order to avoid losing subscribers. Segmenting the database is crucial. You need to understand which segment your chosen offer falls into.

The Lead-Magnet affiliate network provides webmasters with ready-made creatives and email texts from professional copywriters. So, there won't be any headaches in this regard.

Example of a creative used in the campaign (email):

"Get Rid of Guilt for Overeating

You can lose weight easily and permanently, enjoying delicious food and safely losing 5 extra kilograms per month.

No need to starve or exhaust yourself at the gym.

I invite you to a free masterclass, 'Eat to Lose Weight,' where you will learn:

How to activate your body's natural weight loss mechanism and safely lose 5 kg/month; Why "healthy eating" can make you gain weight; How to overcome the "sugar addiction"; Why it's important to always feel satiated; Which common "evening" food undermines all your weight loss efforts; Why calorie counting should be the least of your concerns when it comes to weight loss; How fat cells lead to chronic inflammation and its impact on health and weight.

We're not claiming that your body will automatically change after watching the masterclass. You will learn how to achieve a beautiful, toned body through delicious food without strict diets or workout machines. Register for the free masterclass using the button below."


April 2023

One of the affiliates started working with this offer in April 2022. To test the combination, a database of 15,000 users suitable for this offer was purchased.

Expenses: 2,000 rubles - payment for the email service provider and consumables. Database purchase from the seller - 3,500 rubles. Profit: 39,435 rubles. ROI: 617%.

These results are excellent and can be further scaled and worked upon.
The first email campaign was conducted on a small portion of the database to test the conversion rate. After evaluating the performance of the initial email, including registrations and leads, if everything goes well, the campaign can be scaled up to the remaining portion of the database.

Analytics, as with any campaign, is a crucial requirement. It is important to monitor the click-through rate, email open rates, and inbox placement. The quality of the email campaigns can be improved by testing different email subject lines and experimenting with various formats, including the use of creatives, non-creatives, and varying character lengths in the email content.

May 2023

Expenses: 2,000 rubles - payment for the email service provider and consumables. Database purchase from the seller - 10,500 rubles. The decision was made to increase the user database and scale up the campaign.
Profit: 114,208 rubles.

ROI: 814%.
June 2023

Expenses: 2,000 rubles - payment for the email service provider and consumables. Database purchase from the seller - 3,500 rubles.

Profit: 66,521 rubles.
ROI: 1,109%.
In total, over the course of three months, working with just one weight loss offer, the affiliate achieved the following numbers:

Total expenses for three months: 23,500 rubles. Total profit for three months: 220,164 rubles. ROI: 837%.

Lead Generation:

One email campaign was conducted per day, targeting the email database. On average, it took 2-3 hours to complete. During the entire campaign, approximately 5.2 million emails were sent.

The combination worked excellently, and there is potential for expanding the user database and continuing the lead generation efforts. A more detailed analysis of the campaign metrics will allow for further optimization of the combination, potentially yielding even higher profits than achieved in these three months.

In addition to the "Eat to Lose Weight" offer, the affiliate simultaneously promoted other offers from our affiliate network, which has over 120 offers to choose from.

Repeating this case is very easy, especially when you know how. And if you still encounter difficulties, you can join our Telegram bot, where free video lessons are available. The lessons cover driving traffic through email campaigns in the info product vertical and provide examples of successful working combinations from Lead-Magnet affiliate network