Overview of affiliate programs
Overview of affiliate programs" можно определить как a review and description of various affiliate programs that offer earning opportunities in internet marketing. Such overviews typically include details on the terms of participation in the program, the amount of commission payouts
Traffic arbitrage

Examples of advertising banners and creatives in arbitrage. How does it work?

It's time to enrich the dictionary of CPA terms for an arbitrator with new knowledge. Today, we will explore the types of advertising in arbitrage, how to distinguish between a landing page, pre-landing page, and a showcase, the difference between interstitials, pop-ups, and popovers, and much more. Come and take a look at examples of advertising banners, and click "Save" to bookmark the dictionary.

Banner advertising, banners, banner ads, banners.

A small image of an advertising nature with a short text, CTA button, and link. One of the types of creatives. It is placed on websites in separate blocks and visually stands out from the main content. The image often includes text, discounts, or promotions to attract more attention. Banners can be square, rectangular (vertical or horizontal), and may span the full width of the website's content.

Showcase in arbitrage, showcase website, teaser network showcase, news showcase, or product showcase.

Type of pre-landing page, website, or pre-lander disguised as a news resource, the links of which lead to dozens of offers. Previously created manually, now affiliate networks provide ready-made solutions. The most popular examples are teaser showcases, insurance showcases, banking and credit showcases.


In-app advertising refers to advertisements displayed within mobile applications. Ad banners, popovers, or stickers are inserted into the app through code integration. In-app advertising can be purchased through advertising networks or directly from the app developer. Developers often insert ad code to monetize free applications.

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is targeted based on the user's interests and displays products or services that the user has previously viewed. In other words, if you were browsing vacuum cleaners, you will be followed by vacuum cleaner ads - that's the context. It can be configured through platforms such as Google AdWords, Yandex.Direct, Mail.ru, Bing.

Landing, land, landing page

Squeeze page or single-page website. The main objective is to collect data from potential buyers. It contains information about the product, its benefits, and advantages for the buyer. It typically includes a request form or a payment form. Landing pages don't necessarily have to be created from scratch; one can use a ready-made landing page provided by an affiliate network they work with or download one from a spy service.

Procla, prelanding, proclaland, transit

A single-page website that aims to engage users and motivate them to make a purchase. By clicking on a banner, the user lands on a pre-lander and then proceeds to the main landing page. It is often disguised as news websites, blogs, or well-known portals. Ready-made pre-landers can be found in affiliate networks when setting up a campaign. However, we recommend creating your own pre-landers as the pre-made solutions provided by affiliate networks are often outdated and copied versions. There have been cases where, for example, an image shows Italy and the 1st channel, but it is evident that it is a Russian pre-lander hastily translated with added images. If you want to create an authentic pre-lander for Italy, you should find Italian TV shows and popular channels and replicate their design.

Native advertising

Advertising seamlessly integrated into the text of an article. For example, an article on a marketing agency's blog may contain a link to the services provided by that agency.

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An attention-grabbing and intriguing banner advertisement created to pique the user's interest. It typically consists of a bold and provocative image accompanied by compelling text. The actual product is rarely showcased. Teaser, as an advertising format, involves small images or a series of images that shock and attract the user's attention, compelling them to click and read more about the topic. Teasers are placed on news websites, blogs, portals with free music, games, movies, etc. Special teaser showcases are also created, which are pages disguised as news portals, where each "news" is a teaser.

What is popover? What does popover look like?

Pop-up advertisement, blocks the ability to leave the page. It may hide a portion of the content or unlock the content after a specific action.


Pop-under advertisement. It appears in the background, in another browser tab. It often opens under the disguise of the current website, and when clicked on the tab, it redirects to another site. This approach is also popular for teaser showcases. Pop-under is one of the cheapest sources of traffic and is popular on adult-themed websites.


Pop-up advertisement. It appears in the foreground. It is usually triggered when attempting to leave the page or after a specific period of time on the page. Pop-up is a popular format for promotions, hot offers, giveaways, exclusive products, and more. It allows you to engage the user when they are about to leave.


Pre-roll advertisement, a video clip that plays before the user-selected video. The most common example is pre-roll ads used for monetizing YouTube, short 5-20 second commercial videos embedded in the main video stream.

Push notifications, push notifications, push notifications

Short notifications (push notifications or pushes), sent by a web service to subscribers on computers and mobile devices.

Sticker ads,sticker advertising in arbitration

Sticker ads, a type of advertising banners in the form of small sticker-like images. They are convenient because they often pass moderation, work on all sources, and easily bypass Adblock. They are particularly popular on mobile devices.