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Traffic arbitrage

Back on Tinder (this time for real)

Over the course of more than a decade, Tinder hasn't lost its popularity among those seeking love and relationships. Additionally, it has spawned a plethora of memes and even its own profile description style. Within its user base, you'll find creative individuals, marketers, freelancers, and just about anyone willing to join in. The reason? The platform boasts a large audience, making it easy for advertising. This is also a substantial reason to add arbitrageurs to the list of Tinder users.
Do you want to conquer a new GEO? Please do. However, you'll have to shell out for Tinder Gold. But after that, you'll be able to 'travel' around the world. Comfortable in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)? The app has not only foreigners but also Russian-speaking users. Learn more about the audience, limitations, and promotion methods in the new article.


Eighty-five percent of Tinder's audience falls within the 18 to 24 age range. Men more often seek casual one-night relationships and adult content. Women are interested in self-care and beauty services. Tattoos, eyebrow correction, haircuts, photos — all of these are advertised on Tinder, bypassing the rules. The financially capable and loyal audience clicks on the links, while others ignore the ads. There's no need to expect explicitly negative reviews.


Tinder's rules are considered strict. However, for arbitrageurs, especially after Facebook*, they won't pose significant challenges. The most obvious drawback is not in the rules themselves but in the mechanics: there will be a lot of manual work. More on that later, but for now, let's familiarize ourselves with the rules. Ignorance of them does not exempt from a ban!
From the main:
  • Do not post pornographic photos or explicit sexual content.
  • Do not use offensive language and do not send adult content without permission (if it's necessary to have such a conversation).
  • Do not upload copyrighted photos or use others' content.
  • The use of third-party apps (even if they are convenient, like auto-swiping) is prohibited. You can take the risk and use them, but your account won't last long...
In practice, some of the rules work differently.
The ban on 'explicit sexual content' does not include deep cleavage and a bare male torso.
They don't check the authenticity of profiles. In Tinder, many people don't even use regular photos; they replace them with cartoon characters, anime, and anything else. There are no bans for this. However, if the real owner of a personal photo reports you, that's when trouble can arise.
In the section about 'prohibition of advertising,' you'll smile if you're even slightly familiar with the app. The rule loses any meaning in the following sentence: 'You can invite users wherever you want.' And what happens outside of Tinder is not Tinder's problems. Even if your entire Instagram page or landing page is entirely promotional. And the description leaves no room for doubt. That's a different story!
As you can see in the screenshots, people don't bother with concealing their intentions in their descriptions. And yet, profiles don't get banned. Even regular users are aware of circumventing the 'one person, one profile' rule. The problem is solved with different phone numbers and SIM cards.


The call to 'swipe left' or 'swipe right' means pressing the 'X' or the heart icon, respectively. The 'X' (swipe left) signifies rejection, while the heart (swipe right) expresses interest. If they match, it results in a match, and personal messaging becomes accessible. Arbitrageurs don't particularly need this (perhaps only to answer a couple of questions about the offer?), but let it be. The main goal is to land in the potential lead's feed through a right swipe.
If Tinder suspects automated swiping, the number of profile views will decrease. This is not official information; it's a pattern noticed by app users, and it's something to keep in mind.
Your main targeting system is the 'interests' section of the profile. Previously, the selection was limited, but now there are more topics available. Unfortunately, you can only choose five, but the precision of targeting towards the audience has increased.
Interests can be divided into several categories: sports, creativity, art, self-improvement, and pleasant details. Current examples include 'hot yoga,' 'social media,' 'trying something new,' 'bar hopping,' 'sauna,' 'killing time,' 'virtual reality.' These tags can be adapted for dating purposes.
For the perfect result, also consider the 'Show' options (men, women, everyone) and the maximum distance (located in the settings in the top right corner above profiles).
Important: In Tinder, you need to add a minimum of two photos. Not all of them need to feature faces, or even other people. You can include landscapes or a 'presentation' of photos with captions. The latter option appeals to bored individuals who are looking for more than just a description. They want sparks and creativity. This is the most outstanding characteristic of the audience: they are demanding. Hundreds of profiles a day develop the habit of swiping left in a couple of seconds. If you didn't catch their attention quickly, it's your problem. This applies to both regular users and arbitrageurs.


  1. Adult: Here you can follow the same pattern as shown in the screenshot. A beautiful woman in a provocative outfit with a caption in her description: 'More explicit photos on my Instagram/Telegram channel.'
  2. Dating: The same beautiful woman, but this time she promises to talk about other dating websites in her blog. The hint here should either be in her appearance (in moderation, to avoid a ban) or in the description: 'I talk about other dating websites in my blog, shy ones shouldn't visit.'
  3. Health & Wellness: Again, a beautiful woman, but dressed more modestly and tastefully, targeting a female audience. 'Follow me, I talk about how to lose weight without painful diets / keep your skin young and fresh / reignite passion in your relationships.' An alternative story could be a disillusioned specialist. Everyone benefits from going down the beaten path, but he has developed his own method to 'get the desired outcome.' To make it more convincing, you can mention that the character analyzes real stories of people from Tinder and provides advice (which indirectly leads to the offer).
  4. Product Reviews: Upload photos based on the target audience, either male or female. This time, invite them to a page dedicated to honest reviews and 'unbelievable discounts.'
  5. Gambling: A well-dressed, affluent man surrounded by attractive women. He's ready to share the secrets of success with less fortunate users. No hard work is needed; all you need is cleverness and the ability to make calculations.


The main challenge of Tinder is the need for monotonous work, even if it boils down to 'swipe right, swipe left.' Swiping will have to continue indefinitely. Moreover, some users will get annoyed by the presence of yet another advertising account in their feed.
However, Tinder, despite everything (especially its own rules), is a flexible and tolerant platform when it comes to 'edgy' content. So, it would be a shame not to take advantage of this.