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Top 8 Best Temporary Email Services for Arbitration

In the arsenal of arbitrators, there are plenty of different tools that help eliminate routine tasks and automate work processes. For example, when working with services, you may not always want to provide your real email address for security purposes or to protect against spam.

In the article, we have compiled popular and up-to-date temporary email services and discussed their advantages and disadvantages. To test their functionality, we sent an email to each mailbox and observed how quickly it arrived.

What is temporary email used for

Temporary email should be seen as a disposable resource. Email addresses have a limited lifespan, with messages typically stored for just a few minutes or up to a week. After this period, the content is completely deleted, along with the randomly generated address provided by the service.

Considering the way temporary email operates, it is easy to understand that it can be used in situations where you need to quickly activate an account or receive an email on a disposable email and then forget about it. Creating profiles on social media or other services using this email doesn't make sense because it won't be possible to recover access to them in the future.
The only way to save emails is to forward them to your primary mailbox, where there are no time restrictions. Many websites use this method to receive emails and then send them to Gmail or other popular services.

Some temporary email boxes can be made infinite by purchasing a paid subscription. Many services offer this option - after subscribing, you gain access to linking your own domains, disabling ads, and unlocking other hidden features.

If the task is to obtain an email address without providing personal information, you can use the popular service Protonmail. However, it's worth noting that it is under sanctions from 'Roskomnadzor,' and accessing the site without an active VPN is unlikely to be successful.

What tasks can temporary email be used for

Using temporary email serves several purposes:

  • Account Creation: If you plan to use accounts briefly and then forget about them, you can use temporary email to receive activation emails and set up profiles.
  • Anonymity: Digital footprints can be used to track a user's online activity and access their social media profiles. A disposable email address eliminates this concern.
  • Spam Protection: If you purchase accounts from stores, subscribe to newsletters, or provide your contact email somewhere, service providers may inundate you with promotional emails in the future.
  • Data Forwarding: Some services allow you not only to receive emails but also to send them. You can receive important information on a 'placeholder' email and then forward the email to your primary inbox.

The unique feature of temporary email is that it creates a secure environment that shields the user from unwanted emails. You generate email addresses with a single click, use them for the necessary services, receive activation codes or other information, and then forget about the issue.

While some services do not impose time limits on email storage, it's not advisable to rely heavily on this offer. Email platforms are designed for premium subscriptions and are unlikely to provide indefinite storage.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Time-saving: Most services generate an email address randomly, and it's ready for use within seconds.
  • Anonymity: No need to provide your full name, answer security questions, or provide a phone number.
  • Spam Protection: Emails won't reach the recipient because the address ceases to exist.
  • Multi-Accounts: Some services allow you to create 10-20 email addresses and switch between them with a single click.
  • Free Access: You don't need to pay for basic features; you'll only need to open your wallet if you purchase a premium plan.
  • Variety of Domains: You can create email addresses on all available domains.
  • Data Cleansing: Disposable email services promise to erase the user's activity history from their servers.
  • PIN Protection: To prevent other users from accessing your email, you can protect it with a password."


  • Reuse: Email addresses are not exclusive, so there is a chance that the address may end up in the hands of someone else. Given the popularity of temporary email among arbitrators, there is a possibility that a competitor could become the owner of the mailbox.
  • Domain Blocking: Many platforms blacklist domains of temporary email services.
  • Restrictions from Roskomnadzor (RKN): The regulatory authority regularly blocks access to popular services. Therefore, sometimes you have to use a VPN or switch to another platform.
  • Inability to Extend Lifespan: Not all services allow you to extend the email storage duration.

In conclusion, to ensure the functionality of the services, we sent test emails to each created mailbox. Therefore, all the mentioned platforms work at the time of article publication, making them suitable for the needs of money-makers.


Price: Free
Language: ENG, RU
Email Storage Period: 24 hours
Number of created mailboxes: Infinite
Number of available domains: 2
Additional features: Email storage, no option to compose or forward emails, multi-accounts, presence of advertisements
ClipMails is a foreign service that offers quick creation of temporary email accounts. Users can enter a username, choose a domain, and click a button to access the inbox.

ClipMails is ideal for creating multi-accounts. Registering an additional mailbox can be done in a single click, and it immediately appears in the list. Switching between addresses happens without delay, but there is occasional intrusive advertising.

The test email arrived one minute after being sent from the primary address. The presence of the content-saving feature was pleasing, as it serves as the only alternative to extending the lifespan of the email mailbox.


Price: Free
Language: ENG, RU
Email Storage Period: 30 days
Number of created mailboxes: 1
Number of available domains: 80+
Additional features: Use of custom domain, mailbox protection with a PIN code, automatic updates, presence of advertisements
A popular service that allows you to create temporary email accounts on one of the selected domains. Mailboxes in the .PW domain zone can be protected with a password to restrict access to unauthorized individuals.

Tempr.email is subject to sanctions by 'Roskomnadzor,' so using a VPN may be necessary to access it. If you choose a simple address like test@tempr.email, you may gain access to other users' emails. It's better to generate longer email addresses or protect them with PIN codes.

The test email appeared in the interface approximately a minute after being sent. You can reply to it, print it, download it as a file, or forward it. If you plan to use the service for mass email sending, you won't be able to bypass the limitation of 15 outgoing emails per hour.

10 Minute Mail

Price: Free
Language: ENG
Email Storage Period: 10 minutes, extendable for the same duration
Number of created mailboxes: 1
Number of available domains: 1
Additional features: Reply to emails and forwarding, attachments not displayed, presence of advertisements, automatic updates
The service is designed for receiving emails within a 10-minute window. Upon visiting the website, an email address is automatically generated, and you can send emails to it. After the timer reaches zero, the content is completely deleted, but there is an option to extend the lifespan for another 10 minutes.

The test email appeared in the list approximately one minute after being sent. You can reply to it or forward it. Attachments are not displayed in the interface, only plain text. Therefore, if you plan to purchase Facebook accounts from a store, you may be left without the data file.


Price: Free
Language: ENG, RU
Email Storage Period: Up to 7 days
Number of created mailboxes: Infinite
Number of available domains: 10
Additional features: Setting a PIN code, secret address, automatic updates, presence of advertisements
The service is rarely featured in compilations, but it definitely deserves attention. You can generate a random address or manually set the mailbox name. There are 10 domains to choose from.

In mailbox settings, you can specify the email storage period and set a PIN code for content protection. The test email arrived within a minute, but you cannot reply to it — you can only create a new email and send it to any address.

TempMail.Plus allows you to send emails with attached files, but it's not suitable for managing 5-10 mailboxes simultaneously. There is no quick switching feature, and manually entering the address is not very convenient.


Price: Free
Language: ENG, RU
Email Storage Period: 45 minutes
Number of created mailboxes: Infinite
Number of available domains: 6
Additional features: No option to compose or forward emails, absence of advertisements, localization with errors
The service offers the ability to generate a temporary email address or manually enter a combination. There are 6 domains to choose from, which are similar to each other and may likely be blacklisted on various platforms. The test email arrived quickly and without issues.

Due to incorrect translation, instead of extending the lifespan, you may accidentally change the mailbox address, and you won't be able to regain access to the old emails. Mohmal does not limit the number of created addresses, but mass management of them is not possible. There is no option for sending or forwarding emails, as well as uploading attachments.


Price: Free
Language: ENG, RU
Email Storage Period: 10 minutes, with a timer extension feature
Number of created mailboxes: 20
Number of available domains: 1
Additional features: Automatic email forwarding, some features available after authorization, no option to compose or forward emails, presence of advertisements
The service features an unusual mechanic — the default lifespan of the mailbox is 10 minutes, but by clicking the timer extension button multiple times, you can increase the duration nearly indefinitely.

Crazymailing includes automatic forwarding of incoming emails to your primary address. The test email arrived within a minute, but there is no option to reply to it. There is some advertising, but it's not intrusive, and you can easily remove it with Adblock. Registered users have access to 20 mailboxes and can extend the storage period by 30 minutes with a single click on the button. To gain privileges, you need to link a social media account.


Price: Free, premium plan for $10 per month
Language: ENG, RU
Email Storage Period: Not specified
Number of created mailboxes: 10 on the premium plan
Number of available domains: Not specified
Additional features: Mobile applications, email storage, no option to compose or forward emails, presence of advertisements, built-in anti-captcha, Telegram bot
The service positions itself as a niche leader and has been in the market for 4 years. During this time, it has introduced features that many competitors lack. Temp-Mail provides browser extensions for two browsers and apps for Android and iOS.

One of the main drawbacks is the annoying anti-captcha that may appear when switching email addresses. The service focuses users' attention on the premium plan, which offers custom domains, 10 addresses simultaneously, mailbox lifespan extension, and no ads.

The test email arrived within a minute, but you cannot reply to or forward it. Premium plan payment can only be made with cryptocurrency, and it requires a real email address. Mobile apps can be useful, but not all arbitrageurs will use them.

TempMail is appreciated for its Telegram bot, which allows for quickly creating temporary emails within the messenger interface, retrieving data from emails, and creating new mailboxes. However, you still need to switch to a browser to view the mailbox's content.


Price: Free
Language: ENG, RU
Email Storage Period: Not specified
Number of created mailboxes: 1
Number of available domains: 1
Additional features: Email deletion, presence of advertisements, localization with errors
A popular temporary email service known for its user-friendly interface and unconventional features. For example, it offers a QR code that provides quick access to the mailbox on any device.

The test email arrived in less than a minute, but you cannot reply to it or save the content to your computer. You can only mark the email as unread or delete it. There is no information about the storage period of the content, and the presence of only one domain in the system raises questions about the usefulness of using the service.

Which temporary email service to choose?

In general, temporary email services offer almost identical features. They differ in the amount of advertising and the ability to compose or forward emails. There is hardly any convenient switching between mailboxes in any of the services, and premium plans are suitable for exceptional cases.

For convenience, we have grouped the above-mentioned services based on key criteria:

  • Quickly receive emails: any of the services
  • Use multiple mailboxes simultaneously: Crazymailing, TempMail, ClipMails
  • Use temporary email on your own domain: Tempr.email, TempMail
  • Automatically forward emails: Crazymailing
  • Create temporary email in Telegram: TempMail

Bonus: Temporary Gmail

Owners of various services used by arbitrage professionals for their work are interested in collecting a database of real email addresses. That's why they regularly add temporary email domains to their blacklists - it's not possible to create profiles with such addresses.

Several services come to the rescue, which allow you to create temporary email addresses based on Gmail. These are SMAIL PRO and Gmailnator. The first generates mailboxes like email@googlemail.com, while the second provides an address on the @gmail.com domain.
If an advertising network or another platform has blocked popular temporary email services, you can bypass the restriction using these two tools. However, you will have to watch a lot of ads in the process, but that's already a minor inconvenience.


Temporary email services come in handy for arbitrage specialists in situations where they need to quickly receive an email or generate 10-20 mailboxes for account creation. Some platforms are blocked by 'Roskomnadzor' or advertising networks, but these restrictions can be bypassed.