Overview of affiliate programs
Overview of affiliate programs" можно определить как a review and description of various affiliate programs that offer earning opportunities in internet marketing. Such overviews typically include details on the terms of participation in the program, the amount of commission payouts
Traffic arbitrage

Automation in arbitration: how can it be automated without compromising the outcome

Automation is a method of organizing the execution of specific tasks with minimal human involvement. It is necessary to save time on routine and repetitive tasks in order to focus on more important matters.
In traffic arbitration, there are three main methods - clickers, ready-made software solutions, and automation programs.

Automation using clickers

A clicker is a program that automatically performs a chosen action. You need to set up a macro and define a specific algorithm, and then everything will be done for you.
An example is the Clickermann program. It can control the mouse and keyboard, and writing an algorithm requires minimal knowledge of the Pascal language. The program is free and suitable for Windows.
Where can they be used? Clickers are suitable for performing basic actions, for example, in Android emulators. We have written a separate article on how to use them in dating traffic.
You can also set up a combination of a clicker and an autoresponder. You need to write your WhatsApp or Viber number in the description, use the clicker to like people, attracting attention to your profile. If the customer doesn't receive a response, they move to the messenger, where the autoresponder sends them a link to the landing page.
Pros and cons. On the positive side, clickers are a very simple program that even beginners can use. However, it's important not to forget about the drawbacks - it takes up the entire PC screen, and the method is not at all resistant to changes (even the slightest alteration can cause the program to stop working).

Ready-made software solutions

There are many ready-made software solutions available online that are designed for various purposes. They are multifunctional, multitasking software.
Examples. For social networks, the most popular programs include the following:
  • FBsender - for Facebook;
  • Instasoft, Jarvee - for Instagram;
  • Telegram Tool - for Telegram.
In affiliate programs for traffic distribution, the Smartlink tool is used. When a person clicks on the link, they are directed to a suitable offer based on their location, native language, and so on.
A tracker is a tool that allows you to track traffic based on various parameters. It stores all the information in one place and helps conduct offer tests to determine the most profitable one.
SPY services allow you to quickly find effective creatives and help save budget.
Where can they be used? The functionality of ready-made working solutions is vast - they automate tasks within social networks, traffic distribution and tracking, searching for effective creatives, and so on. It all depends on the purpose for which the program was created."
Pros and cons. On the positive side, ready-made utilities offer extended functionality, providing numerous automation possibilities. Additionally, these programs do not require programming skills. On the downside, the majority of them are paid.

Specialized automation programs

Such programs have the broadest functionality and can perform any action that can be done in a web browser. They operate based on the page's markup elements, allowing for specific actions to be defined. Additionally, these programs work in a separate window, preserving the ability to use the PC.
  • Automation of actions on websites, such as automatically filling out contact forms or downloading files.
  • Conducting A/B testing of advertising campaigns, web pages, and other marketing elements.
  • Data analysis and report generation, tracking user behavior.
  • Collecting contact information: email addresses, phone numbers, and names, for the purpose of creating a database for marketing.
  • Interacting with social media: posting, likes, and subscriptions.
Examples. The most popular solutions are Browser Automation Studio and Zennoposter. The first option is free, while the second is paid and offers several subscription options. You can also consider iMacros, UiPath, or Selenium.
You can use them to automatically register accounts, monitor information, and so on - the functionality is limited only by your knowledge of HTML and programming.
Pros and cons. Advantages include a vast array of automation possibilities. Disadvantages include the requirement for advanced knowledge of programming languages.

Creating your own program

The best program for automating routine tasks is one that is custom-made either by yourself or on demand. Only you know which processes can be delegated to a computer and which are better done manually.
The functionality is not limited; it depends on your programming skills or your budget if you plan to commission a utility from other specialists.
The advantages are obvious - you will get a convenient and versatile program that fulfills your specific requirements. The disadvantages include a high cost or the need to 'dive in headfirst' into its development.
In the end, it's worth noting that it's not always advisable to trust the computer, and it's better to do things manually - creating creatives, inventing combinations, and selecting keywords. Unfortunately, machines are not perfect, and relying on a program for such crucial actions can lead to a decline in work quality.