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Traffic arbitrage

Case: 6925% ROI with Crypto Database on SMS Campaign

The CMaffiliates team has shared a case with us, in which arbitrageurs utilize their own mobile number databases to achieve impressive ROI, with minimal expenses on traffic acquisition.

Hello, everyone! We want to share the experience of our partners with SMS traffic. The individuals have asked to remain anonymous, but they have outlined the entire campaign step by step. If you have any questions after reviewing the case, feel free to write them in the comments. We are more than happy to share the insights that these individuals have provided us with.

Affiliate Network: CMaffiliates

SMS Route Providers: 23telecom.net

Geo: UK

Expenses: 115.41 EUR

Conversions: 20 FTDS (First Time Depositors)

ROI: ~ 13640%

Geo: CA

Expenses: 310.34 EUR

Conversions: 31 FTDS (First Time Depositors)

ROI: ~ 6925%
Before large and mid-sized media buying teams, working with lead generation and having established infrastructure, sooner or later the question arises: How to monetize the lead database?

We have worked extensively with Forex/Crypto and Financial products, which allowed us to generate hundreds of thousands of leads in various GEOs. We've tried various methods to re-engage and monetize them. We sent emails, set up call centers to re-engage and send leads to brokers for closure, attempted cross-selling to other verticals... In short, we tried many things.

The most reliable and effective method of re-monetization turned out to be SMS campaigns, which I'll discuss further.

At first glance, all partners provide roughly similar statistics about the number of delivered SMS, open rates, click rates, etc. But in terms of conversion, the results with our recent partners were very pleasing, and we sent out not just a hundred thousand SMS.

We used the 23telecom.net distribution service. We recommend working with our partners; their routes and delivery rates impressed us in terms of the $$$ we earned with them.

How to re-monetize the lead database

The essence of the process is quite simple.

  • Export the database in CSV/XLS format.
  • Remove all unnecessary columns, leaving only Firstname/Phone number, and in some cases, additional parameters that will help us engage the user (user's city, device, or other relevant details).
  • Upload the database (DB) to an SMS sending platform. In our case, we use 23telecom.net.
  • Craft the message text (CRITICAL!!) - strive to avoid your message being split into 2 or more parts. The text should be concise and short enough to fit into one message along with the tracking link; otherwise, you risk significantly reducing the click-to-lead conversion rate.

For instance, in the case mentioned - it's evident that 38 messages will be split into two, and the likelihood of these users clicking the link approaches zero.
We couldn't have acted differently and were prepared to sacrifice those 19 users, as the test's purpose was to determine how much better people would respond when appealing to their hometown.

The outcome of the Canada campaign with city personalization: the click rate was average, and including the city in the campaign didn't yield any significantly noticeable results. Why this is the case remains unclear, but in our industry, tests make all the decisions, and it was certainly worth trying.

As a dessert - metrics with screenshots (CMaffiliates) of certain campaigns.
And here are a few screenshots from the platform we used for sending SMS and monetizing our user databases worldwide.


We achieved an ROI of approximately 7000%, but it's important to consider that this is pre-monetization of old databases for which funds have already been invested. On purchased databases, the result will naturally be more modest.

SMS traffic has enormous potential; regulation is minimal, allowing for the possibility of pushing SUPER AGGRESSIVE PROMOS. The key lies in selecting a few critical components correctly:

  • SMS routes with excellent delivery rates, prompt support, and a user-friendly interface (in our case, 23telecom.net). A big thank you to the team for their dedicated work.
  • An affiliate network with a wide range of brokers that convert remarkably. Here, the folks at CMaffiliates continue to impress with their performance. 15% in the UK and almost 10% in CA – these are the highest rates among our old databases within affiliate networks.


You can use your own if your media buying team is sizable enough and has been working through an API for some time, retaining leads for yourselves.

On the internet, you can find a ton of sellers; you'll need to spend a bit of money on tests, but on average, sellers charge from a few tens of cents to a few dollars per lead, depending on the quality. The price also depends on the amount of information you're purchasing. If it's 2-3 fields (name + phone number), such a database shouldn't cost much, plus a bit of creativity, which I'm sure you have in abundance.

Wishing you all the best of luck and profits! Peace.