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CTA in gambling — how to attract leads

Call to action - a method of communication with the user that grabs their attention and urges them to do something specific: make a deposit, register, etc.In this case, the CTA can be presented in the form of a button, word, icon, banner, and other elements.
Proper use of calls to action has a positive impact on conversion rates. In this regard, CTAs should be applied consistently, regardless of the traffic source. This way, you can guide an interested user on "where to click next" to achieve their desired outcome.

CTAs in gambling creatives

From the very beginning, let's clarify that CTA is not just text. It's a fusion of text and design. Moreover, its effectiveness is also influenced by placement and dimensions. Depending on your chosen traffic source, creating a CTA will require consideration of specific rules.


  • A small number of CTAs per page.
  • Contrasting styling to attract attention.
  • Even distribution of prompts across the page (they should regularly come into view).
  • Responsive design (CTAs should display correctly on any device).
  • Relevance of CTA content to the linked page.

Social networks(FB, TikTok, VK,etc)

  • Relevance of CTA and the landing page.
  • Responsive design of the creative (images or videos should display correctly on various screens).
  • Vibrant creative design (without being overly intrusive).
  • CTA should include a call to action to claim a bonus, start playing (rather than making a deposit or registering).
  • Text on the CTA should be concise and clear.


  • Inclusion of a benefit in the CTA (gift, promo code, etc.).
  • Utilization of a deadline (for receiving a limited-time bonus).
  • Alignment between the meaning of the call to action and the content of the landing page.
  • Responsive design for mobile devices.

General recommendations for CTAs in gambling

When developing a creative with a CTA for any traffic source, you need to consider several general recommendations that will help improve the overall conversion rate.

  • If you're using a deadline, make sure it aligns with reality. Calls to action to claim a bonus with a constantly updating countdown lack credibility with the user.
  • Choose a creative format that precisely matches the traffic source. For instance, if you're working with semi-free traffic from TikTok by populating your profile with content, then all video clips should be vertical.

  • Test how your creatives appear on different devices. The font should always be crisp and readable, while the image should be of high quality.

  • Experiment with different wording in your calls to action. The principle is simple: everyone wants to receive something for free, without doing anything in return. Therefore, avoid using phrases like "Make a deposit," "Register," and similar. If someone is interested in gambling, they will create an account and fund it anyway. It's better to capture their attention with something positive – winnings, emotions, gifts, etc.

How to improve the quality of CTAs?

To determine which solutions work best, it's necessary to assess its click-through rate. The more users click on the CTA, the better. Also, be sure to calculate the percentage of people who clicked on the call to action and completed the desired action.

What can be tested to improve CTAs? During A/B testing, consider changing:

  • Color
  • Text
  • CTA button placement
  • Size and shape
  • Surrounding design

Such tests will help identify and combine the most effective elements of the CTA.

Questions and Answers

Evgeny, Team Lead of ZM Team

How does the presence of a CTA affect conversion?
Having a CTA when funding gambling accounts increases conversion by 100% since players need to specify every action.
In your experience, which CTAs does the audience respond to the best?
"Make a deposit and receive your bonus." We always outline the full player journey, and at the end of the video - "Install the app, register, make a deposit, and start playing!" In betting, it's similar - "Make a deposit, get your free bet, and play for real money!"
What works better - CTAs like "Play," "Get Bonus," or something else? Perhaps there's a difference between single, dual, or triple-component calls to action?
It has become quite challenging to entice the audience with just "Play," so CTAs with bonuses and winnings work better. For instance, "Play and Win!" The shorter and clearer the CTA, the better. Players should understand what they're playing for, hence "win" is the key here.
Is it necessary to use emojis, exclamation marks, etc. on the CTA button?
Emojis do indeed attract attention - that's a fact. They make the text on the button stand out. But, in my opinion, it can come across as a bit tacky. We don't use emojis or an excessive number of exclamation marks. It's better to make the button itself bright and attention-grabbing.

Konstantin Gubarkan, Head of Marketing Alfaleads

How does the presence of a CTA affect conversion?
Certainly, a relevant CTA undoubtedly boosts conversion rates. This is noticeable across all verticals, where potential customers are not simply invited to learn more, but urged to get a discount or buy at a special price.

You can also recall the technique of forming 4U headlines to create compelling CTA headers: usefulness, specificity, urgency, and uniqueness. Let's provide examples of CTAs in the iGaming sphere: text like "Get a 100% bonus on your first deposit" + button "Get Now" or text "Win with powerful odds!" + button "Place Bet."
In your experience, which CTAs does the audience respond to the best?
Relevance of the CTA on your landing page and in your creative is of utmost importance. It's crucial to understand exactly what your audience wants and incorporate that meaning into your CTA. If you're in the realm of betting, effective results can be achieved with calls to action like "Place Bet" or "Get Free Bet." If you have a creative involving a wheel, it could be "Spin the Wheel." Similarly, if your creative highlights a significant bonus, then "Claim Bonus" and so on.
What works better - CTAs like "Play," "Get Bonus," or something else? Perhaps there's a difference between single, dual, or triple-component calls to action?
"Get Bonus" or "Get Now" often work better due to the sense of urgency and uniqueness they convey.

However, in advertising sources, it's not always possible to customize the calls to action. For instance, when launching a Facebook ad for an app, you might only be able to choose from a predefined list of CTAs. In this case, opt for "Play" instead of "Learn More," so your audience understands in advance what lies behind the link.

If you have the ability to customize your call to action, such as on landing pages, we recommend conducting a split test to identify the most engaging and effective option for your offer.
Is it necessary to use emojis, exclamation marks, etc. on the CTA button?
No, it's not necessary. A bright and noticeable button design with a strong CTA will perform well without emojis or exclamation marks.


A well-chosen call to action, positioned within the user's field of vision, significantly increases the chance of conversion. Even the highest-quality creatives won't be effective if the player doesn't see the buttons to navigate to the online casino. Therefore, the use of CTAs is a mandatory requirement for effectively working with traffic sources.