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Services for creating heat maps

Heat maps show how users behave on a website. There are several types of heat maps, all of which track and record different user actions to provide you with a report.

  • Scrolling maps show the depth of page scrolling. They can determine how far users scroll down the page, whether they view the entire website or limit themselves to the top menu.
  • Link maps are used to gather statistics on link clicks and determine which links generate interest and are effective, among other insights.
  • Mouse activity maps highlight areas where users hover their cursor. Interactive session recording maps display videos that capture all user actions on a page.
  • Click maps display the elements of the interface that visitors click on.
  • A variation of click maps is known as "confetti," which shows each individual click separately. The color varies based on the number of clicks.
Knowing the types of heat maps and the differences between them, you can choose the service that provides the most relevant functionality for you.


Yandex.Metrica is a Russian-language service that provides various analytics tools, including heat maps for links, clicks, and scrolling. The heat maps are displayed only on the pages of the website where the Metrica counter is installed and if the website uses UTF-8 encoding.
In addition, Yandex.Metrica provides form analytics, which shows how website visitors interact with sections that require data input. Form analytics allows you to determine how much time users spend entering information, at which stage they close the page without completing registration or placing an order.

Pricing: Free.


Plerdy is a service with an intuitive interface that offers two tools: a smart form builder and heat maps for clicks, scrolling, and mouse activity. Unlike Metrica, the data is displayed in real-time, allowing you to watch video recordings of user actions within a single session.
The advantage of the service is that the data can be segmented by traffic channels and devices, and it allows tracking the clickability of specific elements. However, there is a drawback: statistics cannot be exported from the personal account, and the data is stored for only six months.


  • Free (with a limitation on the number of heat maps)
  • Start: $29 per month
  • Business: $47 per month
  • Premium: $79 per month


HotJar heat maps show where users click, how they navigate, and scroll through website pages. The service also allows recording user actions to build sales funnels.
A distinctive feature of HotJar is the ability to set up a feedback window on the website for users. They can provide feedback on elements that are not functioning or are slow to load. This information is taken into account when creating statistics.

As for the downsides, HotJar does not offer click segmentation by traffic channels, and it does not provide data on user interaction with dynamic elements. For example, if you have a pop-up, the service will simply ignore it.


  • Basic: €0 (access forever)
  • Plus: €31 per month
  • Business: €79 per month
  • Scale (pricing discussed individually)


Mouseflow positions itself as a next-generation service. In addition to heat maps for clicks, scrolling, and mouse activity, it offers user segmentation based on language, geolocation, operating system, and more. Mouseflow also provides the ability to record screen sessions and integrate a chat with website visitors to gather feedback. The only drawback of the service is that it does not gather information on interactions with dynamic elements.

  • Free: €0 (access forever)
  • Starter: €24 per month
  • Growth: €79 per month
  • Business: €159 per month
  • Pro: €299 per month Enterprise (pricing discussed individually)


Freshworks is a multifunctional service that offers various analytics tools, including heat maps for clicks and scrolling. Unlike its counterparts, Freshworks is capable of tracking user activity on dynamic elements.
The unique feature of Freshworks is that all user actions can be tracked in real-time. The data is displayed in an interactive format in the user's account and can be segmented by traffic channels, devices, and visitor geolocation.


  • Free: $0
  • Growth: $19 per month
  • Pro: $149 per month
  • Enterprise: $299 per month


To analyze user behavior, Ptengine offers the use of heat maps for clicks, scrolling, and mouse activity. It provides user segmentation based on device type, geography, and other parameters. Ptengine stands out for its ease of integration: simply insert the script into the website or install the WordPress plugin.

  • Free: $0 (access forever)
  • Growth: $49.00
  • Premium (pricing discussed individually)


Feng-GUI is a non-conventional service that does not analyze user behavior or collect statistics. It is based on artificial intelligence that predicts the effectiveness of your designs. You can upload a demo version of your website or image mockup, and the algorithms determine where users are likely to click and which elements will attract more attention.
Feng-GUI can be used to identify weak and strong areas in design, as well as to analyze the effectiveness of the placement of CTAs and key messages.


  • Basic: $99 per month
  • Business: $67 per month
  • Enterprise: $199 per month


Seevolution operates differently from other services. To use it, you need to install a toolbar on your website. To open it, simply add "/?seevolution" to the address bar. This allows you to view statistics and heat maps without navigating to external resources.
Seevolution offers heat maps for clicks, scrolling, and mouse activity. One notable feature is the "Backstage views" function, which allows you to select a specific area on the heat map and obtain analytics solely for that section.

Pricing: Customized and discussed individually, with a starting price of $79 per month.


Inspectlet offers three types of heat maps: click maps, mouse activity maps, and scrolling maps. It also provides the capability to record user actions during their website sessions and segment the collected data. Unlike similar services, Inspectlet allows you to conduct A/B testing on your website to analyze the effectiveness of your design.

  • Free: $0
  • Micro: $39 per month
  • Startup: $79 per month
  • Growth: $149 per month
  • Accelerate: $299 per month
  • Enterprise: $499 per month


Crazyegg allows you to create heat maps for clicks and scrolling. It also offers an additional tool called "confetti." Instead of showing the most/least clickable areas, confetti displays the specific points where users clicked. The service provides user segmentation functionality, where, for example, user clicks on different devices are displayed in different colors on the heat map.
ChatGPTThe main drawback of Crazyegg is the requirement to attach a credit card. Otherwise, even signing up for a trial is not possible. This is to ensure that users do not create new accounts once the trial period is over.

  • $9 per month: 10,000 visitors, 10 pages
  • $19 per month: 25,000 visitors, 20 pages
  • $49 per month: 100,000 visitors, 50 pages, advanced filters, mobile heat maps
  • $99 per month: 250,000 visitors, 100 pages, phone support


Contentsquare is a multifunctional tool for analyzing user behavior. The service includes tools for analyzing and optimizing sales funnels and comparing website pages based on various metrics. The main advantage of the service is that it provides all types of heat maps we discussed earlier. In contrast to its counterparts, Contentsquare can not only show heat maps but also provide insights into the customer journey, showing the path the user took on your website: where they clicked first, where they paused, and more.
Pricing: Rates are discussed individually after registration and depend on the intended use of the service.

In summary

The functionality of user behavior analysis services is generally similar, with differences primarily in pricing plans. The most commonly used features are heat maps for clicks, scrolling, and mouse activity.