Overview of affiliate programs
Overview of affiliate programs" можно определить как a review and description of various affiliate programs that offer earning opportunities in internet marketing. Such overviews typically include details on the terms of participation in the program, the amount of commission payouts
Traffic arbitrage

What is a rebill in arbitration?

A "rebill" means a recurring payment. Users pay for access to content or services on an ongoing basis. In arbitrage, rebill works with similar non-one-time offers. For instance, a subscription without the need to enter card information every time – it's convenient. The fact that one can easily forget about its existence is another matter. Until a user sends a written refusal, auto-payment will deplete their account. But if the price is low, there is a strong temptation to turn a blind eye and forget. And this is where arbitrage professionals find it advantageous.

How to use rebill in different verticals?


The limitless realm of imagination thrives here. Users favor a service called "make me feel good, but keep it simple." For sensitive individuals, courses on harmonious relationships, mystical matters, and self-improvement are offered. For the more skeptical, similarly vague information is sold with "numbers" (even if they're pulled out of thin air). After the pandemic, the popularity of educational courses has soared. Marketing, design, IT... Even arbitrageurs are now offering courses to other arbitrageurs. What unites them all is the promise of easy success.
You can link rebilling to the video output. Instead of videos, there can be educational articles and additional content. Separate fees will be charged for this.


Additional charges are taken from the account for exclusive features. More messages, access to adult content, full video versions – these services are offered to customers. The interest in the topic is perpetual, so the demand never disappears. And if the site provides real dating opportunities, even more so. This also applies to the extended versions of pornographic videos: visitors to dating sites have a variety of favorites to choose from.


Customers order miracle pills, talismans, and bright trinkets impulsively. And impulsiveness implies drawing conclusions from their mistakes. There are people who will continue to believe persistently, but are there many of them?
But here, too, you can set up an "auto-payment trap." It works like this:
  • The customer provides their credit card information for a sample delivery.
  • They don't notice the fine print.The fine print states that small amounts will be continuously deducted, for example, for the delivery of a magical cream.
  • The automatic payment continues to deduct funds.
  • Profit.

Purchased student and scientific papers

The reasons for the enduring popularity of this service are several.
The first reason is the high demand for education and its high cost. The situation of 'I don't attend in person to afford it' is still relevant.
The second reason is the laziness of students or their parents (homework assignments are even ordered on demand).
The third reason is the inability to manage time and a lack of self-confidence. From these factors, one can easily create a topic for easy courses in the first point.
Here, there is no automatic rebilling for subscription payments. If the customer is satisfied, they will return on their own. If not, they may leave a review with a whole story about how you saved them from the wrath of the dean's office. So, keep an eye on the quality and speed of order fulfillment.


Sweepstakes are questionnaires, giveaways, and various types of freebies. To entice participants, a symbolic amount can be charged, with the promised prize covering it with interest. Rebilling is activated later. It works especially well with gaming and streaming services. The key is to indicate that customers can always cancel automatic payments. Spoiler: they will either forget or be too lazy to do so.

What are the types of rebilling?

Rebills are paid on a RevShare basis. This means that the payment is deducted from the advertiser's profit percentage after the subscription renewal.
When the subscription expires, automatic payment is triggered. It cannot be avoided, even with a zero balance on the bank card. If there are no funds in the account, the user is offered a grace period.
During the grace period, there is no need to pay. It serves as an enticing offer for the user. After all, it's not just a favorite freebie but also a convenient solution. Forgot to transfer money to the card - no problem. This approach hooks customers because they feel taken care of, especially if the service lives up to their expectations.
Customers sometimes pay using two other methods:
  • SP (subscription payment);
  • BS (bank subscription).
SP implies payment from services, wallets, and cards, while BS is exclusively from a card. Both SP and BS involve a grace period. If the customer doesn't have sufficient funds in their account, the maximum possible amount will be taken. If that's not possible, it will be reduced again, and so on until at least some funds are deducted from the account.
The subscription duration varies. However, it's more advantageous to bet on a long-term subscription. Within a week, a customer might lose interest in the service. But with a long-term subscription, they'll have to go through the hassle of a written cancellation. Nevertheless, users often opt for the lazy way. However, if notifications come too frequently, trouble may arise. Nobody likes to be reminded of their expenses unnecessarily.
Even if the one-time payment amount and the monthly payment amount are the same, customers tend to unsubscribe from the more frequent option.

Rebill with PayPal

One of the areas where rebilling is in demand is mobile traffic. There are affiliate programs that accept it. One of them is Wapstate. Subscriptions provide access to websites of various themes, from music services to erotica and sports events.
To join, create your own website. Analyze current topics or turn to the 'evergreen' ones: jokes, erotica, educational content (whether real or not). One condition: the site must pass moderation.
If you pass the moderation successfully, administrators will provide you with a banner or code. You will need to place it on your website. Subscriptions will be directed to the website, and money will be credited to your account.
But funds from the customer's account will start disappearing, usually up to three times a day. However, if the customer remembers and cancels the subscription – that's it. Not providing the option to unsubscribe is already fraudulent. You can only slow down the process and demand a written withdrawal. Until there is a withdrawal, automatic payment will continue to operate.
The amount of money that will be deducted depends on the mobile operator and the type of the customer's mobile device.
You can earn even more. To do this, publish referral links.

What other payment methods are there?

  • For the verticals of student, scientific, and school papers - EDU-Revenue (foreign) or Edu-Masters.
  • For dating and sweepstakes - Leadbit.

What's the catch?

You must always show the subscription terms to the user. Not showing them is fraud. Closing them with a pop-up window or push notification is fraud. Deceptively obtaining consent through any means is also fraud.
The only acceptable type of consent is active consent. It could be a checkbox or a signature, as long as it's there.


Rebill is a convenient means of replenishing your account for arbitrageurs. It comes in various formats: access to photos, videos, educational content, and various benefits. You can tailor it to any vertical. Similarly, courses can be easily created for just about anything: how to play in a casino, how to tap into the energy of the universe, how to manipulate people and achieve success. If you lean towards white hat arbitrage, choose genuinely useful topics, at the very least. Foreign languages, marketing, and IT are a particular challenge for many. It's worth putting your account to the test for such a service.
Another advantage of rebill is that it's suitable for the lazy. Your laziness will be paid for by the laziness of the user who doesn't cancel automatic payment.
The key is not to forget about the law. You can try to make the process of service cancellation more complicated. However, emptying an account without stating the terms (even in very fine print) is fraud.
Keep an eye on popular content, and know how to sell it as a service in a timely manner – then your account will be successfully replenished!