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The material is prepared by the ENCHANT AFFILIATES team.

Despite restrictions and strict regulations, the gambling market of Australia is one of the most attractive in the world. This is at least partly due to the fact that around 35% of adult Australians regularly play slot machines and place bets. Abo Casino (Curacao) is an excellent choice for those who want to work with Australia and a licensed casino.

Today, we will explain the attractiveness and profitability of this geo-offer combination and confirm it with a case study from one of our partners. Spoiler: a record number of deposits by a single active player on the Abo Casino (Curacao) product is 868.

  • Period: 01.02.2022–31.03.2022
  • Product: Abo Casino (Curacao)
  • Geo: Australia (AU)
  • Source: PPC (Google Ads)
  • Payout: CPA €250–300 | Hybrid €120 + 40%

An Aussie Walks into a Casino/Cricket, Surfing, Gambling

Gambling in Australia is widespread and not taboo. The minimum age for gambling is 18 years, and according to statistics, Australians gamble not to get rich, but for entertainment, spending an average of >$1000 per year on it (with this amount increasing annually by 2%). Players in Australia rarely withdraw their funds. The cashout rate for this geo is only around 30%, whereas in European countries (such as Germany, for example), the rate can be 50% or even 70%. Australians tend to continue playing with their winnings, which only confirms the fact that casinos are considered a hobby rather than a means to pay off debts.

A casino is a casino, even in Australia

As a rule, a casino is associated with something vivid and attention-grabbing. The colors used in the pre-landing are associated with familiar Australian elements – the beach, bright sun, clean hues – and align with the brand colors of Abo Casino.
This same color palette resonates with the audience as relaxation and entertainment. It's also important that the pre-landing incorporates the product logo, prominently displays a gaming character, and additionally highlights one of the most popular slots for the geo – BGaming's "Elvis Frog in Vegas". The top 3 popular game providers in AU are Infin, BGaming, and IGTech, while the top slots include "Wolf Treasure", "Elvis Frog in Vegas", and "15 Dragon Pearls: Hold and Win".

Features of the national context

When working with any geo, it's important not to forget about its specifics. By using local keywords for Google PPC, you can reduce the cost per click and attract more targeted players, who, in turn, will make more deposits and place higher bets.

Opening an Australian language dictionary for this purpose is not necessary at all. For instance, in Australia, slots are transformed into "Pokies", and this is far from a complete list of language transformations.
Equally important is to remember the specifics of local payment systems. Using specific names will also help improve conversion and attract the targeted player. Some are not just looking for online casinos, but the opportunity to use a specific payment method for gaming. The primary payment method for Australia is bank cards. Keywords related to payment methods are even narrower but tend to yield the desired result - finding the targeted player. It's noteworthy that all casino reviews always list the possible payment methods, which means it somehow affects conversion.

Also, pay attention to the most popular games and providers in the regions you work with. You can blend your keywords with those related to popular providers and slots in a specific region, which also enhances the combination and its outcomes.
PPC Statistics:

  • click-to-registration (click2reg) — 44%
  • registration-to-deposit (reg2dep) — 23%(partners achieve a rate of 30%+ on volume, so it all depends on the approach)
  • click-to-deposit (click2dep) — 10%

They will be back

Abo Casino is fully licensed and regulated under Curacao jurisdiction. This enhances player trust and positively influences the initial product impression. Subsequently, a pivotal role is assigned to the Retention department. It's important not only to focus on the first deposit but also to establish systematic interactions. Products that yield maximum profit process each registration through all possible (legal) methods. All Enchant Affiliates products fall within this category of partners. Detailed player behavior analysis and precise selection of communication methods pave the way for high conversion rates. For instance, exclusive promos and bonuses combined with personalized email and push campaigns encourage players to return to the casino more frequently.

Abo Casino excels in flexibility across all parameters. It adapts well to mobile versions and functions seamlessly not only in browsers but also in WebView, making the casino accessible wherever the player is and regardless of the device in hand. By the way, Enchant Affiliates is ready to share applications for any geo absolutely free of charge with its partners, or create new ones based on specific requirements.

Thanks to Live chat, players can contact support anytime and resolve their queries 24/7 in both English and German languages. Abo Casino offers seven language localizations (EN-AU, EN-NZ, EN-CA, PL, DE, IT, FR-CA), so if you have experience with multiple geos, you can apply it to Abo Casino since the brand's target markets also include English and French-speaking Canada, New Zealand, and Poland.
CPA terms range from €250–300, while for Hybrid it's €120 + 40%. Enchant Affiliates is ready to personalize the terms for each partner individually.

Do you have any remaining questions or are you ready to start working with a high-quality product in a top-tier geo? Feel free to message @enchant_affiliate and subscribe to the Telegram channel @enchant_channel.