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Traffic arbitrage

Step-by-step guide for farming Facebook accounts in 2023

Facebook, as a traffic source#nbsp, has been subject to frequent changes for a long time. Those who work with it are well aware of this. In order to bypass all the updates and tightening measures, arbitrageurs constantly come up with fresh schemes for farming Facebook accounts. Regardless of the changes that occur, farming remains an integral part that affects the lifespan of an advertising account after uploading.

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What is a farm of Facebook accounts

Farming Facebook accounts refers to the process of simulating the activity of a real user. The better and longer an account is farmed, the more trust it will gain from Facebook. However, sooner or later, any account will be blocked as Facebook's anti-fraud measures are constantly being updated. The more identical operations are performed, the higher the likelihood of triggering an automatic block.

Even if you are confident in your actions, there's no guarantee that another arbitrageur hasn't already tried the same methods as you. Therefore, you can get banned if the system has already flagged certain actions as suspicious. Additionally, Facebook employs manual verification, which is performed by a live person.

Preparation for farming Facebook accounts.

Purchasing proxy servers.

On any website, it is necessary to select either mobile or residential proxies. If a server stops working, try to find another one with the same city geo. The main rule is: one account - one proxy.

Virtual machine.

For beginners#nbsp, VirtualBox#nbsp is suitable. It is software that simulates a real computer, allowing you to install, run, and use other operating systems as applications.

A virtual machine creates unique components of a real PC, such as a hard disk, video card, RAM, etc.

Anti-detection browser

This program allows you to work simultaneously with multiple advertising or social media accounts by spoofing browser fingerprints, including user-agent, time zone, language, screen resolution, and more. With them, you can create, open, and farm various profiles simultaneously. It depends on the parameters of your computer how many browsers it can handle without losing performance. Let's consider the tariffs and prices of some:


Convenient and functional anti-detection browser that allows you to create multiple profiles. They are stored in an encrypted cloud and accessible from any of your computers.

The main advantages of this browser are that you don't need to read extensive instructions, as the interface is easy to navigate. The price per month depends on the number of browser profiles:

  • €99 - 100 pieces;
  • TEAM €199 - 300 pieces;
  • Scale €399 - 1000 pieces.

Multilogin - official website.


The development of the browser involved an arbitrage team, and it is well adapted for working with Facebook, being user-friendly and easy to learn.

  • Passenger $0- 2 days;
  • CJ $69- up to 100 pieces;
  • Ballas $139 - up to 300 pieces;
  • Grove Street Families $249 - up to 1000 pieces.

AEZAKMI - official website.

Octo Browser

A browser with maximum protection and an intuitive interface.

  • Starter €29 - 10 pieces;
  • Base €79 - 100 pieces;
  • Team €169 - 350 pieces; Advanced
  • €329; - 1200 pieces.

Octo Browser - official website.
Regardless of which anti-detection solution you choose, an important rule to follow is: 1 session - 1 proxy - 1 Facebook account.

Profile Photos

To register a new account, you will need photos which can be sourced from any social media platform except Facebook itself. You can also generate photos using neural networks.

It is advisable to use photos of women as they are more likely to receive friend requests. If you are taking photos from social media, check if the person's name and surname are not already on Facebook. If not found, gather around 5-7 photos, upload them, and keep one photo for a selfie (in case the account needs photo verification). Enter all the account details into a spreadsheet and store the photos for each account in separate folders. This will help in the future to pass account verification and confirm its authenticity.


Let's take a closer look at how to work with Facebook accounts.


Separately, it is worth highlighting self—registers - a person registers them himself, fills in all the information and farms, i.e. he can influence its quality himself. Each time something will change in the ways of farming, but then we want to tell you how to farm facebook accounts in 2023.

Purchased accounts

You can work with purchased accounts or register them yourself.
Not everyone will have the time and desire to bother with manual registration.
In this case, you can use purchased accounts — autoregs, rentals, brutas, logs, acci with the completed ZRD.
  • Autoregs are akki created through special software that stamps them in bundles, this is a cheap product of the lowest quality. They need to be farmed for a long time before launching ads;
Rent is the acci of real people who are rented out. Before you pay, check it for quality:

  1. - suitable geo;
  2. - age from 6 months;
  3. - confirmed by mail or phone;
  4. - without locks and launches of RC;
  5. - the user must be active — games, correspondence, likes, comments, friends.
One way to get a rental acc is to ask friends or acquaintances, perhaps for a small fee. You can place an ad on Facebook that you are ready to rent an ACC, or the most expensive option is to purchase from intermediaries;
  • Brutus is the account of a real user from whom the login and password were received. Usually, such accounts are more trusted by Facebook. You can use them to create ads through a small farm or immediately (depends on the quality);
  • Logs are also accounts of real users, but in addition to login and password, cookies are included. If you upload cookies to the antidetect browser, you can log in without logging in. Like the brutes, they are farmed 2-3 days before the bay of advertising;
The big disadvantage of logs and brutals is that these are hacked accounts and at any moment the owner of the acc can change the password if he sees suspicious activity. You will not be able to return the money from the RK.
Acci with   passed ZRD  — accounts that specifically cause a ban on advertising activities in order to then pass it and increase Facebook's trust. But even here it is impossible to do without high-quality pharma and adequate approaches on the part of the arbitrageur.

Setting up a phone and creating an account

To create accounts from your phone, purchase new SIM cards and used smartphones, both iPhone and Android are suitable. Before registering an account, you need to reset your smartphone settings. When the settings are reset, you need to insert a SIM card and configure the smartphone as a new device: specify the country, language, disable geolocation and automatic date and time setting.

How to reset iPhone

  • Go to Settings → Basic → Reset → Erase Content and Settings.
  • If the "Find iPhone" service is enabled, enter the Apple ID and password.
  • Then click "Erase iPhone".
  • Disabling automatic date and time detection for iPhone:
  • Settings → Privacy → Privacy → Advertising → Restrict ad tracking.

How to reset Android

  • Settings → General Settings → Reset → Data Reset or Device Reset → Reset, Device Reset or Delete All.
  • Disabling automatic date and time detection for Android:
  • Settings → General Settings → Date and Time → Disable the “Automatic Time Detection" function.

Setting up and creating an account

There are several registration options:
  • Using the browser's antidetect to "work up" cookies and create an account;
  • Also collect cookies and then register on some large site using the authorization form;
  • From the phone and then transfer to the PC.

Let's consider each of the options:

We collect cookies through the browser's anti—detection and then create a Facebook account - we need to visit about 30 well-known sites where Pixel Facebook is installed. To do this, go to any sites and, if they have a FB icon, then there is a pixel. Additionally, you can install the Facebook Pixel Helper extension, which itself highlights the presence of a pixel.
After collecting cookies, go to any major website and register there using the Facebook authorization form.

Registration from the phone

Download the Facebook app via the App Store or Google Play and create an account, not forgetting the rule — 1 account - 1 SIM card - 1 IP.

What to do next:

  1. Create a profile, fill in all the data that Facebook offers to fill in.
  2. Upload a couple of photos.
  3. If Fb offers to add friends, do it.
  4. Subscribe to 2-3 groups with acquaintances, post there that you want to get acquainted. When the applications go, do not add everyone in a row, you can even block some.
  5. After subscribing to groups, select 5-10 more groups in the recommendations and subscribe.
  6. Next 3-4 days, conduct normal social activity:
  7. - flipping through the tape
  8. - subscribe to groups and pages
  9. - view photos of other users
  10. - play
  11. - watch videos
  12. - leave likes and comments
  13. - leave and accept applications as friends
  14. You can log in to several third-party sites using Facebook, as well as install games and applications.
Stretch these processes. Must not:
  • immediately go to the settings and change
  • perform a lot of manipulations in a short time,
  • view the action log

Before you create the next account on Android, clear the cache of the Facebook application and other applications that interacted with it.
On the iPhone, reset the device completely. And start a new acc from a new IP.
After such a farm on the phone, you can transfer your account to a PC:

  • log in with your username/password
  • from the PC, continue to conduct social activity
  • further instructions below

Instructions for farming accounts on Facebook

Step 1. Configure the browser.Fill in the fields "name", "group", operating system — if you have Windows, then choose it, browser — Stealthfox (based on Mozilla Firefox) or Mimic (based on Chrome);
select the connection type and specify the proxy server
enter the screen resolution, language in the navigator
enable the Google Services support feature
go back to the item Overview → get a new fingerprint → create a profile
Step 2. Collecting cookies and verifying anonymity.1-2 days you need to collect cookies from different sites, as described above, and check your profile for anonymity using Whoer.
  • The anonymity indicator should be 100%
Step 3. Registration.Day 3 register on Facebook — enter your date of birth, put an avatar, fill out information about yourself.
Step 4. Account verification. On day 4-5, add people from your geo, before that put likes on their photos, also keep social activity — games, news feed, subscriptions, watching broadcasts, adding photos.
Don't do chaotic things, do everything consistently — if you watch the video, you can open comments, leave your own, adjust the sound, put a like.
No need to open and immediately close the video and mindlessly click on the menu items.
Accept applications as friends and send out invitations to add from the recommendations (no more than 60-90 people).

  • Put likes (about 25) on posts and comments.
  • Make several reposts (2-5).
  • If Facebook shows you an ad, click and follow it.
Step 5. Imitation of actions. day 6 continue social activity — friend requests, wall reposts from some thematic groups, add a photo or cover, scroll through the news feed, etc.
Step 6 . Creating a fan page.  Day 7 create a Fan Page — on different accounts in different ways, so that it is more difficult to track the algorithm of your actions.
  • Name the page, select a category, upload a photo to the avatar and cover, fill in the information with some description, then follow everything that Facebook offers.
Step 7. Creating a business manager.Day 8 — create a business manager, but before entering Ads Manager, read the FAQ section point 5.
  • open the full menu and look for the statistics section
  • the BM creation window opened
Enter all the data, specify the mail that you have access to, so that you can then pass verification. On day 9 — social activity + a couple of neutral posts can be placed on the FP.
Step 8. Linking the card. 10 day binding of the card. Release and link any virtual card — kiwi, tinkoff and others.
  • Qiwi — to issue a virtual card, use the QIWI Master package.
  • Tinkoff
  • Log in to your personal account and select an account.
  • Actions → Issue an additional card → Virtual → Confirm by SMS.
  • There are several ways to link a card:
  • go to Ads Manager → settings → payment settings → add payment method;
  • go to AdsManager = menu = billing = payment settings;
  • post a neutral post on FP and use the "raise publication" function.
  • Run ads for video coverage and views (2-3 days, for $1-2 per day).
  • This method will help not only to link the card, but also to prepare the account for the drain.
  • Post and promote 2-3 posts on neutral topics.
  • link the card through a paid game or Facebook app
Step 9. Creative development.Day 11 - after you promote several posts with FTP, develop a creative that you plan to upload to RK later and promote it on your FP.
  • Thus, it is possible to understand whether your creative will pass moderation. If it is banned at the promotion stage, then when downloading via AdsManager, there is a high probability that the RC itself will be banned.
  • If the moderation is passed, then try to fill in the creo through Ads, while not stopping the promotion on the OP.

How to get an acc with a completed ZRD

Another way to increase the trustworthiness of an account is to strigert the FB on the ZRD (prohibition of advertising activities) at the beginning of the work and then pass it.
Actions that are likely to cause a ban:
  • create a BM,
  • set a cost limit and link the card.
  • create ads via AdsManager for coverage by selecting a post from the Fan Page.
When you receive the ban, go through it by uploading documents, for example, passport, driver's license.

We do not recommend doing this, because it is a criminal offense, but there is a comic site where you can generate documents.Diasp.pro . If Facebook does not accept them, then make a passport in Photoshop with the name, surname, date of birth and photo of your account.
Verification usually takes 1-3 days, if the ban cannot be lifted the first time, try again.

As a result, you should get a verified account with a green check mark.

Farm for farm accounts facebook

If the quality of the accounts you are satisfied with, scale up.
This can be done using a switch (switch) — a device that allows you to combine several computers into a network.

It will be great if you find a provider who agrees to rent out a switch and open an IP pool.
Also buy or take the required number of routers in installments.
After you get this scheme:
  • Provider cable;
  • Switchboard;
  • Routers;
  • Devices connected via Wi-Fi.
Recommendations for working through the switch:

  • we observe the rule one iPhone → one IP.  During the entire existence of the acc, the IP will be changed automatically at least 1 time, so minimize this process;
  • switch is an expensive device, if you can't rent it, then you can buy it for a smaller number of ports, for example, 8 is enough;
  • routers   try to take in installments, when choosing pay attention to the characteristics — IP change can occur every couple of minutes — these are not suitable;
  • to prevent the cost of the Internet from soaring, never tell the provider for what purposes you use it. For business, an Internet line will be 10 times more expensive.

General recommendations for the farm of fb accounts

  • do not perform the same actions, mix them, change the activity;
  • always use new photos for posts;
  • unique IP addresses;
  • put small budgets at once, so that there is no suspicion that you are using someone else's payment data;
  • it is not necessary to change the payment method often;
  • there should be no connection between accounts in names, mail, ip, etc. If one acc is banned, then the rest will follow.


Farming is an integral process for working in arbitration, which makes it possible to get a high—quality and long-lived advertising cabinet that is protected from automatic ban.

Well-designed accounts can avoid manual verification for longer.
It will not be possible to feed a really trust account in a few days.