Overview of affiliate programs
Overview of affiliate programs" можно определить как a review and description of various affiliate programs that offer earning opportunities in internet marketing. Such overviews typically include details on the terms of participation in the program, the amount of commission payouts
Traffic arbitrage

Checklist: How to transition from the CIS to the Western world

While the CIS is currently experiencing paralysis in terms of call center operations and logistics in Eastern Europe, with no positive changes anticipated in the news agenda, it would be beneficial to redirect the traffic to foreign markets. Our colleagues from LeadRock shared an article on their blog explaining how to smoothly transition to foreign markets. They debunked myths about the difficulty of traffic migration and provided a step-by-step guide on where to begin the process.
Checklist "How to Transition from CIS to Foreign Markets" by LeadRock:

  1. Open an affiliate network account and register, for example, with LeadRock.
  2. Purchase necessary supplies (more details in this video):

  • Anti-detect browser
  • Proxies
  • Domains and hosting
  • Accounts
  • Payment systems

  1. Choose an offer.
  2. Create a campaign in the affiliate network.
  3. Download the campaign archive and upload it to hosting.
  4. Set up the ADS manager.
  5. Configure the Facebook pixel.
  6. Launch the advertising campaign.

What doubts do webmasters face?

Language Barrier

If you're not a professional translator and received average grades in English at school, there's no need to worry. Online translation services can assist you. For added confidence, you can hire an editor to review the text translated by the online service.

Here, we conducted a review of popular translation services. In short, we recommend using DeepL. We tested the translations of advertising texts for offers like the replica of the Rolex Daytona men's watches and Go Potent tea for potency enhancement in Spain.

The translations provided by DeepL were found to be the most accurate according to our native speaker, Danny.

Lack of knowledge about current sources of traffic

What traffic sources do webmasters use?

Contextual Advertising

This refers to advertisements that are generated based on a user's past actions on the internet, specifically when they show interest in a particular product or service. Despite the high cost per impression, this traffic source can provide a significant reach.

Social Media

These are multifunctional platforms where one can find various categories of target audience for specific offers. Today, social media platforms offer diverse settings to enhance the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Native Ads, or simply native advertising

These are advertising blocks on a website that consist of a graphical component and text. The advantage of this traffic source is its non-intrusiveness, as native ads do not disrupt the user's experience while exploring the landing page, and they are not blocked by extensions like AdBlock.


This is traffic from mobile applications that arbitrageurs use to earn profits from offers in standard verticals. Surely, you have at least once played the role of a knight saving a beautiful princess from a dragon or chosen a tool to extinguish a fire in a room. Special effects engage the user in the game or application to such an extent that they don't even notice themselves making in-app purchases.


SEO traffic - visits from Yandex or Google search. By skillfully optimizing and promoting a web resource, one can obtain a large amount of traffic to redirect to a product page.


Currently, this traffic source is one of the most promising ones. Social media platforms continue to gain popularity. The platform attracts a diverse range of target audiences, making it possible to find demand in almost any niche. Short videos effectively break through banner blindness.

Lack of understanding in choosing offers and GEOs

Finding the right offer is crucial, as it contributes to 50% of successful conversions. But how do you find that "perfect product" that brings in profits? We have outlined the main approaches to offer analysis.

Articles can help in selecting the appropriate GEO. It is useful to learn about the national language, mentality, and create a rough profile of the local residents. Depending on the offer's theme, it is important to understand the population's living standards, average salaries in the country, health conditions, and common illnesses. At LeadRock, we have written about the specifics of traffic conversion in Mexico and Peru, as well as provided general recommendations for targeting Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

Determining which GEO will be more profitable for your advertising campaign can be guided by tier categorization. There are three tiers, and you can find the list of countries in the image. The main criterion for dividing countries into tiers is their level of economic development. This division helps arbitrageurs understand the audience's purchasing power and select the appropriate GEO.
LeadRock specializes in burzh GEO with a focus on nutra and whitehat. For our affiliate network, the situation remains unchanged - work continues. Every week, we share top offers for Latin America and Europe in our Telegram channel, determined by the webmasters themselves. Here is the top offers we posted last week.
Redirect your traffic from underperforming offers in the CIS region to profitable burzh GEOs! You have all the instructions, and if you have any questions, after registering with LeadRock affiliate network, your personal manager will provide consultation and answer all your queries.