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How to download videos from YouTube: all working methods in 2023

The ability to download videos from YouTube for an arbitrager is a great tool to obtain fresh creatives. However, the video hosting platform itself does not allow it without proper authorization.

The only official option is the "Download" button, but it is available only to Premium subscribers who are using the YouTube mobile app.
However, there are several ways to download videos from YouTube. You can use third-party services, specialized programs, or browser extensions. Most of them are either completely free or require payment only for downloading videos in resolutions higher than 1080p.

Downloading through online services

The easiest way to download a video from YouTube is to use specialized websites where you simply need to provide the video link.

However, you may not even need to visit those websites. You can simply add the prefix "SS" in the address bar. Here's how to do it:

  1. Open the YouTube video you want to download.
  2. Pay attention to the address bar in your browser.
  3. Add the letters "ss" right after "www" in the URL. It should look like "https://www.ssyoutube/watch?v=DFJKFWF".
  4. Press Enter.

This method allows you to download the video directly without visiting any external websites.
In the end, you will be redirected to the SafeForm service page, which will offer the option to download the selected video. The maximum quality available is 720p. If you download the video without sound, you can obtain it in 1080p.

What other online services can be used to download videos from YouTube?


You can visit the website directly or use the "gv" prefix in the YouTube address bar (similar to the "ss" prefix mentioned above).

The service offers different formats and qualities for the resulting video. One drawback is that it may attempt to install software on your device when selecting the maximum video quality.


An easy-to-use website. Copy the link of the video you want and paste it into the search bar. Then click on the red button next to it. The service will then offer options to download in either 360p or 720p quality. Additionally, you can choose a video title from the automatically generated options.


A service with a simple and user-friendly interface in English. Copy the YouTube video link, paste it into the search field, and press the enter button. The service will then offer options to choose the video quality (720p or 360p in MP4 format). Additionally, on the website, you can download the Youtube Downloader software for Windows or Mac OS.


The main difference of this service is the ability to download videos in resolutions up to 4K and even 8K (although only in webm format). The process is similar to the previously mentioned services: you paste the link into the search bar, the website finds the video, and offers options to choose the file format for downloading.


A convenient service that offers video downloads in MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV, and MKV formats.

The maximum available quality is 1080p. The website is user-friendly as it shows the approximate size of the resulting video when selecting the quality. Additionally, you can download videos in audio format, which is useful for offline listening to podcasts.

Browser Extensions

Various browser plugins allow you to download videos directly from YouTube. Once installed, these plugins add download buttons to the video description section (usually near the view and like count). Clicking on these buttons prompts the plugin to offer options to choose the format and quality for downloading or redirect to the service's website. There is no need to create accounts or register on the developers' websites.
Please note that not all plugins are available for all browsers at once. Therefore, explore the extension store of your specific browser to find the most suitable one for you.

Easy Youtube Video Downloader

The plugin is available in the official extension stores for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. After installation, the download button will appear next to the subscribe button on the channel page. The plugin allows you to download videos in both video and audio formats. The maximum available quality is 1080p.

Youtube Video Download

The plugin is only available in the Firefox extension store. However, it allows you to download videos in the maximum possible quality, up to 8K, while preserving the audio track. Downloading can be done with just one click. After installing the extension, the download button for YouTube videos will appear next to the view count.


A universal extension for all popular browsers including Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Yandex is available. It even supports installation on mobile versions of the browsers. To install it, you need to visit the service's website (for example, by adding the letters "ss" to the video's address bar) and download the necessary plugin for your device. The browser and operating system type are automatically detected.

Unfortunately, most video download plugins from the Google Chrome extension store do not support YouTube. This is because the internet store policy and Google Chrome developer program policy prohibit downloading videos from the video hosting platform. Therefore, if you want to use video download plugins, it's better to install a different browser.

Software Programs for Downloading from YouTube

For those who do not want to install additional plugins in their browser or wish to have more advanced downloading features, there are other solutions available. These are standalone software programs that you can install on your computer.
The software programs vary in terms of registration requirements and the available features in their free versions. Most commonly, the maximum quality of the downloaded videos is limited. However, using software programs allows you to download videos faster compared to using plugins or online services.

Freemake Video Downloader

A free program for Windows and MacOS that allows you to download videos from YouTube in MP4, FLV, 3GP, and WEBM formats. It does not require registration to get started, and the maximum quality can reach up to 4K. However, there is a significant limitation: the developer states that the program does not support downloading copyrighted videos that are protected by copyright laws.

4K Video Downloader

Free software for downloading videos from YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and other websites. The program is compatible with popular operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, and Linux. There is no registration required to use the free version. However, the program offers a paid version (starting from 999 rubles) with enhanced functionality.


The software is available for Windows (from version 7) and MacOS (from version X 10.10). It allows you to download videos and audio from various websites and create your own media library. One drawback is that HD formats are only available in the paid version (monthly subscription starting from $4.99 USD). However, you can connect your YouTube account to the program itself and search for videos directly within it. This simplifies the workflow and eliminates the need to copy and paste video links.


The program is available for free and has versions for MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

It supports not only YouTube but also other video hosting platforms and websites.

One unpleasant aspect is that it suggests installing a free antivirus software alongside it.

Therefore, make sure to decline that component during the installation process.

Telegram Bots

You can use Telegram, a popular messaging app, to download videos from YouTube. There are specialized bots available that can assist you with this.

However, it's important to note that not all bots will work effectively. Many bots are created to redirect users to subscribe to a channel or visit the developer's website (such as the SaveFrom bot). Additionally, some bots may be outdated or no longer maintained by their developers. Therefore, it's recommended to use the search feature within Telegram itself rather than relying on external bot directories.
Here are some bots that you can use for downloading videos from YouTube:

  • @youtube_lOl_bot
  • @SaveYouTubeBot
  • @AnyVideoDownloadBot

Depending on the bot's interface, you will need to provide the bot with the video link and choose the desired video quality. Some bots also allow you to download the audio track of the selected video.


Downloading videos from YouTube has become incredibly easy today. The choice of the tool you use for this task depends solely on your needs. Standalone software allows you to download multiple videos in a queue, while browser plugins or Telegram bots do not require additional software installation on your device.