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Traffic arbitrage

TOP 15 Proxy Services in 2023: Conditions for Arbitrageurs, Features, and Prices | Webmaster's Notes

So, access to FB, Inst, TikTok, and Google for Russian arbitrageurs is restricted. It's impossible to launch ads and collect UBT. Moreover, the platforms themselves are tightening moderation and banning accounts for any suspicious activity. If someone tried to operate without any services half a year ago, now everyone is rushing to download IP encryptors – VPNs, anti-detection tools, and... proxies. Today, we will discuss which services are suitable for traffic arbitrage and provide a selection of popular proxies with favorable conditions and unique features – the ability to create proxies themselves, non-refreshable IP, and Backconnect.

How to choose a proxy service for arbitrage?

A proxy is an intermediary between you and a web resource. It works like this: you send a web request to the proxy → the proxy forwards it to the website → the website returns the request to the proxy → the proxy then sends it to you. The intermediary server replaces the IP address. For example, a person may live in Moscow but 'reside' in Poland with the help of a proxy. It can be said that an IP address is like a postal address, but on the internet.
Proxies help bypass anti-fraud systems, access websites blocked in your geographical location, and avoid bans when running advertisements. They come in various types. Without delving into details, the most important factor is the type of proxy based on the number of users. For traffic sources, the protocol is rarely important, but if they detect suspicious activity from your IP, you may face a ban. For example, for advertising on FB, TikTok, and Google, only residential proxies (home providers and mobile proxies from cellular operators) are suitable.

However, server (hosting) IPs are instantly banned, but they can be used for web scraping.

Important! To avoid bans when working with social networks, it's better to use a separate port. Additionally, for residential proxies, you should group IPs by city, and for mobile proxies, by city and provider.

A selection of high-quality proxy services for traffic arbitrage

In this compilation, we have gathered proxy services with the highest number of positive reviews and the most favorable conditions in the market.


Link: nexusnet.io

Pricing: Mobile and residential proxies at a unified rate. Payment is based only on ports, ranging from $30 to $100. Available GEOs: 150+ countries

Free Trial: Not available;

Referral Program: Up to 30% from the first top-up and up to 10% of subsequent user top-ups

Payment Methods: BTC, USDT, and credit cards.

Nexusnet.io is a proxy service designed for arbitrage teams. A carefully selected pool of IPs, tested on Google, Instagram, and Tik-Tok, helps keep your accounts from getting banned.

Here, you can purchase mobile and residential proxies at a single price. Payment is made solely for ports, with no restrictions on the amount of traffic used. This model is perfect for traffic arbitrage, account farming, and automation.

The service's unique feature is that when you buy a subscription, you acquire slots where you configure ports for your operations. At any time, users can independently delete a created port and replace it in the slot with a new one at no additional cost, changing the port's GEO and proxy type.

Additionally, for the trial period, the service offers a promo code for $20 (SECIVA20), allowing you to purchase the basic tariff for only $10 or buy several ports within the trial tariff."


Link: https://proxyline.net/

Pricing: IPv4 Shared - 49.56₽ per IP, Individual IPv4 - 72.68₽, IPv6/32 - 7.43₽ (price indicated for 5 days of usage);

Available GEOs: For IPv4 - 46+, including Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Poland, and for IPv6, only Russia and the USA;

Free Trial: Available;

Referral Program: 10% of all referee payments;

Payment Methods: WebMoney, QIWI, YooMoney, Visa/Mastercard, MIR, and cryptocurrency.

ProxyLine offers packages with only IPv4 and IPv6/32. They differ in the number of digits in the protocol, but for most sources, this doesn't matter, even for Facebook.

So, you can confidently purchase the cheapest tariff.

One of the service's advantages is its built-in proxy checker. You can check IPv4 to determine the GEO, the type of proxy protocol in use, the maximum possible connection speed to the network, server response time, anonymity level, and data privacy. Additionally, on the website, you can separately check internet speed, port security level, and IP anonymity.

The service also provides free proxies, but they are not suitable for arbitrage purposes.


Link: https://proxys.io/en

Pricing: Foreign IPv4 - $1.47, Individual IPv4 - $1.4 per IP (price indicated for 30 days of usage);

Available GEOs: 26+, including Ukraine, Russia, United Kingdom, USA, Germany, India, Poland, Spain, Belarus, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, France;

Free Trial: Available;

Referral Program: None;

Payment Methods: Visa and MasterCard credit cards, QIWI cards, YooMoney, and cryptocurrency via Enot.

These guys provide channels with a speed of 7 Mbps, which can be increased to 10 upon request. However, usually, everything works perfectly fine even at 7 Mbps.

You can test the proxies only if you haven't used the service before. To request a free trial, contact support. To purchase proxies, top up your personal account and select the desired package.


Link: https://soax.com/

Pricing: Residential - $7/1GB, Mobile - $29/1GB;

Available GEOs: 175+, including England, France, Canada, Poland, Russia, Australia, USA, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Thailand;

Free Trial: Not available;

Referral Program: None;

Payment Methods: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, JCB, and cryptocurrency.

Soax provides non-refreshable user IPs. However, if the user leaves the network, the IP address will be replaced with another from the same GEO. Additionally, if desired, the user can enable rotation every 90 seconds.

There is no free trial, but there is a trial for $1.99. It provides 100MB for 3 days of testing. To obtain the trial, contact support.

OneDash Proxy

Link: https://proxy-onedash.ru/

Pricing: Residential IPv4 - 950₽/each, Mobile - 950₽/each, Shared IPv4 - 99₽/each (price for 10 days of usage);

Available GEOs: For residential - Europe, for mobile - Russia, for Shared IPv4 - Germany, Finland, England, France, Italy, Russia;

Free Trial: Not available;

Referral Program: None;

Payment Methods: Robokassa, Tinkoff, CloudPayments, Coinbase, Cryptonator.

OneDash Proxy provides stable proxies, with some specially optimized for Discord and Telegram. The service also offers spam bots for promotion on TG and Discord, an account store for various platforms, and software for solving CAPTCHAs.

Important! Some users have reported difficulties accessing Instagram via OneDash proxies – the page does not load.


Link: https://proxy-seller.ru

Pricing: IPv4 - $23.14/each, IPv6 - $17.8/starting from 5 units (price for 30 days of usage in GEO Russia);

Available GEOs: For IPv4 - 30+, including Russia, Ukraine, USA, Spain, Germany, for IPv6 - Russia, Germany, France, Netherlands, England, Canada;

Free Trial: Not available;

Referral Program: 30% from the referee's first payment and 10% from each of their subsequent purchases;

Payment Methods: WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex, MasterCard, VISA, Sberbank Online, Alfa-Click, Privat24, BitCoin, PerfectMoney, and mobile payments: MTS, Beeline.

Proxy-Seller offers only individual proxies that have not been used by anyone else before.

The channel speed is 1 Gbps. You can choose an IP from a specific country and city. Additionally, the platform provides ready-made packages of working proxies for specific purposes - running ads on social networks, web scraping, and betting in bookmakers.


Link: https://stormproxies.com

Pricing: Residential - $8 per port per month and private;

Available GEOs: Worldwide;

Free Trial: Not available;

Referral Program: 25% lifelong monthly recurring commission;

Payment Methods: PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa.

StormProxies offers IP addresses without authentication. The service's feature is Backconnect proxies. They work like this: you open FB - you have one IP, then you log out and open TG - the address is different. In other words, it changes after each action. The service also provides ready-made proxy packages for social networks - FB, Inst, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Snapchat.

There is no free trial, but you can request a refund within 24 hours of purchase.


Link: https://smartproxy.com/ru

Pricing: Residential - $75/month, Data Center - $50/month, For Search Engines - $100/month;

Available GEOs: For residential - 195+, including the USA, India, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan; for data centers - the USA;

Free Trial: Not available;

Referral Program: 10% of the traffic purchased by the referral, plus a bonus - 1 GB;

Payment Methods: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and BTC.

SmartProxy allows you to configure geotargeting and disable rotation so that the IP does not automatically change to another one. The service also offers Chrome and Firefox extensions for convenient proxy usage. Among its services, you can find the SERP Scraping API - a free tool for parsing and web scraping.

There is no trial, but the service offers a 100% refund within three days if you are not satisfied with the quality of the proxies.

Important! The service does not operate in Russia and Belarus.

Shifter.io(Formerly Microleaves)

Link: https://shifter.io/

Pricing: Residential Backconnect - $299.99/10 units, Private - $25/5 units, Shared - $30/10 units;

Available GEOs: Worldwide (geotargeting is available only for Backconnect);

Free Trial: Not available;

Referral Program: 20% of all sales;

Payment Methods: Credit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin.

Shifter.io provides only real residential IP addresses from internet service providers that offer internet services to home users. In other words, no device can detect that you are using a proxy.

There is no free trial, but within three days, you can request a full refund if the proxies do not meet your expectations.

IP can be refreshed once a month, after the invoice date.


Link: https://iproxy.online/

Pricing: Regular mobile proxies - $50/month, 'IProxyOnline' - $6-10/month;

Available GEOs: Worldwide;

Free Trial: Available;

Referral Program: None;

Payment Methods: WebMoney, MasterCard, VISA, Apple Pay, Capitalist, and cryptocurrency wallets.

The service provides both ready-made IP addresses from providers and the ability to create your own. You don't need coding knowledge for this. Just follow the instructions on the website: enter your number, download the IProxy app, and configure it. You can change created or purchased IPs in various ways: rotation, through a Telegram bot, the personal account, via a link, or through the API.

Proxy White

Link: https://proxywhite.com/

Pricing: IPv4 - 150₽/month per 1 IP;

Available GEOs: Russia, USA, Ukraine, Europe;

Free Trial: Not available;

Referral Program: None;

Payment Methods: WebMoney, MasterCard, VISA, YooMoney, BTC, QIWI, Privat 24.

Proxy White offers anonymous proxy servers with quality 24/7 support. Their IPs are suitable for any software, services, social networks, online games, and bookmakers. There is no personal account as such. All purchasing and connection is done directly on the website page.


Link: https://coronium.io/

Pricing: Private 4G Mobile - $60-$110/month depending on the GEO;

Available GEOs: USA, United Kingdom, Germany, and Lithuania;

Free Trial: Not available;

Referral Program: None;

Payment Methods: Cryptocurrency wallets.

The average proxy speed is 10 Mbps. IP addresses from Coronium.io work well on social networks, advertising platforms, and are suitable for verification. You can create more than 15 accounts on one proxy, but the service itself recommends not creating more than 5-10.


In 2021, there were many complaints about this service, but things improved in 2022. Some people still used RSocks proxies despite the strange terms and unclear refund policy.

However, it was short-lived. On June 17th, it became known that the United States had shut down RSocks. The service turned out to be a Russian hacking network where hackers were selling IP addresses of compromised devices.

Now, the official website of the already liquidated project looks like this:


Link: https://proxy-sale.com

Pricing: IPv4 - from $0.6-$2.1/unit depending on GEO, IPv6 - from $0.61/10 units, free;

Available GEOs: 30+, including the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom, Germany, Latvia, China;

Free Trial: Not available;

Referral Program: 30% of the first payment of a new referral and 10% of each subsequent purchase;

Payment Methods: WebMoney, BTC, YooMoney, PayPal, QIWI, Visa, MasterCard.

Proxy-Sale proxies cannot be used for spam and other actions that may result in IP bans. Packages with addresses are divided by purposes: for social networks, search engines, bookmakers, and online games. Additionally, the service provides tools for IP recognition, request clustering, ping checking, anonymity, as well as a proxy checker and UTM tag generator.


Link: https://www.proxy-cheap.com/ru

Pricing: IPv6 - $0.40/unit, private IPv4 - $1.99 per 1 IP/month, mobile - $50/month in the USA;

Available GEOs: 127+, including the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Italy;

Free Trial: Not available;

Referral Program: 25% of referrals' spending;

Payment Methods: Credit card, Wire transfer, BTC.

The proxy servers integrate well with Inst, FB, and LinkedIn. However, it's concerning that the service launched in 2022 but already has a database of over 6 million IP addresses.

Most likely, they are stolen, which means the owner can block access at any time, and you could lose your money.