Overview of affiliate programs
Overview of affiliate programs" можно определить как a review and description of various affiliate programs that offer earning opportunities in internet marketing. Such overviews typically include details on the terms of participation in the program, the amount of commission payouts
Traffic arbitrage

Cyberpunk 2023: Virtual Cards Replacing Plastic

Let's get straight to the point: why bother getting a virtual card? On platforms like Facebook*, for instance, there's a rule: one card equals ten accounts. However, if even one account gets banned, the rest follow a similar path. Therefore, more cards make it simpler. The only issue is that there are limitations on the number of physical cards you can have. Not to mention the need to personally pick them up from the bank branch (even if the application is submitted online). And what if it's a card from a foreign bank? So, here's the answer: virtual cards are convenient. Is it worth getting them on an industrial scale? We'll discuss this further: they have plenty of advantages.

What's the catch?

And there isn't one! It can't be that simple, you say? Right. Virtual cards do have drawbacks, but they are related to "everyday" use. The lack of suitable terminals in shopping centers is one of them. ATMs that can't keep up with progress are another. But these are no longer issues for arbitrageurs.

Pleasant Benefits

1.We need more gold... I mean, cards!
For arbitrageurs, cards are expendable. Especially when working with Facebook*, where one swift banhammer strike can nullify your efforts. In platforms like Capitalist, you can link a hundred virtual cards to one verified account. So if you're running a large-scale campaign, welcome to online payment services!
2.No geographical restrictions whatsoever
Both arbitrageurs and regular users can feel the impact. Purchases on Google Play, Netflix, Spotify - a new quest for Russians, and using Google Ads without a VPN is already challenging for marketers. If you turn to online services, you'll discover the convenience of transfers and the speed of payment/payout. An important point: the phrase "no geographical restrictions" always has its pitfalls. You need to constantly monitor policy changes: have restrictions spread to one payment method or another?
What else? For instance, Qiwi Master is not suitable for foreign sources, but it has a special package for arbitrageurs. On the other hand, Capitalist has no plans to impose restrictions, but in this case, the downside is relatively high fees. Whether this is a drawback or just a nuance is up to you to decide, based on your goals and budget.
3.Trusted BINs
With Facebook*, there's a minimum amount of information about the card. However, what Facebook* has in abundance is the ability to draw conclusions based on limited data. The same applies to other advertising platforms. If there are many virtual cards from a particular bank, but not many payouts, it's suspicious! And perhaps, a ban may come due to Risk Payment. To reduce this probability, exclusive BIN virtual cards, like those from PST.NET, are used.
Important note: uniqueness can be assessed through reviews or during testing. Reviews can sometimes be outdated or not reflect the current reality... So, there are no guarantees. But you can simply analyze the market situation: do you see an influx of competitors? If everyone is rushing for uniqueness en masse, it's already lost. Especially if you weren't among the first.
4.Time Savings
You won't have to personally go to the bank to get the card. Sending relatives, friends, or casual acquaintances (on whom it is officially registered) won't be necessary either. Moreover, the issuance and closure of virtual cards happen much faster, sometimes within a couple of minutes.

What should you pay attention to when making a choice?

Free cheese is only found in a mousetrap. So, don't be mammoths and approach overly generous offers skeptically. Hidden fees, as we've already discussed in the virtual payment card review, do exist. In general, any fees can be a potential headache. That's why we're sharing a life hack! To save money, use the withdrawal feature from the affiliate network directly to your payment service. And from there, you can make payments for arbitrage services.
Check how much time it takes for registration and verification. In some cases, the card is issued immediately after registration, while in others, it may take several days. It might even require a sort of "interview." Needless to say, if you urgently need a hundred cards, they may not be processed for you.
In different services, the registration forms may vary. They may ask for your full name, country, request passport scans, or require authorization through Google/Facebook*/Telegram - these are common practices as well. So, evaluate privacy-related questions in advance. The same goes for accounts. It's better to create them everywhere in advance than to be distracted by one registration after another later on!
4.Card Maintenance and Terms
Not again, but once more: the terms vary. In some banks, you can't get a virtual card without a physical one. In others, there's a maximum limit, and a high fee for the service package. All of this needs to be aligned with the scale of your campaign to avoid going into the red!
5.Withdrawal Timeframes
If instant withdrawal isn't possible, plan more carefully. Do you really want to nervously wait for the funds when you need liquidity so badly? However, budget planning will be useful in any case, no matter which cards you use.


The number of blocks, restrictions, and other unpleasant things only keeps increasing over time. Facebook* tracks Russian BINs, Google suspends cooperation with advertisers. Is it worth giving up on income sources from abroad? It's worth the effort to analyze fees, pros, and cons of each payment method, but don't limit yourself in resources and available GEOs.