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Buying Facebook accounts*: how and what?

Facebook* accounts are necessary for launching advertising campaigns, and the social network is known for being ready to ban anyone for even the slightest rule violations or other errors. That's why a lot, and I mean a lot, of accounts are needed. Farming them manually is not only time-consuming but also requires significant expenses. To avoid this, profiles can be purchased from various stores
It's worth noting that not all accounts are 'equally valuable' (if you remember an old yogurt advertisement). In order to avoid purchasing profiles that will quickly get banned, you need to evaluate and test stores.

Types of Facebook* accounts

  • Farmed or Self-Registered. These are accounts that are manually registered and nurtured. Essentially, they are managed by a dedicated employee who portrays themselves as a regular user and performs specific actions such as liking, following public pages, leaving comments, and engaging with others. These are fairly high-quality accounts, and their cost directly depends on the effort invested in farming. It's advisable to choose accounts farmed using mobile or foreign proxies, as this fosters more trust from Facebook* algorithms and consequently reduces the likelihood of getting banned when launching ads.

  • Auto-Regs. These accounts are registered using software and then sold. They can either be clean, without much user information, or well-developed, with up to 80% of data filled in — profile picture, education, school, interests (which positively affects trust), and so on. They are inexpensive (starting from 5-6 rubles), don't require significant effort to create, and are prone to quick bans.

  • Rental Accounts. These are live accounts owned by specific individuals or stores. When you run an ad campaign from such a profile, its owner continues using the account and increasing its social activity. These accounts are relatively expensive, but they have a longer lifespan and are less frequently banned.

  • Previously Disabled Reinstated Accounts (PDRA). These are accounts that have been unlocked after being prohibited from advertising activities. The advantage is that Facebook* moderation grants them a certain level of trust, making it possible to successfully launch more ad campaigns. However, they come at a higher cost, and the percentage of successfully regaining access after a ban is quite low, making them harder to find.

  • Brutes or 'Trendy' Accounts. These are compromised accounts obtained when the owner's login information was exposed somewhere and they used a simple password. Such accounts are sold at a low price and are already well-warmed up. However, access to them can always be lost if the owner changes the password or removes their credit card. Additionally, such an account might be sold to multiple arbitrageurs who will squeeze its potential before you do.

  • Logs. These are analogous to brutes. In this case, access to the account is provided through stealing the user's data, for instance, when they install malicious software on their PC that intercepts their logins and passwords. Such accounts have a high trust level with Facebook*. However, they might be sold to multiple parties, and other individuals could gain access to managing your ad campaigns.

Checking the Quality of an Account

It's not advisable to immediately purchase a large number of accounts from an unfamiliar store. Start by buying 1-2 accounts and testing them. What should you look for? If the account farming was done properly, you'll be able to observe the following:

  • Two-factor authentication presence. This is one of the mandatory conditions for farmed accounts. If it's enabled, Facebook* has higher trust in the account.
  • Binding a Phone Number and Email. This pertains to accounts that were created using SMS activators. It's beneficial if the profile is linked to a phone number and email. However, don't forget to attach a new mobile number to facilitate SMS verification if required. This can be accomplished in the account settings.
  • Actions on Other Websites and Interests. Their presence signals to Facebook* algorithms that your account is created by a real person. You can view this in the activity log. Note that actions on other websites (through linking the FB* account) should be no fewer than 10 within a 14-15 day period.
  • Quantity and Quality of Conversations. It's essential to have conversations with friends and other people. Otherwise, Facebook* will quickly realize that your account is fake. So, head over to Messenger and check: if there are fewer than 4 conversations and responses, it's a bad sign.

  • Presence of Blocked Users. This might not be very obvious, but a well-farmed account typically has 2-3 blocked individuals. If the account features a photo of an attractive woman, for instance, she might have received spam or other unwanted comments. In Facebook*'s eyes, she would likely have blocked such individuals.

  • Advertisement Impressions. Log into the account and see if it's receiving ads. If it is, that's a positive indicator because FB* displays ads only to users it deems as genuine. Just log into the profile using an anti-detection browser and check if ads are visible.

  • Logins on Other Websites and Apps. A good account is usually linked to other websites and applications requiring connection to the Facebook* profile. If these are absent, it's a negative sign, indicating that purchasing accounts from this store isn't advisable.

How many Facebook* accounts can you get for 10,000 rubles?

It all depends on the chosen drain scheme. If we consider the most popular approach based on the experience of Anton Konvertov and the team lead of ZM TEAM, the scheme looks like this:

For one procurement, you can spend 1100–1300 rubles (1 farm + auto-regs) = this would be enough for 7 procurements; or pay $10 USD for 1 farm + 3–4 auto-regs at 50 rubles each = a total of 3–4 procurements.

In the end, with 10,000 rubles, you'll get 7 professionally farmed accounts with an active BM cabinet and 3–4 auto-regs linked to it.

Editor's Note: This formula applies to a scheme where you purchase one farm account with an active BM cabinet to which you will link 3-4 auto-regs.

Questions and Answers

Anton Konvertov

What types of accounts are better to get (BM, auto-regs, self-regs, brutes, farms, etc.)?
It all directly depends on the choice of the draining scheme. Some people pour while linking auto-regs to the main account, others go directly from logs, and there are those who initiate conversations with auto-regs.
How can you roughly determine the quality of an account (if possible)?
After purchasing the account, you can go to the settings and review its history. If it's a farmed account, you can see all the actions taken with the account in its history and evaluate the quality. If it's an auto-reg, you can examine the registration method. There are two types: web and mobile application. There's no significant difference between them, but in my opinion, accounts registered through the mobile app are slightly more robust than web registrations.
How to assess the quality of an account store?
It's worth choosing shops with a large quantity of products and those that have been in the market for a long time. These sellers value their reputation and monitor the quality of the accounts they sell. Also, pay attention to the store's customer support and its behavior in contentious situations. Trustworthy sellers value their reputation and clients, and they always try to find compromises in disputed matters.

Ideally, you should buy from shops that produce the accounts themselves.
What budget should be allocated for purchasing?
Once again, the budget depends on the chosen draining scheme. If we take one of the most common 'Main Account' (Farmed) + auto-regs: the average cost of a reasonable Farmed account is around 700–800 rubles per unit, plus 10 auto-regs at 40 rubles each. In total, we're looking at approximately 1100–1300 rubles for a procurement.

Ivan Yeltsin

I'll say it upfront—I work in the 'white hat' domain. Hence, I don't need a large number of accounts. On average, I maintain 10–15 active accounts, which is sufficient for me. However, what's important is that these accounts live up to 600–900 billing, and there's no need to worry about them getting banned. This is the foundation of my procurement practice.
In general, when it comes to purchasing accounts, there are farmed, auto-regs, logs, and self-regs available — if we are specifically talking about buying. However, the choice depends on what we are draining.
If you're dealing with gambling and nutra, in my opinion, it's better to stick with farmed accounts, renting kings, and flowing from logs. This is because the better the social behavior, the more effectively they can hold off bans. Also, I've noticed that when flowing onto rentals, accounts tend to hook better and live longer.
What types of accounts are better to get (BM, auto-regs, self-regs, brutes, farms, etc.)?
I rent accounts. At ZM CONF 5, I mentioned that I used to stick with farmed accounts because I couldn't find decent rentals. Although during that time, the document and identity verification process wasn't going well (it worked maybe 1–2 times, then the accounts got banned). That's why I monitor the trust of the social page, as it directly affects the ban probability. I have accounts that are essentially blank slates when it comes to running ads, but they allow me to flow anything. The key is to use different GEOs, offers, etc.

Renting trusted accounts is definitely expensive, but it ensures high quality and no bans. I don't work with BM accounts because they have the worst confirmation rates. And if they get confirmed, they might end up in verification. That's why I do this: I take three accounts and link them together. And all of them are rented.

I'm also developing my rental service, where I guarantee passing the PDRA. In short, we have accounts whose users use the Facebook* mobile app, through which they take a photo for confirmation — and in the end, we have the same metadata as they do
How can you roughly determine the quality of an account (if possible)?
In short, you need to look at the account registration date. Then, focus on its activity: how many conversations it had, how active they are, etc. However, there's a catch. Often, people engaged in farming such accounts send messages to dating chats like 'want to meet,' etc. As a result, other users message them back, boosting the activity. But, to be honest, I can't say that's a good practice. Essentially, it's not quite 'human behavior.'

I also recommend checking real social activity through the action history. There, you'll find all the information: likes, reposts, what was done and how

ZM TEAM Head of Farm

What types of accounts are better to get (BM, auto-regs, self-regs, brutes, farms, etc.)?
It's better to get farmed accounts and link auto-regs to them.
How can you roughly determine the quality of an account (if possible)?
At a glance, you should check the account creation date in the settings and also observe the advertising feed on FB*. However, in general, the quality is best determined in practice through testing various expenses from different sources.
How to assess the quality of an account store?
Only by working with a shop can you determine the quality. New stores are usually a mixed bag, either scams or very accommodating to new clients. And so, the main advice is not to buy large volumes of accounts from shops you want to test.
What budget should be allocated for purchasing?
For farmed accounts, it's worth aiming at a maximum of $10, and for auto-regs, a maximum of 50 rubles, which is slightly less than a dollar.


Finding a Facebook* account shop isn't difficult: simply enter the relevant search query in Yandex, Google, or Telegram. However, all shops need to be verified and tested. The better your accounts are, the more advertising campaigns you can launch. This means you'll ultimately achieve more profit.

*Recognized as extremist and banned in Russia.