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Afiliados Brasil - impressions of participants and prospects in Latin America.

From May 26th to 28th, the Afiliados Brasil conference took place in São Paulo, focusing on the Brazilian affiliate marketing market. Representatives of companies and friends from ZorbasMedia also attended the event.

Even though the conference was held on a different continent, we still managed to find out what its participants were talking about and discussing, as well as how the overall event went. We approached Natalia Katina and the PIN-UP Partners team, who attended the conference, and received first-hand comments.

We asked them a few questions:

  • Why go to a conference in Brazil?
  • What were the hottest topics for discussion?
  • How do you think the conference went?
  • What are the prospects for the Latin American market in the near future?
  • What is your opinion of Afiliados Brasil?

So, here's what the participants of Afiliados Brasil told us.

Natalia Katina is the CEO of ADSbase, a holding company

Brazilians are not frequent guests in European and CIS countries, so during my entire time working in the affiliate industry, I rarely had the opportunity to interact with them. The trip to the Afiliados Brasil conference allowed me to meet people from the LatAm region and hear first-hand about the state and developments of the local affiliate marketing industry. It was an interesting, informative, and inspiring networking experience: that's why attending the Brazilian conference is worthwhile.
Unlike conferences that are familiar to the affiliate community in Russia and the CIS, the event in Brazil had a more reserved and informational character. In addition to the absence of loud parties and entertainment for participants, Afiliados Brasil stands out for its highly packed program: speakers present in multiple halls simultaneously, with most of them being practitioners. The topics of the speeches are diverse, ranging from working with TikTok to lead generation in the construction industry. However, all of them, one way or another, revolve around increasing advertising efficiency, attracting customers, and boosting earnings. The main verticals covered are nutra, e-commerce, and gambling. Interestingly, the gambling vertical emerged in Brazil relatively recently.
It seems that the first time you attended the Afiliados Brasil conference was in 2019, and it left an unforgettable impression in all aspects: the size of the venue, the incredible number of participants, and two entire exhibition floors. However, this year, the scale was not as colossal: around 3,000 people attended the event, and the expo zone was confined to a single floor. It's likely that the years of the pandemic, during which the conference couldn't be held, had an impact on the reduced scale this time.
The Brazilian affiliate market is highly promising yet challenging at the same time. In Latin America, there is a significant amount of targeted traffic, talented arbitrageurs, and well-known affiliate networks. São Paulo serves as a true business hub, hosting offices of major companies and CPA projects. However, the complexity lies in the region being relatively closed off to players from other GEOs. Brazilians prefer to work with each other, and very few speak English. Entering the market without ambassadors can be quite difficult, but we have been observing it for three years for a reason: during this time, we have developed our own plan that will allow us to capture the attention of the Latin American affiliate industry.
Hot take: Learn Portuguese! Very soon, you'll be able to attend our event happening right before Carnival.

Learn Portuguese! Perhaps very soon, you will have the opportunity to attend our event right before the Brazilian Carnival

PIN-UP Partners

Such trips are always a fantastic experience for everyone in our industry. You immerse yourself in a different atmosphere, step out of your comfort zone, experience new emotions, and acquire new skills.
One of the hottest topics at the conference was the discussion of nutra offers and info-products. Almost all presentations revolved around these subjects. Additionally, there were talks about traffic source optimization, such as FB/Google, and so on. Brazilians have a strong preference for white-hat niches and excel in working with them. However, they haven't fully explored the gambling and betting niche yet. 😈
It sounds like everything went great. When you have a translator, you feel at ease and can engage in conversations on any topic. You collected leads, got acquainted with this market, and enjoyed the process.
The prospects are enormous. As I mentioned before, they are not well-versed in gray/black-hat niches and struggle to handle them effectively. Therefore, there is a lot of work ahead for us in collaboration with this market.

KARMA, Head of Affiliate EVN

Brazil is a developing market, and it is far more promising than any of the markets in the CIS region. Of course, it differs from most Latin American markets due to the use of the Portuguese language. To familiarize oneself with the market's specifics, it is worth visiting it personally. Besides, transitioning from casual conversation to business talk happens faster when you stand face to face, within arm's reach of each other.
In Brazil, there are many good partners; however, much depends on skills and language. The market resembles the CIS region 10 years ago and the USA 20 years ago.
I am convinced that Brazil and Latin America will catch up with the Russian-speaking internet (Runet) in terms of profit volume within the next 5 years. Therefore, exploring this region is essential for entrepreneurs in the CPA industry.

Alex G, Head of Sales

It seems like the audience of webmasters/affiliates in the fresh and unexplored CIS and international markets presents an exciting opportunity. With a large potential audience in the targeted GEOs, the key challenge lies in developing the most effective approach to handle and engage with them. Testing different strategies and methods will be crucial in this process. Good luck with your testing!
Brazil is approximately 10 years behind in terms of content. Currently, there is a demand for presentations on e-commerce, influencer marketing on Instagram, and books on becoming successful in the digital world. However, in terms of mentality, the audience is very similar to the CIS region, and our colleagues from Latin America are eager to absorb new knowledge. So, even older materials from a year ago will be something new and valuable for them.
It is essential not to overlook the mentality factor - in Latin America, there is a significant gap between the population with average income and the population with low income - which constitutes a larger portion. Therefore, even in the arbitrage niche, many people are seeking easy ways to earn money. This hint is relevant for marketers.
Once again, about mentality. Brazilians are known for the "manana" approach, which means "tomorrow-tomorrow=never." In order for a conference to be productive, they organize it for three days, starting from 8 in the morning until 9 in the evening, and by the end, you're simply exhausted (RIP). They are not very open to extended business conversations, but they will appreciate clear product presentations and concrete offers tailored to them.
And also, it's not a location where you should boast about your "perfect English" because they won't understand you without a translator. It's unlikely that you'll be able to negotiate something without knowing Portuguese. I believe that in the near future, Brazilians will delve into the gambling and betting niche, as it is evident from the trends in their market and their interest in our product.
That's great to hear about your successful experience in tapping into the LATAM market. It's evident that the audience is active and responsive, and they are ready to launch and scale if approached with the right strategy. However, for those unwilling to conduct tests, entering this new market will likely result in a longer onboarding process. Testing and adapting to the local preferences and behaviors are essential for success in a new market like LATAM.

Stase Blitz, CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Indeed, it's a wonderful opportunity to personally acquaint yourself with the peculiarities of affiliate marketing in the West. Many participants of the Afiliados Brazil conference have fully immersed themselves in e-commerce, while only a few have ventured into the gambling niche. Exploring the gambling sector could be a valuable and potentially lucrative move for those willing to diversify and tap into new markets.
It sounds like the conference was productive, despite the challenges of most participants speaking exclusively in Portuguese. Nevertheless, the majority of affiliates you encountered expressed interest in gambling, and their traffic volumes can be adapted to suit gambling and betting offers. This presents a promising opportunity to explore and capitalize on the potential in the gambling niche in the Brazilian market.

Alice, Affiliate Manager

It's a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the Latin American affiliate marketing market, engage with professionals from various industries, and, of course, get energized by positive emotions.
More and more Brazilians are getting involved in infoproducts and e-commerce. However, when it comes to betting and gambling, people show a lively interest, ask questions, and want to try the product themselves.
Regarding the most popular traffic sources, social media and Google advertising are the most prominent ones.
Not everyone in Brazil speaks English, so we had to overcome the language barrier with the help of a translator. We gathered numerous leads and learned a lot of interesting information about the Latin American market. By the way, I liked the Portuguese language so much that I decided to start learning it.
I believe that in the near future, gambling and betting will become top verticals in LATAM, and PIN-UP Partners will do everything possible to conquer the Latin American market.

Angelina, Affiliate Manager

Instead of output

As you can see, LATAM and Brazil are promising regions with enormous growth potential. While currently, most publishers and advertisers are focused on nutra, e-commerce, and info-products, the prospects for iGaming cannot be underestimated, especially considering the penetration and legalization of such products in the region. One of the barriers remains the language, but learning the language is easier than building a business, isn't it?