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Setting up and launching Yandex.Dzen: a step-by-step guide in 2023.

Yandex.Dzen is a platform for content creators and their readers. The service recommends materials based on artificial intelligence algorithms. The user is presented with an endless feed of content that, according to Dzen, will be of interest to them. As the reader's behavior is studied, more relevant materials are added to their feed.
Yandex Zen is featured on the search engine's main page and is also integrated into the Yandex browser and app. You can use it as a personal blog, to communicate with your audience, monetize content, or develop your business.

Zen Algorithms and Features

When you publish content on Yandex Zen, Yandex's algorithms analyze it and suggest it to users who have shown interest in similar topics. Zen obtains information about users' interests directly from their browsing history. Additionally, readers can manage their own feed by liking and disliking content and indicating which media sources they find most interesting to read.

However, content creators cannot directly influence the neural network responsible for recommendations. Therefore, in order to consistently receive views, you will need to publish materials that are interesting to people.
Yandex Zen offers the following benefits to its authors:

  • Large audience: Up to 10 million people read content on the platform each month, providing authors with a significant potential audience.
  • Opportunity to monetize content: Authors can earn revenue through native advertising and other content monetization methods. Popular authors gain access to the "Nirvana" program, which provides additional support for bloggers.
  • Support for aspiring bloggers: By joining the "Aurora" partner program, aspiring bloggers receive support, tips on channel management, and audience engagement. Participants in the program receive priority assistance.

How to create a channel?

To create a channel, start by registering an email with Yandex. This will allow you to obtain your own Yandex ID. Alternatively, you can directly visit the Yandex Zen website and click on the "Registration" button.

Next, provide the following information:

  • First and last name.
  • Login.
  • Password.
  • Mobile phone number.

Once you have completed this step, you can proceed to the Zen Studio to configure your channel and manage your publications. It's important to verify your phone number in the process to confirm that you are the rightful owner of the channel.
Next, you should change the channel's name. By default, Yandex Zen uses your name and surname as the channel name. Don't forget to prepare and upload a logo for your channel as well.

With these preliminary settings completed, you can now start creating publications and receiving views.

IMPORTANT: It is crucial to decide on the channel's topic and prepare a content plan in advance, even before creating the channel. You can analyze the most popular authors on Yandex Zen to understand what generates the greatest interest among readers.

Can I connect an RSS feed?

Once you enable monetization on your channel, you can use an RSS feed to broadcast materials from an external website. This feature is useful for those who have their own portal with regularly published unique articles. By using an RSS feed, you can save time and effort on manually posting publications.

ATTENTION: RSS feed integration is available only when you have at least 20 materials in your blog, each of which contains at least one image. Additionally, the connected portal must be at least 30 days old and have fresh publications on it.

We are creating materials

To publish content, go to Yandex Zen Studio and click on the "Publications" button. You will be redirected to a tab where all published or prepared materials are visible. Click on the "Create" button.

Yandex offers you to choose what you want to do: write a post, an article, or upload a video.

  • Post: It is limited to 1500 characters and allows you to attach only images. This format is recommended for small materials or personal communication with your audience.

  • Article: This is a longer material where you can (and should) use headings of different levels, as well as add videos, images, and GIFs. The format has no character limit, and the draft is automatically saved when writing in the Yandex Zen editor. Additionally, in an article, you can use Zen Video widgets, Forms (surveys, applications, and audience engagement), Yandex Music (for sharing tracks or podcasts), KinoPoisk (for describing a movie or TV series), and Maps (for indicating addresses, points on the map, or routes).
  • Video: You can upload your created video to develop your channel similar to YouTube. However, please remember that Yandex Zen is against copyright infringement (so no trailers, movies, unauthorized broadcasts, etc.) and does not encourage reposting videos from other platforms.

After you have written the article and uploaded images and videos to it, you can click on the "Publish" button. A menu will appear where you need to provide a preview title, a short description of the article, upload a preview image, and add tags that will help Yandex's algorithms understand the content of your material and recommend it to the appropriate audience.
Additionally, you can set additional options such as scheduling the publication for a specific time, enabling or disabling comments, including advertisements within the article, and more. You can also add advertising pixels for events such as "Opening," "Full View," and "External Link."

Finally, you can publish the article.

Promotion on Yandex Zen

If you want to quickly gain a large number of subscribers, it's worth considering the option of paid promotion within Yandex Zen. To do this, go to your channel, open Zen Studio, and click on the "Advertising Campaigns" button.

This feature allows you to create campaigns to attract an audience. You can configure:

  • Format.
  • Strategies.
  • Period.
  • Budget.
  • Targeting (gender, device, age, and location).
Depending on the specified settings, Yandex will provide a forecast for the results of the advertising campaign for a month or another specified period.

Of course, this is just one of the possibilities for channel development. The main task is to create high-quality materials that will be interesting to users.

The Zen neural network will evaluate how your materials are read, their complexity, and the number of readers. The more detailed the publication and the more people read it to the end, the higher the chance of being recommended to new users and growing your audience.

To enable monetization:

Yandex Zen allows you to earn money by creating content. To enable monetization, you need to:

  • Have 100+ subscribers.
  • Accumulate 10,000 minutes of reading time within the last week.
  • Comply with Yandex's rules and requirements for content.

After meeting these criteria, the "Monetization" button will appear in Zen Studio. By clicking it, you can submit an application for monetization. The platform will automatically place advertisements in your articles and pay you for ad views. However, all applications go through mandatory moderation: Yandex checks the quality of publications, compliance with rules, etc.
What are the earning methods available for Yandex Zen authors?

  • Individual: This option is suitable for beginner bloggers. In this case, Yandex automatically withholds taxes from your income.
  • Self-Employment: With this option, bloggers are responsible for paying taxes on their channel's income independently.
  • Individual Entrepreneur: This option is for authors who have their own individual entrepreneurial status.
  • Legal Entity: This option is for those who have their own LLC (Limited Liability Company).
  • Native Advertising: In this case, you place advertisements within your content and earn money through direct cooperation with advertisers.

Prohibitions in Yandex Zen

If you want to avoid issues with content verification and moderation approval, it's important to follow the platform's rules. Here are the prohibited actions on the platform:

  • Gambling: This includes materials that contain links to online casinos, gaming strategies, information about bonuses, or risk reduction options. However, you can write about them in an entertaining, historical, or artistic manner.
  • Duplicated content: You cannot repost previously published or previously deleted materials, or copies of articles from other channels, even if they belong to you.
  • Borrowed content: You cannot post videos, images, or text from others without indicating the authorship. If you must use them, make sure to credit the original source. A channel consisting of such materials will be blocked.
  • Prohibited goods and services: This includes anything that is prohibited by law. However, you can discuss them in a historical or entertaining context.
  • Clickbait: Titles or card designs that deceive users' expectations are not welcome on Yandex Zen. Such materials will only be shown to your subscribers and will be removed from other users' feeds.
  • False information and fakes: If you publish false information, users can report it. The material will be removed, and your channel may be blocked.
  • Medical advertising: You cannot advertise medical products and services or discuss dosages of medicinal drugs and substances or details of surgeries.
  • Illegal information: This includes publications that violate users' rights, legal requirements, or encourage dangerous actions for society.
  • Partial content: In Zen, you cannot publish incomplete materials that require users to visit another website, social network, or the next publication of the channel to read the complete content. External links should only lead to original sources or additional materials, while the article itself should be complete.
  • Shocking content: This includes descriptions or images of accident victims, injuries, deformities, detailed childbirth processes, etc. Channels with such content are permanently banned.
  • COVID-19: Yandex's rules prohibit questioning the existence of the virus, downplaying its danger, spreading conspiracy theories, or myths about vaccines.


Yandex Zen Channel is not only a way to earn money through content creation but primarily an opportunity to attract an audience with specific interests. After that, you can redirect users to your website and offer them various offers. With the right experience, you can generate a steady flow of leads to your landing pages and pre-landers, significantly increasing your profits.