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Quiz on a Pre-lander: Purpose and How to Create It

A quiz is a short survey that collects information about the preferences of the target audience in a non-intrusive manner and provides personalized (supposedly) results. There are numerous online quiz builders available that allow you to quickly create a quiz. The key is to determine what you need and familiarize yourself with the tools.

Why do you need a quiz?

At first glance, a pre-lander should not involve questions or require answers because the faster a user transitions to the main site, the quicker they can make a purchase. However, sometimes it's worth "warming up" potential leads. There are many ways to do this, as we have already discussed in an article on ZorbasMedia. Quizzes are useful not only to generate interest but also for the following reasons:

Individualized approach to all audience segments

For example, a user takes a short quiz about their health condition. In the third question, they select the answer "Joint pain," and at the end, they receive a unique, personalized, special offer: a miraculous cream. The satisfied user places an order because the product is specifically tailored to them. They are unlikely to realize that the same cream is being promoted for back pain relief or fat burning.

Increased loyalty

A quiz is a form of dialogue with the user. Instead of a pushy "Buy now," they see questions that don't take much time to answer and the opportunity to receive a bonus: a discount, promo code, or personalized recommendation. User loyalty increases, and along with it, the arbitrageur's chances of obtaining another lead.

Creating a need

Does the buyer know they need green coffee? The goal of a quiz is to explain the necessity of a purchase. This can be done using a classic approach: identifying a problem and then offering a solution. People can be reminded of their concerns such as excess weight, stress, or improper nutrition. By the end of the quiz, they will already know what can help them overcome these issues.

Obtaining contacts

Quizzes don't necessarily have to be informative. Sometimes they can serve as a complete replacement for lead forms, allowing you to collect data for both yourself and the advertiser in SOI/DOI offers. Isn't it a great tool for dating?

Types of quizzes

Types of quizzes can be divided into categories, although this classification is somewhat subjective. However, it can help you orient yourself and understand which option to choose. The effectiveness of quizzes depends on their quality: the right questions, bonuses, and visual elements will generate more interest from the audience. Quizzes can be used in almost all niches, either to attract buyers or at least to collect information about them. Here are the main verticals where quizzes are relevant:
  1. Nutra
  2. E-commerce
  3. Sweepstakes
  4. Dating
  5. Infoproducts
  6. Essay

Entertainment Quiz

The goal of an entertainment quiz is to distract the user from the thought that they are being offered a product. They go through a simple test like "Which Harry Potter character are you?" by just clicking the mouse. In such a quiz, the product is advertised subtly, for example, in the context of the questions or as a quiz result. If you add a bonus - a discount code or a special offer - the chances of getting a lead increase. The user interaction process is kept as simple as dealing with a child: let them have fun, give them a gift, and now you can ask for something. In this case, it's hinting at the purchase of a product.

Educational Quiz

It may seem difficult to use this option in arbitrage, but it is ideal for the essay vertical. For example, if you have an essay landing page, you can create a quiz to determine the user's English level. As a result, it can recommend online courses, and you can earn from affiliate programs.

Even if you work in a different vertical, try to brainstorm and imagine which quiz would be relevant to your target audience. For example, for promoting weight loss products, you can create a quiz titled "Do you know how many calories you need per day?" And from there, you already know what to offer the user.

Selling Quiz

There's no need for concealment here: the person already knows that they will be sold something. So why use quizzes if you can direct them to the main website right away? Landing pages are often overloaded with animated banners, pop-ups, and unnecessary information. All of this distracts the user who is already hesitant about making a purchase. Quizzes sell in a more calm and native format.

Lead magnets are desirable for selling quizzes: promo codes, free consultations, or other bonuses. It creates a mutually beneficial exchange that can increase audience loyalty.

Where to create quizzes:

Okay, we've already understood that quizzes are an effective tool that, unfortunately, won't do all the work for arbitrageurs. It will only generate interest in the offer if the quiz is done well. To achieve this, you can use the following services:
  1. Marquiz - an online quiz builder with an intuitive interface and a library of ready-made templates. It offers various features such as Landing Page with domain binding, advanced analytics, and A/B testing. The pricing for Marquiz ranges from 600 rubles/month to 15,000 rubles/month, depending on the number of leads. There is a 14-day free trial available.
  2. Flexbe - a quiz builder with a convenient visual editor. Here, you can configure branching in tests, change connections between questions, and much more. Flexbe developers have implemented responsive design, so the mobile version is automatically created when creating a quiz. The pricing for Flexbe ranges from 750 rubles/month to 1,500 rubles/month. There is a 14-day free period.
  3. Enquiz.io - a quiz creation service integrated with popular CRMs, analytics systems, and other tools. It offers two pricing options: basic, which costs 4 rubles per lead, and unlimited, which costs 667 rubles per month. There is a 10-day trial period available.
  4. Envybox.io - a platform that offers various tools to increase conversion rates, including a quiz builder. In Envybox.io, you can create a quiz landing page - a single-page website with a quiz, where visitors leave their contact information at the end. The pricing for Envybox.io depends on the subscription duration. There is a 7-day free trial available.
These services provide options for creating quizzes and collecting valuable data from your target audience.

Quiz Creation Guide:

As promised by the aforementioned quiz builders, creating a quiz takes about 15-20 minutes. However, it's important to note that this timeframe refers to the technical aspect only, as generating ideas and designing visually appealing quizzes may take much longer. We've chosen Marquiz as the example constructor, but the basic functionality is similar across all services.

To register on Marquiz, provide your email address and phone number for support purposes, and create a password. Once registered, you can start working with the platform immediately. A blank page with a "Create" button in the top left corner will open automatically. Click on it and select the "Quiz" option.
Next, a menu will appear where you can find a suitable template for your niche, displayed on the right side. Click the "Choose" button to proceed. The constructor will prompt you to come up with a quiz title, which will only be visible to you in the "My Quizzes" category.
The first section involves setting up the start page. Here, you can choose a design, edit images, create a headline, add additional text, and a call-to-action (CTA).
The next step is configuring the questions. Pay attention to the button on the right side if you want to disable the "Right/Wrong" testing format. The constructor will automatically generate a few questions and suggest answer options. However, if you want to increase conversion, it's not recommended to use templates.
To add your own questions, scroll to the end of the page. At the bottom, you will see a button with a plus sign. Clicking on it will open a window to create a question.
Next, move on to creating results. Choose how you want to display the results: before the contact form, after its completion, or through email submission. Specify the result's title and additional description. You can add videos or images, as well as a personalized discount or bonus.
You can add multiple results if your quiz allows it. The display of a specific result depends on certain conditions that can be configured by clicking on the corresponding button.
Next, you need to set up the contact collection section. Here, you can use a ready-made form or add messengers.
The final step is publishing the quiz. Click the "Publish" button at the bottom of the page, and your quiz will be available to all users.
Additionally, quizzes can be embedded on websites. The detailed algorithm for doing so is provided directly in the quiz editor.
Marquiz also offers an additional service called advertising subscription. Advertising is automatically created and launched to save you time. This step is optional, but the service recommends it to those who need to quickly attract customers.


Quizzes are effective tools for increasing conversion rates on pre-landing pages. Creating and configuring quizzes is not as difficult as it may seem. The key is to work out the algorithm, choose a suitable offer, and select appropriate visual content. Specialized services handle the rest of the tasks.