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Case: Running a CBD offer in Canada with a 110% ROI

Today, there is a trend of CBD offers across the USA and Europe. This trend is global in scope and extends beyond the CPA marketing market. Europeans exhibit significant loyalty towards such products. Additionally, CBD offers have a clear target audience. The approaches are similar to many offers in the CIS region and should be familiar if you have experience with physical products.

Now, let us introduce our exclusive case for promoting a CBD offer in Canada - CBD Gummies (CA) - a natural pain reliever.

A brief summary of the case

Offer: CBD Gummies

Campaign Period: 13.02.2021 – 28.02.2021

Expenses: 417,224 rubles

Revenue: 851,137 rubles

Profit: 433,913 rubles

Conversion Rate (CR): 3.07%

Return on Investment (ROI): 104%

Traffic Source: Facebook

Geo-Targeting: Canada

Language: French


We are using teaser-style banners: a clickbait image in the background, a text trigger, and a person with a testimonial (more commonly without people nowadays).
We also tested these creatives: an image turned into a 5-second video format.
We do not include any text in the ad itself.


At the time of writing the case, we were following the approach: we visit the Shopify Blog website, select whitepapers that are relevant to the promoted offer, upload them along with creatives, and run Facebook ads driving traffic to this whitepaper.
Our website always includes:

  • A contact data collection form;
  • Privacy policy;
  • Cookies information.

Fun Page

The landing page is created in relevance to the whitepaper. From the information provided, we take the following actions:

  • Avatar + Cover image;
  • Button;
  • Posts (someone else handles automated posting);
  • Link to the landing page in the description;
  • Link to the same privacy policy as on the landing page.


We work with KIATARO. For Facebook advertising, we usually use:

  • Local white/black method;
  • JavaScript base64 + builder (Webflow, but we're transitioning away from it as it's not performing as well as before);
  • DzhaClo - their basic setup.


We engage in renting/farming/account registration. We mostly operate by injecting accounts through automated registrations, followed by transferring them to rented/farmed environments. At the time of this campaign, neither the rented nor farmed accounts had been warmed up.

The approach involved:

  1. Logging into the account and letting it sit for around 10-14 hours;
  2. Accessing the advertising account (ADS);
  3. Creating/accepting the ad creative and launching the campaign.

The average spending for such a launch was around $70-$90 per account.


Gender: Female/Male, approximately in proportions of 70/30 (female audience performed better for us).

Age: 40–65+.

Placement: Facebook mobile feed.

Attribution window: 1 day post-click.

Budget: $70–$120.

Campaign structure: 1-1-1 (1 campaign - 1 ad set - 1 ad).


We followed a straightforward approach: opened a spy tool, selected a couple of pre-landers, simultaneously directed traffic to two pre-landers, and then observed which one performed better. We kept the better-performing variant and scaled it.


Spent: 417,224 rubles.

Earned: 851,137 rubles.

Profit: 433,913 rubles.

ROI: 104%

This was the most successful campaign. We decided not to miss out on it and took action to scale it 🙂 The conversion rate held steady at 3%.

If you're still skeptical about CBD offers, you're missing out. We hope our case was able to dispel your doubts. In short, if you're looking for something new and profitable, definitely consider CBD offers. We recommend acting fast to replicate our case and grab your share of profit!

SS-offers are viable and recommended to run. There's no approval process or trash here. Instead, you have a fixed payout for specific actions, and it's easier to forecast ROI. The test campaign with the Keto Body Trim offer confirmed this.

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