Overview of affiliate programs
Overview of affiliate programs" можно определить как a review and description of various affiliate programs that offer earning opportunities in internet marketing. Such overviews typically include details on the terms of participation in the program, the amount of commission payouts
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Real case: $1,200 for a deposit when launching crypto on Facebook*

The cryptocurrency vertical remains one of the most attractive for affiliate marketers in 2022. In this article, we will talk about why it is profitable to promote crypto offers, as well as how much you can earn in this vertical.

Why it's profitable to promote crypto offers

Cryptocurrencies are experiencing a real boom worldwide. Since binary options have essentially died out, the crypto vertical has become one of the leaders in earning through affiliate marketing. There are several main reasons for this:
  • high payouts for offers ranging from $200 to $1,200;
  • fast traffic monetization and feedback with partners;
  • a wide choice of GEOs and traffic sources.
Success in launching cryptocurrency offers heavily depends on the work of the call center. A professional operator on the line should convincingly argue to the customer the expediency of making a minimum deposit of $250. The quality of consultation directly affects the efficiency of lead processing, the earnings of the advertiser, and the payout amount for the partner. That's why it is crucial to trust verified affiliate networks and advertisers with well-structured contact center operations.
Lead processing by a call center helps to promptly and accurately collect lead statistics and maintain constant communication with partners. Thanks to the collection of customers' personal data, affiliates receive up-to-date information about gender, age, occupation, and other details. Partners effectively use this data to optimize launched campaigns.
Until 2020, the top GEOs for crypto were considered Tier 1 regions - the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany. Currently, according to our team's experience, the most profitable region for earning on crypto is India. Prepared Hindi speakers work in the call center to process applications.

Facebook* - the best source of crypto traffic

For many verticals, Facebook* has ceased to be a leading source of traffic due to the increase in advertising rates. However, for crypto offers, this social network remains a powerful tool for lead generation. The main reason is the high deposit amount. Below is a detailed report on successful crypto promotion through Facebook*.

Working with accounts

The model for working with Facebook* accounts for warming up is as follows:
  • Creating a business manager;
  • Launching campaigns for white offers;
  • Achieving the necessary spend;
  • Pouring campaigns with zero or negative ROI.
Spend will vary depending on the selected region. For example, in India it is $50, and for Tier 1 countries it can be $250 and higher.
Another effective way to promote is to buy ready-made accounts with a spend of $250 to $1,500. To do this, you should only check with reliable and verified sellers, whose contacts are not easy to find.

Proxies and Anti-Detection Browsers

To run advertising campaigns, it's important to have a reliable and secure connection to the network. For this purpose, the Converting Team uses three anti-detection browsers: MLA, Indigo Browser, and Octo.
It's also important to use proxy services. For Facebook*, mobile and residential proxies are suitable. It's best to focus on mobile ones. Among the most effective for work, we highlight: Smartproxy, Geosurf, and Proxyempire.


Cryptocurrency offers are a relatively clean vertical, but for Facebook*, it's more in the "gray" zone. To ensure that advertising campaigns pass moderation successfully, it's necessary to use cloaking. We recommend Adspect, Zeustrack, and Noipfraud, which have been tested by our team through personal experience.

White Landing Page and Pre-landing

For Facebook*, it's crucial that landing pages are clean and compliant with advertising policy rules. To create a white page, we use the Zeustrack service. The workflow algorithm is as follows:
  • create a clone copy of the necessary theme website, taking into account the GEO;
  • attach up to 6 domains to one service;
  • connect to Digitalocean and Amazon by IP.
After these simple steps, you will automatically have a white conversion page.
Also, don't neglect using pre-landers. A quality pre-lander can be designed right away with a registration form, which significantly increases the lead conversion rate.

Payment systems

To pay for advertising campaigns, it is important to use services that have proven themselves on Facebook*. Our team prefers Cross cards, Soldo, and brocards.
The main selection criteria are:
  • technology for fast and mass card issuance;
  • mandatory API availability.

Summing up

When launching cryptocurrency offers on Facebook*, it is important to take into account that high income is possible only with high advertising budgets. With reliable partners and a professional call center, it is quite realistic to earn $1,200 per deposit on crypto.
We recommend using effective tools for cryptocurrency deposits on Facebook*:
  • buying accounts with a spend of $250 or more;
  • purchasing payments through European legal entities (for example, on the Soldo service);
  • using mobile proxies (Proxyempire);
  • connecting API on Zeustrack.