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Deep Linking: Exploring the Depths of SEO

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What is the concept of “deep linking” all about?
Although deep linking is often associated with mobile apps, it is also applicable to the web promotion. In essence, deep linking involves the inclusion of hyperlinks that direct users to specific pages within a mobile app or website, rather than simply directing them to the homepage.
Deep Linking: Exploring the Depths of SEO

Why you need deep links

Now, let’s explore the various purposes of deep links, providing a more comprehensive understanding of their significance.

Enhancing site navigation

By implementing a well-designed site navigation system, you can help users faster and easier find the information or resources they are seeking, whether it’s educational content or product pages. Deep links play a crucial role in guiding users to specific pages, streamlining their browsing experience.

Increasing conversion rates

Deep links are instrumental in optimizing conversion rates since they direct users to specific pages, maximizing the chances of successful conversions. While homepage links from various campaigns can be effective, reducing the number of clicks required for users to convert significantly improves the likelihood of them making a purchase or engaging with your service.

Maximizing link authority

Deep links play a vital role in boosting your website’s link authority, which is crucial for search engine rankings. The majority of link equity resides on the homepage, acting as the foundation for the ranking power of other pages. By optimizing deep links and bringing important pages closer to the homepage, you increase their chances of ranking higher. Also, acquiring external links from high-domain authority sites further enhances your page’s authority in the eyes of search engines.
Additionally, utilizing appropriate anchor text in deep links is essential for improving keyword rankings.
Anchor text refers to the visible and clickable text within a hyperlink. It is typically displayed in a distinct color and is often underlined to differentiate it from the surrounding text. Well-crafted anchor text provides readers with a clear indication of what they can expect when they click on the link.
By aligning the anchor text with your page’s target keyword and user search intent, you can effectively direct more link equity towards that specific page, increasing its chances of ranking higher in search engine results.

Deep linking for mobile apps

Deep linking is equally important for mobile apps as it is for websites. It serves the same purposes: enhancing navigation, driving user conversion, and maximizing link authority. However, when it comes to mobile app deep linking, the focus is primarily on the second use case: attracting users to convert them.
As a mobile app marketer, you are likely to have multiple campaigns running simultaneously within your ecosystem. These campaigns may be spread across various platforms, featuring different messages and targeting diverse potential customers. Deep links play a crucial role in these campaigns by guiding users to the appropriate path within your app. This ensures that they receive the relevant content and app experience, ultimately motivating them to subscribe or take desired actions.
Now, let’s explore several typical scenarios where deep linking in mobile apps is beneficial and discuss the reasons behind their effectiveness:
  • Addressing checkout abandonment. Deep linking can be employed to re-engage users who have abandoned the checkout process. By directing them back to their abandoned cart or the specific step they left off, deep links help streamline the checkout experience and increase the chances of completing the purchase.

  • Enhancing user engagement. Deep links can be utilized to drive users to specific sections or features within the app that are relevant to their interests or preferences. This personalized approach increases user engagement and encourages them to explore more of the app’s offerings.
  • Facilitating in-app contextual learning. Deep links can be integrated into educational or tutorial content within the app. By linking to relevant sections or providing step-by-step guidance, deep links enhance the user’s learning experience and make it easier for them to grasp new concepts or features within the app.

Deferred deep links

Deep links are an effective strategy for boosting conversions and providing a seamless user experience. However, what happens when a user clicks on a deep link but doesn’t have the corresponding app installed? This is where deferred deep links come into play.
When a user clicks on a deep link without having the app installed, they are redirected to the app store page. The brilliance of deferred deep links lies in their ability to retain the intended user journey even after app installation. Once the user installs and opens the app, they are directed to the specific location within the app that was originally intended. This could be a particular level in a game app or a specific page within an e-commerce product catalog.
Deep Linking: Exploring the Depths of SEO


Whether implemented on a website or a mobile app, deep links offer numerous benefits such as improved navigation, accurate contextual content, increased link authority, and enhanced conversion rates. Therefore, opting for deeper links is a reliable strategy to optimize user experience and achieve higher levels of profit.