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7 ways to download landing pages for free and for a fee in 2023

A good landing page is worth its weight in gold. It depends on him whether the click on the creative will turn into a sale, the user will turn into a buyer or just close the page and move on. The landing page becomes the final chord in the sale, puts the dots on the I and, of course, brings income.

Today we will look at how to make your own unique landing page based on ready-made ones.

Step 1: Select a ready landing page in the CPA network

When deciding on a landing page to copy, take a closer look at those who respond to the 3 basic principles of construction as much as possible:

1. Work for a quick sale

The landing page is already working with a warm audience that knows about the product, its goal is to put the squeeze on the audience and close the sale.

2. One page – one product

Landing is not an online store of miscellaneous goods. It is created to sell 1 product.

3. Clear structure and catchy images

It is important to know what, to whom and most importantly how you sell. Do not be sprayed on trifles and speak in fact.

If the selected landing page is at least 50% the same as the basic requirements, take it to work.

Step 2: Selecting the program to copy

For the convenience of familiarization, we will divide them into free and paid ones.

Free ways to copy landing pages:

Direct download via browser

Press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+ S, or right-click on the page and select "Save as ...".
It is advisable to choose the file type "Full Web page". In this case, all files from the landing page will be saved

Web ScrapBook Plugin

Web ScrapBook plugin for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Downloads the entire page to the computer. There are several options for downloading: downloading each file from the landing page separately, downloading an archive or a separate HTML file.

By default, each file is downloaded separately. To download the archive, go to settings (Options) and in the Capture – saving tab select the desired option for saving.
To download the archive with files, select the HTC format. After downloading, manually select the archiver to unpack the archive.

Sitesucker – for Mac OS

When working on Mac OS, we advise you to take a closer look at the Sitesucker program. Its obvious advantage is working through its own interface.

Licensed Sitesucker costs only 379 rubles, the program is constantly updated, a very useful thing:

Cyotek WebCopy

The Cyotek WebCopy program allows you to save a landing page to a computer, scan a competitor site.

To download the landing page, enter the URL, specify the folder for saving files. Click Copy Website.

Teleport Pro

In the free version of the program, you can download up to 40 projects and no more than 500 files in one project.

After installing and running the program, you need to create a new project.
Options for creating a new project:
  • Create a viewable copy of the website on my hard drive.
  • Make a copy of the website, including the directory structure.
  • Find files of a certain type on the website.
  • Study all the sites to which there are links from the central site.
  • Get one or more files at known addresses.
  • Perform a keyword search on the website.
To download the landing page, you need to choose the first option.
Then we specify the link to the landing page. At the next stage, we select Everything. Click "Done". Choosing the path to save the project. Landing page files will be saved in the project folder.

In order for the program to download all the files, you need to click Start.


Another free program for creating a local copy of a site or a number of sites is HTTrack. Its main advantage is a lot of convenient settings. For example, here you can configure filters for the necessary file types. It is possible to download the necessary data. All downloaded sites themselves "spread out" by projects and are divided by topics.
Of the minuses of the program, we note its sensitivity to the file robots.txt : the images and pages specified in it may not load. To fix this, in the spider settings
 specify “do not obey the rules robots.txt ”. Only in this case the site is guaranteed to load in its entirety.

Services for copying landing pages

Grabber.website is a free service for now

A very cool and so far free service for copying landing pages. No difficulties in using, registered, set the task to copy, received a ready-made land / site in the archive. At the same time, you can immediately check the result.
Here is an example of the copied main page of the pharmacy website: https://grabber.website/z/websites/ZWN1U3vuDv/
And here is the original: https://apteka57plus.ru/


The service is maximally tailored to the world of arbitration. The cost of copying is 300 rubles per page. Additional services, such as installing analytics counters, are counted separately.

You can also order a landing page not from the CPA networks or just a ready-made landing page.


The fastest service offered – it promises to get in touch within 15 minutes. Copying takes place via a link, and for an additional fee, the owner can upgrade the page according to his advice.
In the summer, there are often discounts, for example, as now:


In a free online service xdan.ru you can create a local copy of the landing page with the ability to clear HTML counters, replace links or domains.
To start copying, just paste the URL of the desired landing page.

Step 3: Installation on hosting

The final and most important step when copying landing pages is to upload it to hosting. And remember, it's not enough to just copy and make visual edits. In the page code, there are almost always other people's affiliate links, scripts, pixels of exchanges, JS codes of Metrics and other counters. They must be removed manually (or using paid programs) before being uploaded to the hosting.


Uniqueness is the best feature of every landing page. Your own landing page will not only give you a competitive advantage in the market, but will definitely increase the number of conversions, and hence sales of your product.