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5 mobile apps to earn money.

Good day! One of the most frequently asked questions is "how to earn money on your phone." Today, I'm ready to tell you about several mobile apps that you can use to earn money online with your smartphone. The testing was done on the Android platform, but most of them are also available on iOS. Let's get started.

WHAFF - Earn money by installing apps.

This app has been downloaded over ten million times and is the most popular in the field of simple task-based earning. It is similar to AppCent and AdvertApp but offers significantly higher income. Withdrawals from WHAFF are processed in dollars via PayPal. There is a large number of tasks available, a daily activity bonus, and an attractive referral program. You will be paid $0.3 for each friend you refer. By the way, here's a promo code that you can activate during login. It will credit $0.3 to your balance: GO25765.

RuCaptcha Bot - Earning money by solving captchas.

Most of you are familiar with earning money by solving captchas. Well, the RuCaptcha service offers an opportunity to earn money using your smartphone. You need to visit the website, register, install the app, and start earning "rubliki" (Russian currency). To earn more, increase your rating and work during the evening when the captcha payment rate is higher. Withdrawals can be made from 15 rubles to electronic wallets and mobile phones.

TopMission - Completing paid tasks.

TopMission is an excellent app that operates on the principle of secret shoppers. Our task becomes searching for products in stores, conducting analysis, capturing videos of price tags, and more. The pay is good here, with tasks offering payments of 200-300 rubles for performing several actions under "field conditions." Payouts starting from 100 rubles can be made to a phone number or WebMoney wallet. There are plenty of tasks available to cover your internet expenses, mobile communication, and even buy 10-20 loaves of bread.

Bringo Work - Working as a courier.

Bringo Work is a unique app that allows you to earn a decent income by providing courier services. After downloading and registering in the app, you need to undergo a brief briefing in your city and then start working. You can choose a delivery order (for example, delivering a package with documents from Ryzhansky Avenue to Zhulebino metro station) and earn 800 rubles for it, which is quite good. It is quite realistic to earn from 1,000 to 3,000 rubles per day using this app alone.

Similar services include "Dostavista" and "Peshkariki." By combining this method with installing all these similar apps and utilizing the previous and subsequent ones, it is more than possible to earn over 3,000 rubles per day. Working for Yandex Taxi, Gett, Uber, and others has also become popular. If you are a taxi driver, you can use a similar combination as an additional source of income and earn over 80,000 rubles per month. This is what one of my good acquaintances does.

LifeCorr - Becoming a news correspondent.

LifeCorr - This app is owned by the Life News portal. You will act as a reporter. When you launch the app, you will be presented with various "incidents" and topics for live broadcasts, for which you will receive good money. For example, if you start a live broadcast of a local festival in your city, you will be paid 1000 rubles. Additionally, they require materials from the scene of fires, accidents, and weather conditions for news stories. There have been cases where payment reached 10,000 rubles for a single story. The number of offered reports depends on your experience, which increases over time.

As a small bonus, I can recommend a program for passive income. You don't need to do anything to earn money there. The app is called Globus. After launching it, advertisements will appear, and you will earn money for watching them, which can be withdrawn via Webmoney or PayPal.
That's all, dear friends! I have provided you with some income-generating apps that I have personally worked with. If you want me to write another article with new apps, then please share the content on social networks and leave your feedback in the comments. Wishing you great earnings!