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How to access Pulse on Mail.ru

In January 2019, a new platform from Mail.ru was launched, aimed at generating free traffic to websites. It's called Pulse. Pulse has become a serious competitor to Yandex.Dzen, a platform where authors publish their texts. Both services have a so-called smart feed, whose task is to show users only potentially interesting content.

In Dzen, author articles are promoted, while Pulse forms a smart feed from the RSS feeds of websites. Essentially, Pulse is an analogue of Google Discovery and Yandex.Dzen, but with its unique system for selecting materials that are interesting to readers.

With the launch of Pulse, arbitrators have found a good option for attracting free traffic to their website. Obtaining unique visitors from Pulse can be done without exerting much effort. How? Read on!

How to access Pulse on Mail.ru?

In order for your website or blog to appear on the main page of Mail.ru's Pulse search results, it must meet each of the requirements. In brief, the published material should not contain erotic and pornographic scenes, calls for violence and extremism, insults, and so on. It's also necessary to undergo moderation for the system to include your resource in the search results.

How to add your website to Mail.ru's Pulse?

To begin, you need to go to the website pulse.mail.ru and select the 'For Publishers' button.
Next, you need to add the Mail.ru counter, which is called 'Mail.ru Rating,' and configure your website's RSS feed.
Adding the counter is quite simple, but configuring the RSS feed can be a bit more complex. If you have a WordPress website, you'll need to use additional plugins, such as Mihdan: Mail.ru Pulse Feed. Activate it, and then everything will be straightforward and clear.
The search for articles for the main page is conducted based on the following parameters:

  1. Analysis of search queries, including social media searches.
  2. Click history and time spent on specific websites.
  3. Source article ratings.

Publish interesting materials on your website that do not violate the platform's rules, and then the flow of free traffic is guaranteed.

How many people can you attract to your website?

There are no official data on how much traffic can be specifically attracted from Pulse. However, if you open thematic forums and discussions on social media, it can be inferred that it's worth the effort. Some webmasters complain that their websites were not accepted, while others, on the contrary, claim to receive from 200 to 5000 unique visitors per day from Pulse. It all depends on the quality of the articles, the platform itself, and interesting headlines.

Is it worth trying?

Pulse from Mail.ru is an excellent option for getting free traffic to your website. Several reasons why you should consider Pulse:

  1. Adding your website to the trusted database takes just a few minutes.
  2. Simple content requirements. Unlike Dzen, Pulse won't block you for a catchy phrase in your text.
  3. Adding your website to Pulse is completely free.
  4. Your website can receive an unlimited number of unique visitors per day.
  5. The smart search has fairly straightforward criteria. Follow the basic rules and recommendations, and your articles will consistently make it to the front page.