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Traffic arbitrage

Arbitration with the messenger TamTam.

Due to the blocking of several social networks in Russia over the past year, the TamTam messenger has been steadily gaining popularity. The number of downloads is increasing, Tele2 provides free traffic – which means people are actively using the application.
Before pouring traffic into this messenger, it's necessary to understand its specifics – audience profile, advertising formats, which verticals will perform better, and so on. We will provide answers to these and other questions in this material.

Here are some facts and figures about TamTam

The TamTam messenger was launched in 2017 by the Mail Group company, based on the social network 'Odnoklassniki,' and integration with it still exists. It is available on all operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac.
In January 2023, the number of downloads reached over 10 million. Moreover, at the beginning of 2022, the messenger witnessed a 4-fold increase in traffic and a 1.5-fold growth in the number of users.
In general, the TamTam messenger is similar in functionality to Telegram. It also includes public and private channels, chatbots, calls, and chat messaging. It has likes and comments, but not in all channels, as they need to be separately enabled through bots.

Audience analysis

The largest percentage of the audience falls in the age range of 25 to 34 years (32.73%). The segment of younger users (18 to 24 years) accounts for 24.82%.
  • 65% of users are male, while 35% are female.
  • It is popular in Russia, the United States, India, Iraq, and Colombia.
  • The average monthly user engagement is 1 million users.
  • The average time spent on the social network is 3 minutes and 31 seconds, during which a user visits approximately 5 pages.

Types of Advertising in TamTam

The TamTam messenger is positioned as a social network without advertising, which is why there are no standard formats such as teasers, banners, or push notifications here. However, there are other ways to engage the audience.

Photo/video advertising in a channel

Advertisement – a static image or video that a user sees while viewing content in a specific channel. The recommended video duration is 10-15 seconds.

Links with accompanying text

The channel administration includes a link to a product with accompanying (or native) text. A personal recommendation works well, especially if the channel has developed the author's personal brand.

Bot creation

For now, this area is underdeveloped, with the majority of bots being official ones created by the social network developers. This process will be labor-intensive because it requires not only creating a high-quality but also a useful program. One advantage is the relatively low competition at the moment.

Current methods of promotion

The most effective way of promotion in TamTam is through purchasing advertising in other channels – even the official representation of the messenger acknowledges this. This includes paid posts in photo and video formats, reposts, and links with accompanying text.
You can also leverage other social networks to redirect your audience to TamTam. According to statistics, about 30% of users transition to the messenger via links, most commonly from YouTube.

Which verticals will succeed in TamTam

In the TamTam messenger, the following verticals will perform well:
  • Nutraceuticals - suitable for both male and female audiences. Standard offers include weight loss products, potency enhancers, joint health solutions, and more.
  • E-commerce - for the female audience, advertising household goods and beauty products will work well, while for the male audience, devices for hunting and fishing will be appealing. Universally, products for gardening, health, and home improvement can be promoted.
  • Dating - this vertical is a good fit for advertising because about 60% of the audience consists of men. It's important not to overdo the creatives and focus on showcasing attractive individuals without overly suggestive content.
It's not advisable to advertise gambling and betting in TamTam. Such advertising is unlikely to yield results and may be perceived negatively.

Advantages of working with TamTam.

  • Low competition, yet a sizable active audience with around a million monthly visits.
  • The number of active users is increasing.
  • There is no advertising in the application. If you purchase offers in channels and present them in a native way (e.g., in an author's blog as a personal recommendation), the results will be satisfying.

Tips and recommendations

Here are some tips that will help streamline your work with the platform:
  • Avoid explicit and provocative creatives, as they may not yield positive results.
  • In dating, it's better not to use direct wording. Instead, use veiled and double-meaning expressions.
  • Ensure that the information in your creatives is accurate to avoid misleading people.
  • Check the accompanying text for grammar and channel-specific stylistic consistency.
  • Before purchasing advertising, request detailed statistics from the channel administration.
  • Pay attention to the age and gender demographics of the audience.

Brief conclusions

TamTam is a promising social network for advertising campaigns. The active audience is not accustomed to seeing ads in the messenger, so with a strategic approach, it can be very well received.
As of now, there is virtually no competition here, so with the right offer and quality creatives, you have a good chance of success.