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📛 ZRD on Facebook: what is it and how to pass it - step-by-step instructions

According to the founder of Reactor Team, in 2021, the ban on advertising activities is one of the stages of launching a campaign in the FB. Almost all arbitrageurs have encountered the ZRD. More than a third of experts believe that it is now issued more often on Facebook. This follows from a survey conducted by the Reactor Team:

Link to the source: trafficcardinal.com
Reactor Team Survey Results

The ban actually replaces Facebook verification, allowing the social network to get to know you better. Nevertheless, many people want to do without bureaucratic delays for as long as possible. In this article we will analyze how to remove the Facebook ZRD and how it is useful.

What is ZRD on Facebook

ZRD Facebook — prohibition of advertising activity — a type of account blocking. Now up to 99% of business managers' offices fall under this restriction, regardless of their quality. About 90% immediately fall under the action of the ZRD, the remaining 9% manage to drain from 30 to 50 dollars.
When  arbitration in the FB   some specialists independently provoke the issuance of a ban on advertising activities. It is believed that it will be difficult to get it a second time, that is, you can pour with akka without fear. Now there is not much to wait for, several times a month ADS profiles massively go under the ZRD, and then they hardly get rid of it.
This will not always be the case, since in recent months, after registration, a panel appears in the Facebook account informing about the deadline for confirming the identity. If you ignore it, you will not be able to launch campaigns. This is an alternative to banning advertising activities for new ADS users.
Example of a message with an identification requirement

The main reasons for issuing ZRD

There are several ways to trigger the RDD immediately after creating a business account:
  • using one device to register multiple accounts;
  • setting the cost limit before linking the card;
  • a sharp increase in the drain budget;
  • frequent change of IP addresses;
  • linking a card with a name other than the account owner's data;
  • excessive activity in the first days or even hours after creation;
  • a bundle of more than 3 advertising cabinets;
  • frequent editing of the user's personal data.
The main part of the Facebook ID is issued after you start pouring traffic. The algorithm imposes restrictions at any time, including after the campaign has already started.

How Facebook Verifies Identity

There are several methods of controlling the Facebook algorithm. You need to know them if you are solving the problem of how to pass the ZRD:
  • using photos of documents;
  • selfie;
  • checking your friends list.

Most often, AdsManager requires a photo of the document, since users get access to payment funds and personal data of other users.
Photo checks are carried out by Facebook bots. If they have doubts about the quality of the submitted images, the documents will be handed over to the security service. It is not necessary to resort to crude technical methods of creating fakes, since the system has long learned to recognize them.

How to pass the verification successfully

You can successfully 100% pass Facebook verification using real documents, having a lot of acquaintances and promoting profiles with their help. If you farmed akki, it will be a little more difficult.

Until May 2021, the arbitrators had no problem how to pass the ZRD. They even sent passports with photos of cats, and artificial intelligence counted them as real. The update has made the AI smarter, but there are ways to bypass the check in this case as well.

Confirmation by selfie

This option is rarely used in RDD, more often it is offered on Facebook to restore access to personal pages. Take a photo according to the requirements:
  • face — close-up;
  • there is only one person in the frame;
  • the file is saved in PNG or JPEG format — the size is not more than 2 MB.

All facial features should be clearly distinguishable, a selfie with shaded areas, dark glasses and hats will not work. Upload the photo to a special form and wait for the verification to finish.

Confirmation by photos of documents

It is worth dwelling on this method of how to pass the ZRD in more detail, since arbitrageurs meet with it more often. The algorithm is as follows:
Open your Facebook account and go to the "Account Quality" section. Click on the "Request verification" button.
Personal account at ZRD

Click "Next" and solve the suggested captchas. Upload the photo to a special form.
Form for sending photos

The next step is often to request a code from a Facebook-linked mailbox. It is better to log in to the email service before the verification request, so that there are no problems with this step.
In rare cases, additional SMS verification is required — use a linked SIM card or a service to receive messages. Arbitrators find a photo of a document for Facebook on the web or create it with the help of editors. Both options have the right to life, the main thing is that the picture is of high quality:

clear image without shadows and glare;
PNG or JPEG resolution;
size up to 2 MB.

In addition to a passport, a driver's license is suitable, it is easier to find it online. You will only need to clear the metadata so that the algorithm does not find your photo on the network using it. You can find a suitable picture on Instagram by #get right.

Confirmation using the friends list

Another option for how to pass the ZRD, offered by Facebook, is to guess friends from photos. It is used when there is a suspicion that they were screwed up and initially the personal page was created for advertising.

To do this, you need a real and familiar person who is on your friends list. The algorithm will show you a photo, and the assistant will quickly find personal data on it. Otherwise, the only hope is on your memory for faces.

Tips for passing the check

Passing the ZRD by photo is the most popular option, but it is with him that the most difficulties arise. Learn how to cheat Facebook algorithms so that no additional security check is carried out.

To do this, use the following methods:
  • ordering from the template designer or making it yourself in PSD format - in the future, change the data and photos in it;
  • search for pictures on the Internet, taking into account the country of residence of the account.

To unify such a photo, take a snapshot from the PC screen and run it through any available service or telegram bot. Don't forget to change the name of the file itself and clear the metadata.
If the Facebook check is not passed, then request it again by submitting a driver's license or marriage certificate instead of a passport. Photos that have successfully bypassed the algorithm can be reused, but do not frequent and do not forget about the uniqueness.

Another way to 100% pass the Facebook ZRD check the first time is to test documents on profiles. To do this, you will need to have a personal account and prepared photos. Then follow the instructions:
In the settings, prohibit Facebook from storing your documents. This is necessary so that the templates are not overwritten.
Prohibition on storing photos of documents

Choose as the reason: the display of advertising related to public and political activities.
Choosing the reason for the ban

Specify the GEO to which you will configure the drain. Enable two-factor authentication. Select the document type and upload it.

It remains to wait for the verification and if it is not passed, then use a new document. If everything is fine, you can upload it to ADS.

Another unusual piece of advice from arbitrageurs is that if you have frequent problems with ZRD, work for Asian GEO. There is an opinion that the Facebook algorithm does not recognize the faces of Japanese and Chinese well, so it is as easy as possible to pass the test there.

What happens to the account after exiting the ZRD

If the verification is passed, you will receive a notification from Facebook about the permission of advertising activities on the profile. After that, approach the drain adequately: do not break the rules, do not increase volumes too quickly,  cloachite.

At the same time, the acc does not have protection against repeated bans. If you break the rules or behave suspiciously, according to Facebook bots, then you can catch a repeat ZRD. According to statistics, only 3-4 out of 50 pages encounter it.

How to reduce the probability of ZRD

Most often, ZRD appears when  Facebook targeting is launched. There are several ways to avoid this:

Run ads through the "Creative Center". It works according to the principle: create a layout and launch a campaign from it. This is an excellent ADS replacement, suitable for the first time.
Creative Center

If you often have a RDD, including a repeat one, change the anti-detection service. Check the proxy server settings. There should be a separate pool for each Facebook account so that bots do not have the feeling that all accounts work from the same quarter. It is best to change proxy sellers so that there are as different IP addresses and providers as possible.

Connect two-factor authorization to all accounts. This is an additional cost for buying a virtual number for SMS, but in the eyes of Facebook bots, your account will become more reliable.

At the same time, remember that Facebook arbitration profiles are expendable. Constantly pouring traffic from one acc will not work.

How to call the ZRD yourself and why do it

Many people prefer to call the ZRD on their own, instead of getting it at the wrong time when draining. To do this, you need to become a "suspicious" user by doing the following:

  • start an acc in Facebook ADS Manager;
  • set the cost limit after linking the card;
  • immediately after logging into ADS, launch the campaign by selecting an option from the Fan Page;
  • to link a card with bad pancakes, sometimes virtual is enough.

After that, you will see an ad about the ZRD in your office, you can start unblocking your profile. Bypassing the ban will make you a more reliable business manager in the eyes of Facebook. But remember that challenging and successfully overcoming the ban does not protect you from repeated bans.

Purchase of accounts with completed ZRD

One of the ways to work with Facebook calmly is to purchase previously unlocked pages. They come in several types:

  • trust — with a high credit of trust from Facebook, created manually or through cloud services;
  • autoregs— created with the help of special software, are considered profiles of the lowest quality;
  • farm accounts— recently registered accounts, not warmed up;
  • brutas are profiles of real users from whom the login and password were received;
  • logs are another kind of real profiles, but cookies are sold with them, which allows you to log in without logging in.

FB trust accounts, logs and pharm are best suited for arbitration. They can be registered manually or through cloud services. Please note that the description of the "product" indicates the passage of the ZRD.

Where to buy Facebook accounts

The easiest way to get trust accounts is because there are more sales offers. You can contact any of the shops:

Home page Don't.Farm

Don't.Farm— sells cloud trust accounts with private proxies. They are fully operational, but have not been used for traffic arbitration before. There is a guarantee of account replacement, round-the-clock support and a subscription from $ 99 per month, which makes it possible to receive any number of profiles. If they stop passing, request new ones by subscription.
Install Shop
Home Page Install Shop

Install Shop— there are accounts for any purpose, including autoregs, old and intended for advertising. Prices from 26 rubles for an autoregue to 6500 for a trust account with an age of 6 years, a ready-made business profile and tracking for 6 months.
Accounts Store
Accounts Store is a company that sells various profiles, including ready—to-work ones. A suitable one can be found by the description, the price starts from 15 rubles. You need to pay almost 1700 for a profile with a completed ZRD, but they are often not available. There are different GEO, but you will have to pay separately for additional tools (for example, proxies).
You should only trust stores that are verified by arbitrageurs. Due to the demand for accounts, shops appear that deceive beginners.

What to pay attention to when buying

In order not to spend money on banned autoregs, use the tips:
  1. Do not look for options with too low a price.The average cost of the profile after the ZRD is about 600-800 rubles. This money is payment for the work of a specialist who needs to first cause a ban, and then remove it.
  2. Pay attention to the store's domain, most often it is the second level.This is due to the short life of such shops — up to 1 week. High-quality sellers prefer first-level domains so that they are higher in the search engine output lists and easier to remember. Check the site by the registration date to finally make sure whether you should trust it.
  3. The brand and description should not repeat well-known stores. Recognizable design will allow a high-quality show to stand out among others.
In order not to waste money, it is better to try out one Facebook account in a new shop after passing the ZRD. If it turns out to be of high quality, you can redeem the pool you need in size.


Is it worth it to farm accounts and pass RDD on them?

Yes, manual farming of FB accounts is used by arbitration teams, but it takes a lot of time. At the same time, there is a great risk of wasting hours of work if the profile does not get out of control. Therefore, many specialists partially purchase ready-made options for a quick start of the drain.

How to choose a reliable account seller?

Pay attention to the reviews on the arbitration forums, reviews and the site itself. If it is located on a first-level domain and has been registered for a long time, then such a shop can be trusted.

What percentage of accounts can be returned from ZRD and how much time does it take?

On average, the ban on advertising activity is removed from 85% of accounts, you need to wait 2-4 days (verification time). Some arbitrageurs note that this figure may vary — sometimes only 30-35% of profiles are obtained from Facebook. This indicates that the algorithm works randomly — it also becomes difficult to cause a ban.