Overview of affiliate programs
Overview of affiliate programs" можно определить как a review and description of various affiliate programs that offer earning opportunities in internet marketing. Such overviews typically include details on the terms of participation in the program, the amount of commission payouts
Traffic arbitrage

What does an arbitrator need to work with Facebook in 2023

Facebook continues to tighten its requirements for advertising campaigns, which significantly complicates the work of arbitrators. As a result, instead of focusing on ad setup and finding ideal combinations, arbitrators have to think about how to meet the social network's requirements more effectively.

To facilitate their work, we have compiled examples of some services and programs that can help save time on ad preparation and setup, making it more efficient:

  • Anti-detection browsers for masking digital fingerprints.
  • Proxies for IP replacement.
  • Pixels for better ad customization.
  • Spy services to monitor competitors' creatives.
  • Online website builders.
  • Creative creation programs.
  • Advertising automation tools.
  • Tools for audience targeting.

This article may not be useful for experienced arbitrators but can be helpful for those who are new to traffic work or want to test new services.

Anti-detect browser

What is it for: It is an indispensable program for arbitrage marketers who work with multiple accounts. With the help of an anti-detect browser, you can spoof your digital fingerprint, allowing you to work with hundreds of accounts from a single browser window. We have written a separate article on how to choose an anti-detect browser, providing more details on the topic.

Examples of programs:


Link: https://anty.dolphin.ru.com/ru

An anti-detect browser created and developed by arbitrators. It offers several key advantages, such as successfully bypassing anti-fraud systems of Google, Facebook, Huobi, Coinlist, and being suitable for cryptocurrency-related work. The anti-detect browser has extensive functionality, allowing users to add tags and statuses to each profile. It also enables the direct updating of mobile proxies from within the browser. It is convenient for both individual and team work, among other features.
Cost: The anti-detect browser offers a free and perpetual tariff plan for up to 10 profiles. Paid tariffs start from $89 per month.
As a bonus, there is a referral program that offers payouts of 15% of the payments made by the referred user.

Indigo Browser

Link: https://indigobrowser.com

Another browser created by arbitrators for arbitrators is Indigo. It has been in existence for several years and has already gained a significant user base. The browser allows simultaneous usage on multiple devices and is also suitable for team collaboration.
Cost: Indigo offers three pricing plans, with the cheapest starting at $99 per month.


Link: https://www.vmlogin.us

A Chinese anti-detect browser that shows good results when working with various anti-fraud systems. The only caveat is that the profile is available only in English and Chinese, so it may be challenging to work with if you are not proficient in English.
Cost: There is a free 3-day trial period available, after which you need to choose one of the four pricing plans.


What are they for: Proxies are used to hide one's real IP address and/or replace it with another. Proxies are commonly used in conjunction with anti-detect browsers to ensure the complete concealment of one's digital fingerprint and simulate the actions of a genuine user. In this article, we discussed in detail the selection of proxies for traffic arbitrage.

Examples of services:


Link: https://proxypanda.ru

The service provides mobile proxies from two locations: Ukraine and Russia. These proxies are suitable for both arbitrage purposes and maintaining anonymity online. The service guarantees high connection speeds, reaching up to 20 Mbps.
Cost: Currently, there are pricing plans available for 14, 30, and 90 days with Russian and Ukrainian proxies.


Link: https://iproyal.com

The service offers a wide range of mobile, residential, and data center proxies. At the time of publication, it boasts over 2 million IP addresses in its pool.
Cost: The pricing depends on the type of proxy and the payment period. Similar to other services, it is more cost-effective to opt for a yearly subscription. Here is an example of the tariff for mobile 4G proxies.


Link: https://smartproxy.com

The service boasts over 40 million IP addresses, including popular geolocations such as the USA, Japan, the UK, Canada, and Russia. The company offers both residential and data center proxies.
Cost: The pricing varies based on the type of proxy and the volume of traffic. For example, the tariffs for residential proxies look as follows:


What it is for: The Facebook Pixel is a special tracker used to collect data about visitors to your website. To make the Pixel work, it needs to be installed on your website. After installation, the Pixel collects and remembers data and actions performed by website visitors, and then sends this information to your ad account.

The Pixel helps evaluate campaign effectiveness, analyze your audience, create look-alike audiences, optimize your advertising efforts, including retargeting. Proper setup of the Pixel and defining target actions is crucial for its correct functioning. You can find a detailed instruction on how to set it up through the provided link.

For easier management of the Pixel, Meta offers a special extension called Pixel Helper. This extension verifies if the Pixel is functioning correctly and helps identify and resolve any issues.

Spy services

What they are for: Spy services are used to gather and store advertising campaigns from various traffic sources. This information helps understand which ad formats are most effective, what techniques competitors use to attract users, generate hypotheses about successful strategies, and more. Typically, each service specializes in monitoring specific websites or categories of websites.

Social Ad Scout

Link: https://socialadscout.com

Social Ad Scout gathers information about advertisements on social media platforms from 21 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, and Russia. For each ad, you can find a detailed description, the duration of the campaign, the targeted devices, the performance metrics, and more.
Price: $147 per month. Prices are not published on the website.


Link: https://bigspy.com

This service analyzes and collects advertisements from multiple sources, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and AdMob. The service has a user-friendly interface, and the key feature is the availability of a free plan, which can be particularly beneficial for beginner arbitrageurs with limited budgets.
Cost: The service offers four pricing plans, including a free plan. With the free plan, users can make up to 5 requests per day.


Link: https://adheart.ru

The service allows you to view creatives from Facebook and iOS applications. At the time of publication, the service's database contains over 800 million creatives and nearly 300,000...
Cost: There is a free demo version with a limited number of requests. The paid access costs 3,800 rubles per month.

Facebook Ad Library

Link: https://www.facebook.com/ads/library

The social network has its own open database of advertising campaigns where users can find ads based on location and keywords. Access to the database is free for all users. For example, you can find an ad promoting the anti-detection browser Dolphin{anty}.
However, the advertising library does not display ads from Facebook accounts that have been banned. For this reason, this service can be useful primarily to understand which creatives are likely to pass moderation or if an arbitrageur does not have the resources to invest in paid spy services.


Link: https://publer.pro

This service collects data on advertising from Facebook, MyTarget, Vkontakte, TikTok, and Instagram. The platform has gathered over 100 million creatives, including those removed from Yandex Market, Google AdWords, and MyTarget.
Cost: The service offers a free demo mode with limitations on the number of requests and results provided. Paid tariffs start from 449 rubles per day.

Website Builders

For what purpose: Website builders are used to create advertising landing pages or simple websites by assembling them from ready-made templates provided by a specific service. While everyone is familiar with Tilda, Wix, and WordPress, below are examples of other services.

Examples of services:


Link: https://www.webstarts.com

Cost: There is a free plan available, but with the free plan, advertisements will be displayed in the builder, you won't be able to add social media icons, and the cloud storage will be limited to only 1 GB.


Link: https://ukit.com/ru

The website builder offers a wide range of templates, but there is no free version available. The same developer also offers another builder specifically designed for creating landing pages called uLanding. All websites created on the platform are protected by the Avast antivirus.
Cost: Initially, you can take advantage of a 14-day free trial period. The cheapest plan costs $5 per month and includes free SSL, domain attachment, over 200 website templates, and hosting.


Link: https://lpmotor.ru

Using this website builder, you can create landing pages, online stores, food delivery websites, and more. There are pre-designed templates available for each type of website. On the homepage, there is a simple video tutorial on how to create websites using the platform.
Price: You can create one landing page for free. After that, you need to choose one of the three pricing plans.

Creative design software

Purpose: These software programs are used to create creative designs for advertising campaigns without the need for a designer. Typically, they offer a wide range of ready-made templates and offer free versions, while also providing discounts for paid annual subscriptions.

Examples of services:


This video editor is often used by arbitrageurs to edit videos downloaded through spy services. The program needs to be installed on a computer.
As a rule, only trial versions of the program are available in open access, so users mostly download it from torrents. More information about the program can be found on Wikipedia.


Link: https://create.vista.com/ru/

The photo editor offers a wide range of templates for creating posts in popular social networks, videos, banners, business cards, logos, and more. The service also provides a large photo and video stock from which you can select images for your creatives.
Price: The platform offers only two pricing plans. There is a free Starter plan that includes 50,000 templates, 1 million photos, and 10 GB of cloud storage. The paid Pro plan costs $10 per month.


Link: https://bannerboo.com/ru/

Although the name includes the word "banner," this photo editor actually offers a variety of templates for creating different creatives. Banners in HTML5, AMPHTML, GIF, MP4, JPEG, and PNG formats can be created in just a few minutes.
Cost: The service offers 4 pricing plans, including a free plan that allows you to create 10 banners, access basic templates, and upload your own images. Paid plans start at $9.99 per month.


Link: https://www.canva.com/

One of the most popular photo editors. It offers a wide range of ready-made templates for creating social media posts, stories, banners, and more. In addition to the desktop version, there is a mobile app that allows you to create a creative design in just a few minutes.
Price: The service offers 3 plans, including a free plan that includes 250,000 templates, a stock photo library with free images, and 5 GB of cloud storage. The cheapest paid plan starts at 499 ₽/month or 3,990 ₽/year. The cost depends on the feature set and the number of users associated with the account.

Tools for advertising automation


Link: https://dolphin.ru.com/en

With this service, you can manage and control advertising across all Facebook accounts from a single window. The tool is suitable for both individual arbitrageurs and teams. Moreover, there is a mobile version of the software, allowing you to launch or check the status of your accounts at any time without needing a laptop. The service integrates with the anti-detect tool Dolphin{anty}.

The program is installed on the arbitrageur's server, ensuring that only the owner has access to the accounts.
Pricing: The service offers a 3-day free trial period, after which you need to choose one of the available pricing plans.
By the way, the Dolphin team has a similar service for launching ads on TikTok. Currently, it is in the testing phase and available for free.


Link: https://fbtool.pro

Another service that offers a comprehensive set of features to streamline ad launching on Facebook. With this tool, you can manage ad settings, handle comments, and view statistics, all from a single window.
Price: There is a free 3-day trial period, after which you need to choose one of the three pricing plans.

Tools for finding a target audience

What are they used for: to gather data about potential target audience more quickly. Such programs are also called parsers. With the help of parsers, you can:

  • Identify your target audience based on additional parameters that are not available in the advertising account.
  • Find communities with similar topics to your offer in order to identify and attract the target audience.
  • Gather data about potential audience and create look-alike audiences for advertising targeting.

Examples of services:

Audience Insights

Link: https://www.facebook.com/business/insights/tools/audience-insights

This is a service provided by Facebook that allows you to analyze your current audience and assess who among Facebook users can make up your potential target audience. For example, Facebook can provide information on gender, age, location, popular pages visited by these users, and more.
The service is free, you just need to log in and select the desired advertising account if you have multiple ones.

Peper Ninja

Link: https://pepper.ninja/facebook/

One of the most well-known parsers. During the data collection process, the service excludes users who haven't logged into the social network for more than 2 years, automatically filters out bots, and helps gather phone numbers and email addresses.
Cost: On the website, there is one pricing plan listed with a price per 1,000 contacts.

FB sender

Link: https://q-sender.ru/fbsender

This is a social media management software that includes features for searching for a target audience within selected groups, individual user posts, comments, and more.
Cost: The software can be used for free until the paid version is released.
If you would like us to prepare a detailed selection of programs for specific tasks or for another traffic source, please contact us on Telegram or leave a comment below, specifying the type of selection you would be interested in reading.