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Bangladesh: Overview of Geography and Working with Its Specifics

General Geography Description

Bangladesh is a developing agrarian state classified as Tier-3. The population is approximately 171.7 million people, with around 25 million actively using the internet. They access the internet through 4G, LTE, and broadband connections. Bangladeshi residents prefer using WhatsApp and Telegram for communication with each other, and the popularity ranking of social networks and media hosting platforms can be summarized as follows:
  • YouTube
  • Facebook*
  • Instagram*
  • Twitter
The majority of Bangladeshis speak Bengali (98%), while only the remaining 2% are proficient in English, Hindi, Arabic, and others. Approximately 90% of the population practices Islam, with the remaining 10% adhering to Hinduism, Buddhism, and other religions. Almost all mobile device users in Bangladesh have Android devices, with only 3% using Apple products. The official currency of the country is the Bangladeshi Taka. As of 2022, the average income for the population does not exceed the equivalent of 10,000 Russian Rubles.

Features of the Central Asia in Bangladesh

Creating a portrait of the target audience for the considered GEO is quite simple. Men make up 55% of interested users, while women account for 45%. The age range of the target audience is 25-45 years old.
Bangladesh is a Muslim-majority country where casinos and all other forms of gambling are legislatively prohibited. Only lotteries and horse racing remain legal, and they are also strictly regulated. Nevertheless, online casinos may have Bangladeshi users who use VPN services to access gambling activities.
In traffic arbitration, significant attention should be paid to the peculiarities of the local population's mentality, culture, and habits. For instance, when creating creatives for targeting Bangladesh, it's essential to consider that both men and women tend to have conservative outlooks, modesty, and simplicity in clothing and household management. Despite a patriarchal society, Bangladeshi residents hold deep respect and affection for women in the family, exhibit hospitality and generosity, and uphold traditions. They enjoy bargaining, so incorporating promotions, discounts, and crossed-out price tags in creatives can be effective. Promises of significant winnings, payout guarantees, substantial cashbacks, and bonuses remain relevant as well.

Profitable Verticals in Bangladesh

The best verticals for Bangladesh are recognized as gambling, betting, dating, and nutra. Let's consider the specifics of working with each of them in this GEO.

Gambling and Betting

As gambling is prohibited by law in the country, there are no land-based casinos in Bangladesh. Users are highly interested in foreign online casinos and use VPNs to access them. Bangladeshis also have a strong passion for cricket and football, resulting in a significant number of bets being placed during competitions and championships in these sports.
When creating creatives in this vertical, you can follow the following principles:
  • Guaranteed payouts and the possibility of a big win. The number of unlicensed casinos is on the rise in the country, so players face a significant risk of being deceived. A reliable strategy is to attract the user and instill confidence that their money won't disappear in case of a win.

  • Classic spins + bonuses. Bangladeshis appreciate promotions, so free spins, cashbacks, and welcome bonuses are key to retaining users.

  • Emotion + beautiful visuals. Although in the country, a smile is considered a sign of immaturity, it works well in creatives. Bright colors and cheerful characters create a positive impression and instill trust on a subconscious level.


In Bangladesh, the dating vertical is well-developed, and mainstream dating sites legally operate with the aim of facilitating long-term relationships. The adult vertical also exists but is not as welcomed due to the cultural norms and religious values of the population. Mainstream dating converts well in most regions of the country, regardless of the wealth level, while the adult vertical is more prevalent in affluent areas.


In Bangladesh, professional medicine is still in the early stages of development, and as a result, folk remedies and recipes have a significant influence on the population. This influences the principles of creating effective creatives: Bangladeshis are interested in advertising offers featuring images of doctors and natural remedies. Clickbait headlines ("Doctors Have Been Hiding This for a Long Time...", "Diabetes Can Be Easily Treated! You Just Need to...") attract attention. Additionally, it's essential to consider that liberties taken by creatives in other GEOs to boost conversion are not acceptable in Bangladesh. Even offers related to dietary supplements and remedies for male enhancement are promoted very transparently, so when creating creatives, it's essential to maintain a straightforward approach.
Cosmetic products made from natural ingredients are also in demand among Bangladeshis. You can target not only the female audience but also men in this country who often purchase care items for women as a gesture of care and attention.


Bangladesh is a promising GEO where any of the top verticals - gambling, betting, nutra, and dating - can yield significant profits. The large volume of unpretentious traffic allows for the revival of some offers that have already been exhausted in other GEOs. However, when creating creatives, it's essential to consider the country's cultural specifics - traditions, religious affiliations, moral values, and mentality significantly influence the success of an advertising campaign.