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How to advertise on Snapchat: What do you need to know to start running ads

Snapchat is a popular app among international users. The social media platform has over 600 million users, and the number of active users continues to grow. However, affiliates from the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) often hesitate to explore this platform. Low competition opens up more opportunities for a successful advertising campaign. Let's delve into what Snapchat is and why this social network is important for arbitrageurs

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social network where users can share photos and videos. The unique feature is that each message disappears as soon as it's read. This is a significant advantage, as the platform offers great opportunities for working with adult themes. However, for the gambling industry, digital products, and physical goods that require licenses, the situation is a bit more serious. Additionally, it's easy for a new user to gain traction on Snapchat, which is a plus for native approaches. In this social network, there are no likes and comments, so the opinions of potential customers are not influenced by the reactions of other users. This can be both a positive (no one will write a negative review) and a negative aspect for advertising (no bot-driven engagement or quick establishment of a social reputation).

Advantages of Snapchat

Snapchat has a number of advantages:
  • Snapchat has a large and continually growing audience, with approximately an 18% yearly increase.
  • 99 million users log into the app every day.
  • The platform doesn't have likes or comments, and all messages disappear immediately after being read. This creates a level playing field for both long-time users and new users/brands looking to promote themselves.
  • The social network enables impactful engagement with its audience. On average, 250 million Snapchat users daily interact with augmented reality. Why is this important? Augmented reality allows the audience to fully immerse themselves in the content, generating a strong response and increasing the effectiveness of your advertising.

Geography and Audience

According to statistics, over half of Snapchat's audience consists of women (more than 50%). The app's users are predominantly young, with 60% of them being under 24 years old, 22% under 34, and only 17% over 35. Americans are the most frequent users of this social network, and Snapchat also enjoys popularity in India, France, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia. The majority of the app's audience comprises affluent individuals.
Due to Snapchat's affluent audience, the cost of advertising on this platform is increasing. Advertisements can be placed for as little as a few dollars or as much as several thousand dollars. A one-day Geo-filter will cost $5, while promoting around a small Geo-tag for two days will cost $15. Naturally, as you scale up your campaign, the cost will increase.

Types of Advertisements

Standard Image/Video

An advertisement is a video or static image that a user sees while viewing content. Their duration can reach up to three minutes, but the recommended length is 3-5 seconds. This format can be used both to increase brand recognition and to attract attention to an offer.


A filter is a mask that a user can activate by turning on the camera. This format allows offering users various types of advertising, and targeting settings help filter out non-targeted customers


This format allows for the use of augmented reality technologies in advertising. They can be activated using a regular camera. Such advertisements allow users to view a product from all angles, creating the feeling that they have seen the product in person. All of this helps attract and engage the target audience.


This is a typical format for social networks. It allows for placing advertisements between the main content. To attract new users, it's important to engage them, and this needs to be done in a matter of seconds. Interactive elements of advertising, such as CTA buttons, can be used for this purpose.

Product Catalog

In this case, the advertisement will be displayed in the products section. Here, you can easily and quickly showcase the product to the audience. Additionally, in the catalog, you can place a form for quick registration or website redirection.

Advertising Videos

This is a standard video creative. Typically, the length of the advertising video is 6 seconds. Within this time frame, you need to capture the audience's interest. Of course, you can extend the viewing time, but then the system will automatically offer the user to skip the video after 6 seconds, so there's little point in doing so.

How to work from a phone?

To work from a phone, you need to:
Remove the SIM card and disable geolocation in the phone setting
Launch a VPN and select the desired country.
Access a GPS application and configure the region.
Go into the settings of Google Play Market or App Store, delete cookies, and then download Snapchat.
Register for Snapchat (you can link it to any phone number).
In the app settings, specify the desired country.
When working, use tags from the selected region only.

How to work from a computer or laptop?

To work from a PC, you need to download a VPN program, then open it and select the desired country. In the Snapchat settings, specify the desired region and use its tags.

Getting Started

Before publishing advertisements, it's necessary to prepare your account. To start, fill out your profile information and upload a photo. It's better to behave like a regular user to avoid drawing the attention of moderators.
You can find followers in Facebook groups. For instance, you can browse communities like 'SnapChat Adding Party' or 'Addmesnaps.' However, you can also grow your profile through other means, such as placing advertisements on other users' pages or on other social networks.
After you've successfully cleared any suspicions from moderators, you can start promoting your offer. The next step is preparing creatives. If you're using static images, stick to a resolution of 1080x1920 and the JPEG/PNG format. The same rule applies to videos. In both cases, it's advisable not to place text in the lower part of the creative since that's where the swipe button is located.

Tips and recommendations

Here are some tips to simplify working with the platform:
  • Avoid publishing overly provocative or immoral visuals.
  • Don't use words directly related to erotic themes; it's better to use more discreet language (e.g., 'best website for adults').
  • Provide specific information and avoid making unrealistic promises.
  • It's advisable to include a logo, even if it's fictional.
  • Check the text for errors.
  • Don't promote black/gray hat offers directly. Instead, use cloaking or place a link to a real product through a white pre-landing page.


Snapchat is a field for experimentation. Its large audience and platform features allow for effective promotion of offers. The key is to learn how to adapt advertisements to the requirements of the social network and not forget about cloaking. With the right offer and quality creatives, you have a good chance of success.