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How to sell adult products? Marketing strategies for promoting sex shops.

Opening an adult store is easy, but making it profitable is much more challenging. It can be difficult to promote in search engines, setting up targeted advertising can be problematic, and enticing people to visit a physical store is an even more complex question. However, difficult doesn't mean "impossible." Let's talk about how to sell adult products profitably and easily.

General Rules

The first adult stores positioned themselves as something forbidden and provocative. They used red and black tones in the interior, mannequins with leather gear, and showcased prominently large dildos.

Nowadays, the approach is changing.

Sex has ceased to be a taboo topic. More opinion leaders are speaking openly and freely about it, and the younger generation is more liberal-minded. Consequently, the approach to advertising adult products is also evolving.

Today, a sex shop is more about openness, safety, and acceptance. It features light tones, a calm tone of communication, and a moderate minimalism. There is also a focus on sex education. Owning an adult store is no longer something to be ashamed of. It can be positioned as a company that contributes to society, promotes public outreach, and educates its customers.

Promoting an Adult Store Online

Promoting an adult store online can be challenging due to the sensitive nature of the content. Search engines may not favor such websites, and there can be difficulties with SEO. Advertising explicit products like dildos or vibrators can be hard to approve, and it can also be costly. Based on partner stores' experience with "COSTUMEshop" as a supplier of adult products, the following strategies have been found effective:
  1. Messengers: Specifically, Telegram. It provides the necessary anonymity for visitors, making it a suitable platform for sex-positive channels. Create your channel even before opening your store and promote it within Telegram through advertising. Subscribers can become your target audience, provide feedback, and help showcase your company's identity.
  2. Social media: It can be challenging but possible. Especially on Instagram, you can focus on sex-positive content. Record short interviews with sexologists, humorously talk about your products, and address complex topics. Advertising is easier through opinion leaders on this platform.
  3. Collaborations with different brands: This allows you to demonstrate your brand's philosophy and attract a portion of the partner's audience. You can create limited edition collections with designers, jewelry salons, or craft workshops.
  4. Contextual advertising: It is recommended to seek professional assistance to conduct tests, identify the target audience, and optimize your ad campaigns to minimize costs while maximizing customer acquisition.
  5. Sponsorship: If you come across bloggers (not limited to Instagram) whose values align with yours, consider placing advertisements with them. Remember, quality matters more than quantity. Instead of spending a large budget on a highly popular influencer who may not engage their audience with advertisements, select 5-10 mid-level bloggers in your desired niche with similar philosophies. This approach can result in more click-throughs and purchases.
  6. Marketplaces: Following the post-pandemic trend, consider selling your products on platforms like Ozon and Wildberries. This will help you generate revenue by reaching customers across different regions in Russia, and your brand will gain visibility in front of potential buyers.
  7. Promo codes and coupon websites: If you operate within the affordable price segment, utilize platforms like Admitad. Add discounts and promo codes, and several coupon websites will publish your promotions, providing you with free advertising.
Also, don't forget that it's important not only to attract new customers but also to retain them. On one hand, a person may not purchase a new dildo from you every month. On the other hand, if they had a positive experience, they are likely to reorder condoms, lubricants, and supplements from you. Therefore, consider implementing a discount loyalty program as it genuinely contributes to repeat sales.