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I am Attila about teamwork and inspiration

Recently, Profitov.Partners conducted an interview with an interesting person, and we can't wait to share it with you.

Without further ado, let us introduce Attila O'Dri.
"He started with SEO in 2008, and in 2012, he switched to affiliate marketing focused on paid advertising. iAmAttila has earned $11,000,000+ and spent $50+ million on advertising. During this time, he has tried all types of offers: dating, app installs, nutra, crypto, dropshipping, and currently specializes in finance and home improvement.

iAmAttila also shared a little secret with us. He keeps a notepad in his shower. Naturally, it's waterproof. Why and for what purpose?

Let's find out about it in the interview!

Profitov.Partners: Hello, Attila! Tell us about the most memorable case with top income/ROI.

iAmAttila: Hello. Well, while all marketers were promoting "she died" and "Dr. Oz secret sauce," I was testing diet&skin offers in European GEOs. There was almost no competition there, so I was getting huge ROIs.

P: Clever 😄 Have you had any cases where you lost a lot of money?

A: Yes, when my tracker iMobiTrax crashed in 2014. I was running WhatsApp Pin Submits, and I lost around $4000 due to a server failure when it couldn't handle the load.

P: Good thing it wasn't as much as it could have been. What about the most unusual offer and traffic source you worked with?

A: Yes, that's true. As for the unusual offer, I was into lead generation for pet insurance and was one of the first to do it. It was quite hard to find back then, but now it's almost everywhere. It's cool to be the first! As for the unusual traffic source, if I tell you, I'll have to kill you laughs. This source was very good, but I don't want anyone to know about it.
P: Okay, moving on. Let's continue the topic of traffic: in your opinion, which one is the best?

A: I think it's FB*, YouTube, Taboola, Outbrain, TikTok.
(*Note: The company Meta has been recognized as extremist and is prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation.)

P: Now, here's a vital question. Have you ever worked with the Russian market? Are there any differences between the Russian community and the foreign one?

A: I have worked with Russian CPA networks, and I liked that we were discussing business matters without any distractions. As for offers in the magical CIS region, no, never. I have always worked with Europe and Asia. The main difference with Russians is that they hardly speak English, while everyone in the foreign community speaks English. That's also why I haven't worked with the CIS region.

P: Yes, there is a significant problem with English, but I hope that the situation will improve soon. So, what is missing on the foreign market?

A: Parties organized by Russians! In Russian partnerships, there are the wildest people, crazy dancers, actors, and decorations.

P: Indeed, Russia has excelled in that. I read that you have three of your own brands. Tell me about your team, how it has evolved, and how the work process is organized? What's the secret to successful operation?

A: Owning multiple brands has one trick - connection within the team and training. We also have team leaders and assistants. The secret to successful work is to have the right syner
P: Why did you choose to develop these specific brands?

A: These brands emerged out of the necessity when I started my businesses with limited budgets. For instance, when I needed a designer to work full-time, I created BannersLanders to have their work cost me $0.

P: On your website, I read that you used to make a lot of money organizing parties and events. Do these amounts still seem significant to you?

A: Yes, in the past, I used to make $100,000 per event. However, organizing such an event took 1.5 months, so if we divide $100,000 by 45 days, it's approximately $2,000 per day. It is still a lot because many affiliates don't even earn $2,000 per month.
P: Have you ever been scammed with payments by anyone?

A: Yes, I've been scammed many times. It wasn't just strangers, but also people I trusted and who believed in me. They said that if they stopped working with me, I would go bankrupt. They deceived me, stole clients, and did dishonest things. But overall, these experiences made me stronger and helped me achieve success. People can be short-sighted; they don't understand that success is a marathon, and honesty and integrity are what will help you reach the finish line.

P: Have you made any silly purchases, like seeing something and buying it impulsively?

A: Honestly, I'm not sure, so I asked my wife. She says that I never make foolish purchases because I always think ten times about what I'm going to buy. I spend several days searching the internet for the best price to make sure I'm not being deceived, and only then do I make the purchase. "A penny saved is a penny earned!"
P: What about the most memorable purchase? Was there one?

A: Yes, it was a plot of land near our house in Budapest. We submitted an application for a closed auction, and after six months, they called us back. The bid was half the actual value of the land; you can imagine our excitement. And now, the land is worth five times more than what we paid for it.
P: Indeed, that sounds like it could be the best purchase. Do you travel often?

A: We travel a lot, approximately 4-8 times a year abroad and 10-12 times within the country on long weekends with the kids and wife.

P: Have you ever been to Russia?

A: No, I have never been to Russia. I wanted to go, but a "special military operation" ruined all plans.

P: I read that you got into affiliate marketing because of your wife. Did she assist you with your work?

A: Yes, when I started working, she helped me a lot with adding content to WordPress websites, editing posts, and adding images. She also greatly assisted with link building. This was back in 2008/2009 before the birth of our son.

P: You also mentioned your mother-in-law. Did she use what you advertised?

A: Lol, yes.
P: Let's get back to the secret from the beginning of our interview. Why do you have a notepad on the wall in the shower?

A: It's been proven that the shower is a safe place that induces a high dopamine release in a relaxed state and helps with focus. It's an amazing source of creativity and idea generation for me. That's why I have a waterproof notepad in the shower. Crazy ideas come randomly, and if I don't write them down, by the time I finish my shower, dry off, and get dressed, I'll have forgotten them.

P: Thank you so much for taking the time. Your achievements are truly incredible. I wish you to keep doing what you truly love and never give up!