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How to unban my FB accounts: What should I do in 2023?

Getting your advertising account banned on Facebook is a problem that no longer makes your chair burn. It's a common situation that many arbitrageurs are willing to encounter. Usually, they buy or farm new accounts to continue their work. However, should you dismiss the banned accounts entirely? Is it possible to unblock them?

Today, we'll try to figure out what leads to FB banning your accounts (for everything) and what can be done to unlock them.

What are the reasons for account bans?

Facebook can ban accounts for various reasons:

  • Changing IP during login (specifically changing countries).
  • Linking a credit card registered in a different GEO than your account's location.
  • Reputation issues, including adding low-trust accounts as friends, promoting or reposting content prohibited by the platform's rules. Also, connecting to an ad account with a domain previously flagged by FB moderation as blocked.
  • Rapid increase in advertising spending (scaling ad expenses and campaigns should be done gradually, not all at once).
  • Inability to settle advertising debt. This happens when automatic payments are set up on the ad account, and the spending exceeds the available funds on the linked card. The account may be banned until the debt is cleared.
  • Landing page mismatch with the advertisement. If you engage in cloaking, it should be done with utmost quality; otherwise, a ban is likely.
  • Frequent and identical actions. Properly farming accounts should avoid using repetitive algorithms.
  • Extended periods of inactivity. If you haven't used your ad account for several months, it may be closed, even if ad campaigns were created but not launched.
  • Associating banned profiles with the ad account. Granting roles (admin or moderator) on the ad account to someone whose profile has been banned can lead to a ban on your account as well.
  • Presence of deep links in advertisements. Campaigns using deep links that direct users to specific apps, bypassing the social network's internal browser, increase the risk of getting banned, although not all such campaigns are blocked.
  • Using multiple accounts from the same IP. While not prohibited by FB rules, such actions raise suspicions with the moderation algorithms, and any slight mistake can lead to account bans.
  • Lack of two-factor authentication. Accounts without two-factor authentication are considered weakly protected and are more susceptible to bans.
  • Accumulation of old ads. Keeping unmoderated ads in your account negatively affects its trust level, increasing the risk of being blocked.
  • Running ads from newly registered accounts. Facebook views this behavior as suspicious and restricts access to launching advertising campaigns.

To be honest, these are far from all the reasons why your ad account or Ads Manager may get banned. If you browse through arbitrage chats or forums, you can find messages about entirely different reasons, ranging from copyright infringements to having shocking content in advertisements.

What types of bans can one receive?

The initial decision about blocking is made by artificial intelligence. You can encounter the following types of bans:

  • Full restriction of the advertising account on the personal profile.
  • Blocking of certain functions (such as managing profiles or launching new ad campaigns).
  • Blocking of a fan page (brand page connected to the advertising account).
  • Ads Manager ban and the connected ad accounts.

The most significant issue is the last type of ban. Essentially, the well-known "ZRD" refers to this situation. FB simply restricts the ability to work with the existing Ads Manager account and launch ad campaigns from the connected ad accounts.

How to unban them?

Unbanning accounts can be quite a tedious process. If you are dealing with grey and black offers, trying to unban your accounts might still be necessary. Although sometimes it is easier and faster to use newly farmed accounts or purchase access to agency accounts, etc. For arbitrageurs strictly working with white verticals, losing a trusted account can be a problem. Therefore, it's essential to be prepared for actions after a possible ban.

First, go to your advertising account and find out the reason for the block. Depending on the cause, you'll have to use different unbanning methods. In any case, you'll need to communicate with Facebook's customer support through chat, tickets, or email, or fill out forms to request the account review for unbanning, which will be processed by a bot.

  • One method involves verifying your passport. In this case, you'll need to generate passport details and submit them to Facebook's customer support. This way, the unbanning process can be relatively fast.
  • Verification of email or phone number. In this case, you can reach out to support for unbanning, but only if you (or your farmers) still have access to the email or phone number. If you don't have access, there is nothing you can do.

  • Blocking of the fan page. In this situation, you can submit an appeal for unbanning and wait for 1-3 days. It's possible that the block will be lifted. Another suitable option is to create a new fan page or attach an old one from different accounts. If you notice widespread fan page blocks, it may be worth attaching a new and warmed-up page everywhere.

  • Ads Manager ban. In this case, you'll need to fill out a small form. You can indicate that you don't understand the reason for the ban, claim that your account was used without your knowledge, or describe another reason. In any case, be prepared to communicate in the language of the GEO where the account was created. Additionally, you may need to provide a local operator's phone number for feedback (there's a small chance they will call you - then you can speak in "broken English").
It's important to note that there are always chances of getting unbanned. However, the outcomes are unpredictable and depend on the type of ban, Facebook's policies at that time, the detected violations, and other factors. Don't hesitate to communicate with Facebook representatives; it's not just about pressing their emotions. Engaging with them will increase the trust level of your account regardless. This, in turn, enhances the likelihood of getting unbanned.


In any case, your accounts are an essential tool without which earning on FB is impossible. That's why they need to be protected. And if there is even a slight chance to lift the ban, it should be used. However, remember that even when working "white hat," it's crucial to follow Facebook's rules.