Overview of affiliate programs
Overview of affiliate programs" можно определить как a review and description of various affiliate programs that offer earning opportunities in internet marketing. Such overviews typically include details on the terms of participation in the program, the amount of commission payouts
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Best affiliate programs of 2023: How to earn money through affiliates?

Affiliate programs are one of the most popular ways to earn money online in 2023.
Working with affiliates allows webmasters to generate passive income over an extended period. All you need is a website and an audience to whom you can recommend products or services and earn money for it.
A wide selection of affiliate programs allows you to work in the niche that interests you: products, travel, software, services, or online games. We have compiled a ranking of affiliate programs in each of these verticals.
Next, we have prepared a brief overview of each affiliate program from our top list, as well as the top 3 affiliate programs in each of the verticals.


MYLEAD is a multi-vertical global affiliate network with over 4,000 offers in its arsenal. The company has been operating since 2014. MYLEAD places special emphasis on training and providing comprehensive support to its webmasters, with nearly half a million webmasters worldwide. Mentors work with anyone interested.
Every user has the opportunity to use free tools such as proprietary content lockers, HideLink cloaking, and many others.
  • Number of offers: 4000+.
  • Payouts: Starting from $20 via PayPal, Skrill, Revolut, YooMoney, QIWI, Capitalist, or Bitcoin.
  • Support: Telegram @MyLead_SupportBot.


UFFILIATES is a reliable affiliate network from the Bookmakers Rating with offers in the betting, gambling, and finance niches. It offers legal offers from TSUPIS, offshore offers, and financial offers from major banks and MFIs.
Advantages: advance payments before reconciliation with the advertiser, 6% tax compensation for individual entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals, reliability guarantee from Bookmakers Rating, weekly payouts via convenient methods.
  • Number of offers: 300+.
  • Payouts: Starting from 3,500 ₽ or $50 without a hold to bank cards in UA, KZ, RU, USDT (TRC20), self-employed individuals, individual entrepreneurs, or LLC, Capitalist, cash in Moscow or Yekaterinburg.You can request a manual payout from a manager.
  • Support: Telegram @uffiliates_bot."


COMPARE - an affiliate program for webmasters. An actively developing Russian CPA network offers a wide selection of financial and insurance offers, fast and convenient integration, flexible customization of tools, and stable monthly payouts.
Only verified high-converting offers with high rates for OSAGO, loan or credit matching, MFIs, and insurance.
  • Number of offers: 50+.
  • Payouts: Starting from 3,000 ₽ to a bank account/card.
  • Support: Telegram @sravniAff."


The CPA network of the Pixel children's programming school offers the opportunity to promote a wide range of services, from online courses to summer/winter camps. The commission rate will increase depending on the number of leads. In your personal account, you can explore offers, create tracking links, find creatives, and request the creation of additional materials.
There is our referral program: refer a new partner and receive 5% of each of their conversions.
  • Number of offers: 5.
  • Payouts: Starting from 2,500 ₽ to accounts of individuals and legal entities.
  • Support: Telegram @AlexandraPaley.


Instajet.in – an affiliate program for an advertising exchange in Stories. Unique functionality allows for mass purchasing of advertising from Instagram bloggers. Bloggers are collected in a unified catalog and categorized. Influencers can be selected based on reach, number of followers, publication cost, or internal rating. Payment is made through a secure transaction.
High order conversion rate, no competitors. Instajet is the only opportunity to launch advertising in Instagram Stories.
  • Number of offers: 1.
  • Payouts: To a card, WebMoney, QIWI, self-employed individuals, or legal entity accounts.
  • Support: Email hello@instajet.in."


Leads.su - one of the largest CPA networks in the Russian market. Leads.su covers 12 countries, including Russia and CIS countries. The main verticals are primarily focused on finance: loans, cards, investments, transfers, and business services.
  • Number of offers: 400.
  • Payouts: Starting from $9.5 to WebMoney, Y.Money, QIWI, ZaleyCash, Capitalist, bank card, mobile phone, or bank account.
  • Support: Telegram @leadssu_bot.


Advertise - a CPA network with favorable conditions for partners and advertisers. It covers all countries and verticals: gambling and online games, online stores, dating, finance, tourism, mobile applications, and more. The network stands out with high rates, detailed online statistics, exclusive promo materials, and tools. Payouts are made daily on business days through any payment systems. Fast round-the-clock support is available.
  • Number of offers: 1200+.
  • Payouts: Starting from 100 ₽ to WebMoney, Y.Money, QIWI wallet, MasterCard/Visa.
  • Support: Telegram @GenaAdvertise.


Adsterra CPA Network is a global multi-vertical CPA network with exclusive offers from direct advertisers. The affiliate network offers: over 200 GEOs, its own 'Partner Care' program, access to private offers for verified partners, training on using the personal dashboard after registration on the platform, as well as weekly payouts.
Send the promo code 'AffSpot_23' to your manager and receive a bonus to your profit! Terms and conditions are available from your manager.
  • Number of offers: 200+.
  • Payouts: Starting from $5 via PayPal, Webmoney, Wire, Paxum.
  • Support: Telegram @Christina_Ky.


Vsemayki.ru — cool and exclusive custom-printed clothing and accessories. In the market since 2007.
It offers to sell products through their own store on their platform or on their own website. The commission rate is up to 28% with the option of weekly withdrawals. Partners have access to transparent statistics and sales materials.
Advantages: high conversion to sales, in-house production in Russia, highest product quality, fast delivery, and 24/7 support.
  • Number of offers: 1.
  • Payouts: Starting from 300 ₽ to cards and accounts of individuals and individual entrepreneurs.
  • Support: Email partners@vsemayki.ru.


CityAds is one of the largest CPA networks with advertisers from around the world.
Affiliate programs in verticals: Finance, eCommerce, Travel, FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods), edtech (educational technology), foodtech (food technology), HR (human resources), Online games, iGaming.
  • Number of offers: 1200+.
  • Payouts: Starting from 2000 ₽ to WebMoney, Capitalist, bank account for Legal Entities and Self-Employed.
  • Support: Email support@cityads.com.


Admitad is an affiliate network that provides not only tools but also training. The network covers all countries and verticals: eCommerce, tourism, finance, online games. There are also well-known events like Labour Day, Workfest. Many exclusive programs that are only available in Admitad. A Telegram bot has been developed for partners - it allows checking the balance, reviewing statistics, and contacting support.
  • Number of offers: 2131.
  • Payouts: Starting from $20 via PayPal, WebMoney, Payoneer, bank cards, bank account.
  • Support: Telegram @ExpertAdmitadBot


AdCombo is a CPA network with thousands of exclusive offers in low-competition geos, 12 verticals, and high payouts. Landings and pre-landers are developed and localized by professionals for all languages. And through the affiliate interface, you can request additional translation of advertising texts.
The CPA network offers detailed statistics, support for macros and sub-accounts. Each partner has a personal manager. Payouts are made twice a week upon request.
  • Number of offers: 3000.
  • Payouts: Starting from $50 via PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, Webmoney, and Wire.
  • Support: Email contact@adcombo.com.


Alfaleads is an international performance marketing agency with expertise in iGaming, Betting, Dating, and Crypto. Alfaleads helps webmasters monetize their traffic by providing exclusive offers and support from affiliate marketing experts. For advertisers, it offers comprehensive solutions for promoting their business, a variety of traffic sources, and stability in volume and quality.
  • Number of offers: 2000+.
  • Payouts: Starting from $30 via Capitalist, Wire Transfer, BTC/USDT, Paypal, Bank Cards.
  • Support: Telegram @alfa_sup.
In 2023, you can find a suitable affiliate program for any niche and vertical.


CPA affiliate networks, as a rule, act as aggregators and offer payment for actions. In such affiliate programs, you can find absolutely any offers, from course registrations to bank loans and online casinos. For experienced webmasters, CPA affiliate networks are a way to ensure a stable income. CPA networks are characterized by versatility, scalability, and offers across various niches. Such affiliate networks pay for actions: product purchases, website registrations, loan applications, and more.


MyLead is a global multi-vertical CPA network and a comprehensive platform for online earning that has been in the market since 2014. In the arsenal of this affiliate network: freely accessible educational materials, proprietary tools, and a multitude of verticals. All of this is designed to cater to each of the nearly half a million webmaster audience.
Get +5% to your earnings for 24 hours! Enter the code 'm8geKT' in the 'Your Bonuses' section after registration.
  • Number of offers: 3500+.
  • Payouts: Starting from $20 to YooMoney, Qiwi, WebMoney, PayPal, Skrill, Revolut, or Bitcoin.
  • Support: Telegram @MyLead_SupportBot.

2. EPN

ePN is an affiliate network that has been operating since 2013. It offers earnings through CPA, CPL, and Revenue Share models. The CPA network features offers from leading advertisers in e-commerce, FinTech, EdTech, Travel, and more. They accept traffic from around the world. Some of the advantages include detailed statistics, responsive customer support, and convenient and secure payouts.
  • Number of offers: 202.
  • Payouts: Starting from $0.1 to WebMoney, YooMoney, Qiwi, Toncoin, EntryProfit, bank transfer, Russian, Kazakh, Ukrainian bank cards, and international bank cards.
  • Support: Telegram @ePN_channel.


Advertise - a CPA network with favorable conditions for partners and advertisers. It covers all countries and verticals (gambling and online games, online stores, dating, finance, tourism, mobile applications). The network stands out with high rates, detailed online statistics, unique promo materials. It offers round-the-clock and fast support.
  • Number of offers: 1200+.
  • Payouts: Starting from 100 ₽ to WebMoney, Y.Money, QIWI wallet, MasterCard/Visa.
  • Support: Telegram @GenaAdvertise.


CPA.House - a top-notch CPA network from the advertising network Push.House. Over 600 offers in categories such as nutra, dating, gambling, IVR. Exclusive offers only from direct advertisers. Wide GEO coverage: CIS, Europe, Asia, and others.
Personal manager and excellent 24/7 support. Webmasters are offered a convenient dashboard, detailed statistics, audience analytics, fast source moderation, high rates, and individual conditions.
  • Number of offers: 609.
  • Payouts: Starting from $50 via WebMoney, Y.Money, Qiwi, Capitalist, VISA, MasterCard, MIR.
  • Support: Telegram @CpaHouse_adv.


Alfaleads is an international CPA affiliate network that operates in verticals such as finance, gaming, dating, sports, and gaming. The service offers a convenient analytics and statistics system, a variety of payment systems, responsive customer support, bonuses, and early payouts. It features a PWA constructor and app development. Strict partner moderation is in place.
  • Number of offers: 2000+.
  • Payouts: Starting from $30 via Capitalist, Wire Transfer, BTC/USDT, Paypal, Bank Cards.
  • Support: Telegram @alfa_sup.


The ban on gambling does not prevent them from existing in Russia. Casino affiliate programs and webmasters in them earn very well by attracting new players to their websites. There is no income ceiling in such affiliate programs; your task here is to find quality traffic. The peculiarity of the niche lies in the high competition and regulation by the authorities of almost all countries.
For example, in Russia, since 2021, it has become practically impossible to promote websites related to gambling. On one hand, there's increasingly strict regulation from Roskomnadzor (RKN), and on the other hand, there are issues with payment processing by clubs and website cloning. Therefore, if you want to work in this niche, look at least towards the CIS countries, but it's better to focus on foreign countries.
Where to acquire traffic: websites (review sites, bonus sites, brand-related sites), email newsletters, social media groups and communities dedicated to gambling, Telegram channels.


Advertise, a CPA network of affiliate programs, covers all countries. It offers partners high rates, exclusive offers, a variety of tools, and detailed statistics. Each offer includes IDs, cookie lifespan, countries, platforms, payouts, and payment models. The service ensures an individual approach and transparency in collaboration.
  • Number of offers: 650+ gambling offers.
  • Payouts: Starting from 100 ₽ via WebMoney, Ю.Money, QIWI wallet, MasterCard/Visa.
  • Support: Telegram @GenaAdvertise.


RevenueLab is an affiliate network specifically designed for gaming, covering all countries. It collaborates with leaders in the casino industry. Each partner gets a personal manager. The service offers detailed statistics updated every hour. Payouts are made once a month. Regular prize giveaways are held for partners. Responsive support is available.
  • Number of offers: 700.
  • Payouts: starting from $100 to WebMoney, QIWI wallet, Capitalist, BTC, Wire Transfer, Skrill.
  • Support: Telegram @RevenueLab.

3. 3SNET

3snet – a CPA network with pay-per-result model, specializing in verticals such as casinos, betting, poker, forex, lotteries, and binary options. The affiliate network covers the entire world, with the strongest GEOs including Russia, the CIS, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Arab countries. High rates apply to offers. Collaboration with partners is on an individual basis. There is round-the-clock online support.
  • Number of offers: 280 gambling offers.
  • Payouts: from $250 via Webmoney, Capitalist, Skrill, Wire.
  • Support: through tickets within the affiliate network.


Betting affiliate programs pay for attracting players who place bets on sports, esports, contest results, elections, and more. Some affiliate programs are owned by specific bookmakers, and in such programs, you'll promote their services exclusively. Others generate offers from multiple bookmakers, making them some of the most profitable programs among all affiliates. Some of them work with multiple verticals, not just sports betting but also gambling. Partners can earn commissions for player account deposits or purchases of premium forecasts. The target audience is typically men aged 24-35 with a monthly income of 50,000 rubles.
Where to generate traffic: websites (reviews, bonus-related, brand-related), email marketing, sports communities, push notifications, and other advertising networks, social media, Telegram channels.


Alfaleads also specializes in betting offers. The affiliate network offers high payouts and exclusive offers. For trusted partners, there are closed events and expedited payouts. Fast customer support is available, along with legal support. A manager will guide you on how to use informational events to maximize your profit.
  • Number of offers: 2000+ (80+ betting offers).
  • Payouts: starting from $30 to Capitalist, Wire Transfer, BTC/USDT, Paypal, Bank Cards
  • Support: Telegram @alfa_sup.


The Advertise affiliate program specializes not only in betting but also in other verticals. Here, you'll find some of the highest payouts and offers for many GEOs. Moderators closely monitor the quality of traffic. You can access up-to-date statistics at any time, updated every minute. Exclusive promo materials are available for working with the affiliate program.
  • Number of offers: 85 betting offers.
  • Payouts: from 100 ₽ to WebMoney, Ю.Money, QIWI wallet, MasterCard/Visa.
  • Support: Telegram @GenaAdvertise.

3. 3SNET

3snet is a CPA network with high payouts for all offers, including betting. Many bookmakers collaborate with this affiliate network on both CPA and RevShare models. The program includes its own network of doorway pages, push notifications, and email campaigns. The affiliate network's website features cases related to betting traffic. There is round-the-clock customer support available, and cooperation is based on individual terms.
  • Number of offers: 163 betting offers.
  • Payouts: Starting from $250 via Webmoney, Capitalist, Skrill, and Wire.
  • Support: Telegram @3snet.


Cryptocurrency affiliate programs allow you to earn by attracting customers to cryptocurrency exchanges, mining services, exchanges, and ICO projects. Today, cryptocurrencies are at the peak of popularity, providing partners with high income potential. The main audience consists of men aged 25-40, for whom online earnings are either the sole or an additional source of income: professional investors, enthusiasts, and regular users. Payouts in cryptocurrency are made after the user makes a minimum deposit. Conversion rates range from 4-17%. Cryptocurrency affiliate programs are a promising and profitable niche, with some niches having low competition.
Sources of traffic: websites dedicated to cryptocurrencies, mining, online earnings, investments, doorway pages, email campaigns.


AdCombo is a CPA network with thousands of exclusive offers in low-competition geos, 12 verticals, and high payouts. Landings and pre-landers are developed and localized by professionals for all languages. And through the affiliate interface, you can request additional translation of advertising texts.
  • Number of offers: 550+ cryptocurrency offers.
  • Payouts: Starting from $50 via PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, Webmoney, and Wire.
  • Support: Email contact@adcombo.com.


AIVIX is an affiliate program specializing in financial offers. Upon registration, each webmaster will be assigned a personal affiliate manager. They offer a wide range of GEOs, covering over a hundred countries. The CPA rate range is from $200 to $1000 per lead. They accept traffic from any sources and provide unique promotional materials for partner traffic.
  • Number of offers: 300.
  • Payouts: Starting from $100 via WebMoney, ZaleyCash, PayPal, Capitalist, Wire.
  • Support: Telegram @aivix_support.


Dating affiliate programs primarily pay for user registrations on dating websites. Such websites can be of both mainstream (serious relationships) and adult (casual encounters) orientations. Programs also offer payment models like RevShare, CPS (Cost Per Sale), and DOI (Double Opt-In). Monetization is achieved through the purchase of VIP status and profile boosts in search results. The most popular and profitable geographies include the UK, Australia, North America, and Western Europe. The target audience is men aged 25-45. There is no earnings threshold in this field – it all depends on your efforts.
Where to generate traffic: social media, men's interest websites, contextual advertising, advertising networks, and cost-effective/free methods.


Cpamatica is a well-known international affiliate network that accepts traffic from Europe, the United States, Asia, and Latin America from various sources, including spam. The service operates on its own platform and regularly updates its list of offers. The affiliate program collaborates directly with advertisers, and for webmasters, it regularly holds contests. Payments are made without a hold.
  • Number of offers: 900.
  • Payments: starting from $50 via PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney, Paxum, Wire.
  • Support: Telegram @catherine_kyrsenko.


iMonetizeit is a CPA and Smartlink network covering all countries. The main verticals include mainstream dating, gay dating, mobile content, and sweepstakes. Payment models include CPA and CPL. Smart algorithms ensure profitable traffic performance. The service stands out with 24/7 technical support, provides online statistics, and offers a fast payment system. There is also a referral program.
  • Number of offers: 6000.
  • Payments: starting from $80 via Paxum, PayPal, Qiwi wallet, BTC, Webmoney, Capitalist, bank card, and wire transfer.
  • Support: Telegram @Approve_IMonetizeit.


The Datify affiliate program has stated that the funds earned by webmasters from Russia will be transferred anywhere except to the webmasters who earned them.
We do not recommend anyone to work with this affiliate network.
Datify is a Smartlink network that offers white labels, private and exclusive offers, covering all geolocations. The service provides online statistics, fast daily payments without holds, and a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard. Other advantages include campaign optimization and convenient postbacks. There is a 5% referral program, and round-the-clock customer support is available.
  • Number of offers: Upon request.
  • Payments: Starting from $10 via WebMoney, QIWI wallet, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and bank transfer.
  • Support: Telegram @datify.


This type of affiliate network is designed for monetizing student traffic. They offer diploma, coursework, and essay orders that can be paid through CPA, RevShare, or Hybrid models. Affiliate programs in the essay niche provide access to authors and specialists ready to complete custom assignments. Most of these affiliate networks are focused on the Western market, including the USA, Western Europe, the UK, and Canada. However, there are also excellent affiliate networks in the CIS segment.
The peak of orders in this niche occurs in March, April, May, as well as November and December.
Traffic sources: education-related websites, sites specializing in essays, coursework, and dissertations, doorway pages, and contextual advertising.


Edu-revenue is an affiliate program for webmasters operating in the essay writing niche for American, Canadian, and English students. The commission ranges from 60-75% for new orders and 20-35% for repeat orders. All referred customers are tied to the partner. Payments are made every working day without a hold. Round-the-clock customer support is available, along with access to online statistics. Effective promotional materials are provided, and there is a 5% referral program.
  • Payments: without restrictions via WebMoney, Capitalist, Payoneer, PayPal, BTC, AdvCash, USDT.
  • Support: Telegram @EduRevenueSupport.


The well-known Russian affiliate network HomeWork has been operating for over 18 years, assisting more than 170,000 students in completing various academic assignments. They offer a 30% commission on all customer orders. Geographically, they target Russia and CIS countries. The affiliate program has no hold, and commissions are paid within 10 days after the customer's prepayment. Payments are made within one day, and they provide individual promotional materials.
  • Payments: starting from 100 ₽ via WebMoney, QIWI, Ю.Money, VISA, MasterCard, and to the phone number.
  • Support: Email anna.su@homework.ru.


Garlic.Cash is the most profitable affiliate program in the student assignment niche. The affiliate network operates on a RevShare model with the highest rates, offering up to 70% for new orders and up to 50% for rebills. The largest sales volume comes from American and Canadian students. Payments are made without holds, upon request, and on business days. They also have a referral program for attracting webmasters, offering a 10% commission.
  • Number of offers: 3.
  • Payments: through WebMoney, PayPal, Capitalist, Payoneer, AdvCash.
  • Support: Telegram @GarlicCash.

4.All Done!

The affiliate program of the "All Done!" service has been operating in Russia and the CIS since 2013. Approximately 1,000,000 customers visit the website each month. The commission percentage from a paid order is 25%. Rebills last for 9-18 months. In the personal account, a variety of promotional materials are available, including chatbots, widgets, order forms, social media posts, and creatives.
  • Payments: on the day of the request, starting from 100 ₽ to VISA, MasterCard, WebMoney, QIWI, Ю.Money, and mobile phone balance.
  • Support: Email partners@vsesdal.com.


Financial affiliate networks encompass banking products, microloans, binary options, and other financial instruments. They pay for submitting credit applications, receiving a card, or registering in the system. Financial affiliate programs offer substantial commissions to partners for closing deals. Offers in such affiliate networks are categorized as white and grey. White offers include issuing bank cards, consumer and mortgage loans, registration in online banking, and so on. Grey offers consist of microloans with high interest rates (MFO).
Where to generate traffic: your own website or blog on financial topics, a website, thematic community on social networks, email newsletters, contextual advertising, advertising networks, video advertising.


"Сравни" is a financial affiliate program that has direct integration with banks and insurance companies. Thanks to this, it offers high-quality exclusive offers and competitive rates. Flexible tool customization allows for quick and easy integration of offers on your platform. Convenient metrics for statistics and conversion tracking are available, along with stable payments. Among the offers are car insurance, loan comparison, microloans, and insurance.
  • Number of offers: 50+.
  • Payments: starting from 3,000 ₽ to a bank account/card.
  • Support: Telegram @sravniAff.


Leads.su is one of the largest CPA networks in the Russian market, specifically designed for the financial niche. The network covers 12 countries, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Poland, Mexico, and more. The service features a user-friendly dashboard. They frequently organize giveaways from advertisers and large promotions within the network. There is also an internal prize store.
  • Number of offers: 152.
  • Payments: starting from $9.5 via WebMoney, Ю.Money, QIWI wallet, bank card, mobile phone, and bank account.
  • Support: Telegram @leadssu_bot.


Leadgid is a financial CPA affiliate network offering exclusive offers. The affiliate network covers 32 countries worldwide, provides the best API tools, and offers the highest cashback in the CPA market. Many banks and microfinance organizations are clients of the service. In the personal dashboard, you can thoroughly review statistics and analytics. To register, you need to confirm your email and get in touch with a manager.
  • Number of offers: 500+.
  • Payments: starting from $54 via WebMoney, Ю.Money, bank account, Visa, MasterCard.
  • Support: Email support@leadgid.ru.


Unicom is more than just an affiliate network. It's a CPA banking hub with 30+ traffic sources. The advantages of Unicom include high rates, exclusive agreements with advertisers, free tools for traffic management, loyalty programs, and promotions for partners.
Until the end of March, they are giving away money for advertising, courses from Skillbox, gaming consoles, and other items for traffic. You can participate in the promotion.
  • Number of offers: 500+.
  • Payments: starting from 3000 ₽ to getUNIQ, to a self-employed individual's account, to an individual entrepreneur (IE), and to a limited liability company (LLC), and to a Russian bank card.
  • Support: Telegram @unicom24_support_bot.


CityAds has been operating for 12 years and offers offers with worldwide GEO targeting.
The network has a convenient personal dashboard that includes all the tools for effective work and statistics tracking (BackURL, Conversion Postback, Firano, and more).
  • Number of offers: 300+.
  • Payments: starting from 2000 ₽ via WebMoney, Capitalist, bank account for legal entities and self-employed individuals.
  • Support: Email support@cityads.com.


You can choose product affiliate networks for clothing, cosmetics, electronics, and other goods and promote their products anywhere: YouTube, social media, websites. Today, product affiliate networks are CPA networks that collaborate with advertisers selling inexpensive Chinese products with a "wow" effect. These products are purchased on emotions, and their cost is low. They include home goods, automotive products, household appliances, accessories (watches, glasses, jewelry), dietary supplements, health and beauty products such as weight loss aids, joint health products, antifungal treatments, intimate products, and more.
Where to generate traffic: teaser networks, targeted advertising, email marketing, websites, doorway pages.


AFFSTAR is an affiliate network that offers in-house offers to webmasters in the nutra and goods verticals.
All products are internally tested with in-house media buying. The CPA network primarily works with the CIS and Latin America. The main feature is the dynamic rate for each offer. They have their own call center for lead processing.
  • Number of offers: 62.
  • Payments: starting from $1 to cards in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, to a bank account, to a wallet in Capitalist (USD/RUR), EntryProfit, Iskander, QIWI, TikTok, Wire, Zaley Cash, Tether (ERC20/TRC20), Google Adwords.
  • Support: Telegram @affstarcom.


Lucky.Online is a CPA product affiliate network with proprietary offers and increased rates, covering over 30 countries in the CIS and beyond. They regularly update landing pages, creatives, and promotional materials. The affiliate network has its own 24/7 call center, responsive customer support, and an internal store with prizes. Payments are made daily.
  • Number of offers: 80;
  • Payments: without restrictions on PayPal, Evaday, myTarget, QIWI, Ю.Money, WebMoney, Capitalist, Payoneer, mGid, bank cards.
  • Support: Telegram @LuckyOnlineChat.


Everad is a direct nutra affiliate network covering 40 countries in the CIS, Europe, and Asia. The network focuses on the most interesting and in-demand niches. Partners receive detailed audience analytics, access to the Boost option with payout increases of up to +20%. There are multiple withdrawal methods, and funds are withdrawn quickly. The network has a responsive and friendly customer support service.
  • Number of offers: 300+.
  • Payments: starting from $40 via WebMoney, Capitalist, ZaleyCash, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Wire.
  • Support: Telegram @Everad_Support.