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How to integrate a payment system into a Telegram bot

Let's note that you can integrate payment systems not with a regular chatbot but with a Telegram shop. You can create a Telegram shop in two ways: by using a constructor or JavaScript. In the first case, programming knowledge is not required as the bot is created through flowcharts. In the second case, you'll need to hire a specialist. We'll walk through an example using YooKassa. Other payment systems can be connected using a similar approach.

Connecting YooKassa

The connection process is not complicated. To do this, you need to:

  1. Create a bot using a constructor or manually.
  2. Connect it to YooKassa.
  3. Configure the bot to accept payments (for this, you'll need the shopId parameter, which will appear after registering on the YooKassa service and connecting).

To create a bot, you can start a conversation with @BotFather. Enter commands manually or use /start and /newbot commands. You'll need to enter the bot's name and username, which must be unique. If everything goes well, @BotFather will send you the access token to the created bot. Do not share this token with anyone, including payment service representatives or Telegram support.
What to do next?

Send the command "/mybots" to @BotFather. Select the created bot. In the opened control panel, click on "BotSettings" - "Payments."
Next, choose what you want to connect: if you are ready to accept real payments right away, you should select "Connect YooKassa: Payments." If you want to test the settings first, then choose "Connect YooKassa: Test." Follow the instructions provided. As a result, @BotFather will send you a token that will be necessary for invoicing.
What to do next depends on how you created the bot. If you used constructors, you need to refer to their FAQs and guides. If you set up the bot through the Telegram API, you need to implement the "sendInvoice" method from the Telegram Payment API. As a result, your bot will automatically send invoices to users for payment. In these invoices, you will need to configure the display of the cost, name, and description of the product or service. Additionally, you must specify the provider_token (which is provided by BotFather after connecting the bot shop to YooKassa).

An example of setting up the "sendInvoice" request looks like this: [provide an example of the "sendInvoice" request here].
In the end, after the payment is confirmed, Telegram will send a webhook containing a PreCheckoutQuery. You need to respond to it within 10 seconds using the "answerPreCheckoutQuery" method. After a successful payment, you will receive notifications: one from Telegram (via the webhook with the "SuccessfulPayment" object) and an email from YooKassa. If you are selling access to content or a service, you can program your bot to automatically send it to the user after the payment is confirmed.

What payment systems can be integrated into the bot?

To do this, simply open @BotFather, choose the command "/mybots," go to the settings of a specific bot, and select the "Payments" button. Currently, you can integrate the following payment systems:

  • YooKassa
  • Sberbank
  • PSB (Promsvyazbank)
  • Bank 131
  • Tranzoo
  • PayMaster
  • Stripe
  • Paycom.Uz
  • CLICK Uzbekistan
  • LiqPay
  • Global Pay Uzbekistan
  • Cascad
  • Paymega
  • Portmone
  • LeoGaming
  • Smart Glocal
  • iPay88
Of course, when choosing which payment system to integrate, it is essential to consider the GEO location and the audience you are targeting. Depending on the selected option (for example, if you choose Bank 131 or any other), you may need to submit an application to the financial institution, obtain approval, and receive a code for integration.

Bot constructors for creating bots

Bot constructors allow you to create bots without having JavaScript programming skills. Some services that can help with this are:
  • Sambot
  • Botkits
  • BotTap
  • Botmother
  • Puzzlebot

With their help, you can quickly build a simple bot, customize the interface, and integrate a payment system.


The ability to accept payments through Telegram is an excellent opportunity to streamline the sales funnel, especially for an arbitrage marketer dealing with white goods or online education. The bot allows users to select products, content, or services and make payments without leaving the familiar messenger. Now there's no need to redirect users to a pre-landing page, making the purchasing process much simpler. This, in turn, can positively impact your profits.