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Traffic arbitrage

How to transfer an audience from Facebook to Telegram — instructions for beginners

After the blocking of Facebook* and Instagram* in Russia, many arbitrage specialists who were working with these social networks faced the necessity of transferring their audience to other platforms. The thing is, not every user is willing to install a VPN to access blocked services. To continue their work, it's necessary to attract their audience to a different platform, such as Telegram.

However, it can't be done with just one post. There are several tactics that can help migrate people to the newly created channel where traffic can be monetized. One of the advantageous features of Telegram is its ability to write about almost anything: you can publish links and information about bookmakers, online casinos, adult services, and so on.

Transferring the audience to Telegram

Of course, first create a channel on Telegram - otherwise, there will be nowhere to attract users. Then, there are several simple ways:

  • Prepare a post with a link to your channel and pin it.
  • Place the TG link in your page information.
  • Periodically duplicate the link in your stories.
  • Use the Facebook* mailing list if it is connected.
  • In new publications, periodically add a call to subscribe to your TG channel.

It is important to remember that it is unlikely to quickly transfer the entire audience: users are not always ready to "change their habitat." Therefore, the process of migrating subscribers will be quite long and laborious.

Tips and recommendations

Working with users on Telegram has its own specifics and is different from the usual posting on Facebook*. The simplest thing is that Telegram is not suitable for lifestyle content.

Recording 20 short video messages in one day will only kill your reach. What type of information is better to post?

  • News
  • Curated articles
  • Expert opinions

Also, don't forget about other interaction possibilities with the audience - polls, discussions, newsletters, gamification, bots, etc. How often should you post content? For a channel (specifically a channel, not a chat), 2-3 publications per day will be sufficient. After the blocking of well-known social networks, many bloggers are migrating their audience to Telegram, increasing the number of channels in the user's subscriptions. Therefore, bombarding them with new posts regularly is not advisable.
Be sure to use autoposting. This feature allows you to prepare content in advance and schedule its release date and time. For autoposting, simply prepare the publication and right-click on the message sending icon (if you are working on mobile, you need to press and hold this icon briefly).

Additionally, you can use bots for autoposting. For example:

@Manybot. Can release delayed posts and repost from other social networks.
@re_postBot. Besides autoposting, it has a range of capabilities. Depending on the settings, it can pull content from VK, FB, and Instagram into one or several Telegram channels.
@ControllerBot. A simple bot for creating delayed publications (does not have any other features).

*Recognized as extremist on the territory of the Russian Federation.


Attracting an audience from social networks to a Telegram channel is one of the classic traffic arbitrage funnels. Therefore, there is nothing complicated about it; you will only need time and patience.