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TikTok Case Study: 450% ROI on PWA Apps! $12,000 CPA!

We are all well aware of traffic sources like TikTok and how to drive traffic to regular webview applications from it. However, launching campaigns has become increasingly challenging. Every day, we have to go through 10-15 apps to find the one that will pass moderation for the desired GEO.

But it doesn't end there. Micro-spends of $5-10 (after which ad sets or even accounts get banned) consume a lot of time and effort for relaunching them. This is why the need for PWA applications arose, as they solve all these problems. Each PWA link goes through moderation and spends up to $50 per ad set!

We have provided PWA applications to several teams that work closely with TikTok. Last week, we privately tested and ran TikTok campaigns with PWA apps, and we are ready to share the results with you! 😉

What will we discuss today?

Today we will discuss:

1/The difference in conversion rates between WebView and PWA applications.
2/The advantages of running campaigns on PWA applications.
3/Why PWA applications have higher conversion rates.
4/How PWA affects traffic quality.

First of all, it is worth noting that PWA with TikTok is fully functional, and there are people who generate over 200 daily deposits. One of our partners, from the very first day of running campaigns with PWA on TikTok, was able to generate over 80 deposits and, in just 3 days, reached 300+ deposits. Here's a direct quote from our partner:

"When running campaigns targeting Russia, PWA apps performed exceptionally well! ROI increased several times. Additionally, we were able to achieve spend levels that were not possible with WebView."
Sounds good, don't you agree? But statistics are the best way to support all the above statements. So let's consider some statistics.

The difference in conversion rates between WebView and PWA applications.

Let's start with the statistics on running campaigns on WebView applications.
Here are the statistics for running campaigns on WebView applications:

1/Installs to Registrations ratio: 1 to 2.2
2/Registrations to Deposits ratio: 1 to 28
3/Conversion Rate (CR): 1.59%

Overall: Installs to Deposits ratio: 1 to 62.9.
Undoubtedly, we can see a good transition from install to registration, but users were reluctant to proceed to making deposits, which affected the overall conversion rate.

Statistics for running campaigns on PWA:

Since the 10th of the month, this team has started testing our PWA applications and shifted all their traffic volume to them. And the difference in conversion rates is evident:

1/Installs to Registrations ratio: 1 to 1.6
2/Registrations to Deposits ratio: 1 to 21
3/Conversion Rate (CR): 2.96%

Overall: Installs to Deposits ratio: 1 to 33.7.

Why is the conversion rate higher on PWA?

As we can see, the conversion rate is significantly higher when running campaigns on PWA, resulting in higher ROI and profit. One of the most important factors is the user's perception of the app they encounter. As we know, not all WebView applications pass moderation on TikTok, and typically, we have to run ads on apps with "clean" designs such as treasure chests, game graphics, fish, bananas, or anything that the TikTok moderator wouldn't associate with gambling. Gambling-related content leads to rejection and fails moderation.

When running campaigns on PWA applications, we utilize cloaking, which means we show the TikTok moderator a "WhitePage" that appears compliant and gets the ad approved. However, we show the user a highly aggressive "BlackPage" designed specifically for casino-style content. For example, if we're promoting a casino like LEON, the user will land on an app like this:
I think it's evident that the conversion rate will be higher compared to a white-label app.

The traffic quality is better!

If we talk about numbers, after 5 days, one of the teams had an average check of $12 and a 130% repeat deposit rate for Russia. As we know, when running campaigns on WebView, it's not uncommon to see an average check of $4 within 2 weeks.

Another team, after 3 days of running campaigns, received an account review for Russia, while their WebView campaigns were stopped.

Why is the quality better? Again, the answer lies in the design.

With WebView campaigns, the user sees a white-label app with a white name, downloads it, and then discovers a casino inside. This creates a lack of trust in such a product. They downloaded a white-label app, but a casino opened up.

With PWA campaigns, the user transitions from gambling-related ads to an app with the casino's name. All screenshots are genuine, and the description states that it's licensed and official. The reviews are aggressive, rating it at 4-5 stars, not just "how great it is to play this game, the developers did a good job."
The user develops maximum trust in the product. They confidently make deposits and keep coming back. This leads to an increase in traffic quality and, as a result, the conversion rate.

So what do we have in the end?

The transition to PWA applications has allowed us to address all the main challenges we faced when running campaigns on TikTok:

1/ Constant micro-spends on campaigns.
2/ Low traffic quality.
3/ Searching for an application that would pass TikTok's moderation.
By switching to PWA applications, we have overcome these issues.
Moreover, we have managed to significantly increase the ROI during the campaigns, reaching a remarkable 450% on a large volume of traffic!

The main question is: How to achieve the same results? It's simple!

To launch on our PWA applications, you can use both agency accounts and regular self-registrations!

The process of creating a cloaked link for an existing PWA application is automated and can be done in just a few clicks using the @GamblingPro_Cloaking_bot. You don't need to configure or cloak anything yourself – we handle the entire process. All you need to do is launch your advertising campaigns and collect profits! 💸

We have also prepared manuals for you that will allow you to start generating traffic in just 10 minutes! Reach out to your personal manager or contact @GamblingproAlbert, and we will assist you in launching TikTok campaigns on PWA applications!