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(Not) Testing the Target Audience: When Testing the Target Audience Is Unnecessary

To launch an effective advertising campaign, it's crucial to be able to identify your target audience so that your product or service catches the attention of interested users. Various tools and services are used to work with the target audience, and the main rule for an arbitrator is to test the audience before scaling up a new offer or vertical. In this material, we want to determine whether it's always necessary to test the target audience or if there are situations where it's not required.

A bit about the target audience

The target audience is a group of people who have a need for a particular product or service, and if you advertise to them, such users are more receptive to your advertising. When determining the target audience, several standard parameters are used, which can be supplemented with more personalized characteristics when necessary. Traditionally, the following are studied:
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Interests
  • Financial situation
  • Needs
  • Place of residence
Some additional characteristics that can be studied include, for example:
  • Education
  • Personality traits (workaholics, extroverts, introverts, sociable, reserved, etc.)
When defining the target audience, it's important to be able to set a goal. This can be facilitated by the question: What problem(s) will the product/service help solve? In other words, what need will the product address? After all, when something is lacking, there is a desire to acquire it.
Segmentation of the audience is also carried out. It helps narrow down the group of potential consumers, allowing for more targeted product advertising. The key is to ensure that this approach suits your needs. There are four main principles of segmentation:
  • Geographic segmentation, where the focus is on the country, region, or even street where people live.
  • Demographic segmentation, where primary attention is given to age, gender, religion, and marital status. These characteristics influence people's purchasing power.
  • Socioeconomic segmentation, which includes education, finances, and living conditions. This relates to people's financial capability.
  • Psychographic segmentation, which studies a person's social status and lifestyle.

Audience testing

You can speculate about the tastes and desires of our target audience for a long time, but it may not align with reality. To test theories about the target audience, special services are used. One of them is Google Trends, which allows you to identify the relevant search queries and their volume, studying people's needs. It also shows the distribution of audience needs in different cities. This service, obviously, primarily gathers information from Google.
Yandex services, on the other hand, allow you to work exclusively with data from the Russian-speaking internet. Here, there is another tool for testing the target audience - Yandex Wordstat. It helps determine the number of search queries in the search engine for specific keywords, displaying both high-frequency and more rare queries.
At the same time, it's worth remembering that when studying statistics from these services, it's better to analyze at least 3-4 products to compare data for them and understand people's demand. You can also look up queries related to competitors.
Testing the target audience is an important step in launching advertising. It's an analysis of what truly interests and matters to people, helping find an appropriate approach to run profitable campaigns. By studying market needs, you can achieve high sales. But is it always necessary to conduct a target audience test?

When is the target audience test not necessary

Target audience testing can be skipped in some niches when working with event-based traffic.
One such situation is major international sporting events, such as the FIFA World Cup. Betting gains the most traction during this period. During this time, testing the target audience when dealing with betting is not as critical.
Football is one of the most popular sports worldwide. Additionally, the attention of the majority of betting enthusiasts is focused on the FIFA World Cup: during such a period, their desire to win and the thrill of betting are heightened. Moreover, during international competitions, newcomers to betting may join, driven by curiosity and a desire to test their luck. This is a fertile audience that may not be ready to risk large sums immediately but could be interested in your advertising.
Another situation is holidays. It's a seasonal phenomenon, but nevertheless, it's one of the most profitable for arbitrageurs. We have already discussed in detail how to run successful campaigns during New Year's or on International Women's Day to earn well in the affiliate industry. During holiday periods, profits increase in almost all verticals, but iGaming, dating, and nutra work the best.
Holidays intensify people's desires: the desire to look beautiful, to be loved, and also provide an opportunity to finally relax and have fun. Various services help them in this regard. In dating apps, they actively search for a partner for a romantic evening and more. In the nutra products category, they find beauty and skincare solutions. iGaming allows them to experience an adrenaline rush, the joy of winning, and simply have a good time with online roulette or poker.


Testing the target audience before scaling up an offer is a way to minimize expenses and safeguard against failure. However, depending on the events at hand (and the vertical you are working with), you may not need to scrutinize the target audience so thoroughly because during periods of high demand and major events, thousands of people are looking to buy essentially the same thing, regardless of their individual characteristics or interests.

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