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20 free stock photo, video, and icon websites.

20 free stock photo websites where you can find free photos, videos, illustrations, icons, and vector graphics.


An international stock media platform that hosts photos, illustrations, vector graphics, videos, music, and effects.

You can use search and filters to find the desired content. Each material has various filtering options, such as orientation, category, size, color, resolution, effects, and more.


One of the popular stock photo platforms for uploading and showcasing photographs. Users upload and publish their works under various licenses. Therefore, some photos are prohibited for commercial use, while others are allowed. It is important to consider this aspect during your search and choose a free license in the filters.

You can search for photos in groups, galleries, and collections. The website also features a trends page displaying popular tags at the moment, for the week, and all-time.


A free stock photo platform operating on the Shopify platform. The website offers a wide selection of thematic collections and a page dedicated to business ideas (including idea descriptions and photos). To search for photos by title and keywords, it is necessary to use English words.

Free Images

A stock photo platform with over 300,000 free photos. The interface is translated into Russian. The search function works smoothly with keywords in Russian, but it's advisable to translate words into English for certain topics as a precaution. Search results can be filtered into free and paid photos.

There are thematic collections, but they don't distinguish between free and paid (related to iStock) photos. Therefore, some photos in the collections may require payment.

Free stock photo platform by Canva.

This is a separate page of the Canva service. It features over 90 million photos. During the search, both paid and free images are displayed in the same feed. To sort them, you need to constantly specify the "Free" option in the filter.


A stock photo platform designed for sharing stock photos under the Unsplash license (allowing both commercial and non-commercial use).

There are thematic collections of photographs. In the collections, you can find not only regular photos but also drawings, backgrounds, and illustrations. For example, there is a separate section for 3D visualization, where three-dimensional images are published.


A platform established in 2013. Free stock photos are categorized into 20+ categories. Alongside regular categories, there are backgrounds for YouTube and HD wallpapers.

There are also photo collections available. These are compilations of images grouped by a specific theme. For example, sunset over San Francisco, photos of the new iPhone XS, sports activities, and more. From collections, only one photo can be downloaded for free. To access the entire collection, a premium subscription is required.

Freerange Stock

A stock photo platform providing free stock images. The extensive collection includes photographs, textures, and illustrations. On a separate website, there are vintage stock photos available.

All photos are categorized. To download the images, registration on the website is required.


A platform with free stock photos. New images are added daily. Moderators review the photos submitted by users and add them to the website.

Photos can be searched through categories and using the search function. When searching through keywords, the system automatically suggests related keywords. For example, when searching for the keyword "technology," the website also suggests using keywords like "computer," "electronics," "smartphone," and others.


A stock photo platform with free photos, textures, illustrations, and vectors. The platform was founded in 2004. Currently, there are over 140,000 images available for download. The works of photographers and artists are categorized and organized into collections.


A library of stock photos and videos. The database contains over 1 million images and clips. The content is divided into categories. There is a section for popular material. English names should be used for searching.

In the search results and categories, both free and premium (paid) materials are available. It is not possible to sort and display only free photos or videos.


A portal with free photos. The website features categories and photoshoots. During the search, it is possible to find photos based on color/tone. For example, one can select the color green, and the website will display photos with green objects.


A platform with free stock photos, vectors, icons, and videos. In the search filters, you can select the type of content you are looking for. There are several collections available.


A stock photo platform for creatives. The database contains over 400,000 images. Searching is done using English-language hashtags. There is a list of popular tags among users.


A website with free icons, illustrations, and designs. According to the creators of the resource, they have created a platform for startups, freelancers, and creatives who are tired of tasteless photos. Content can be downloaded in .SVG and .PNG formats.

Icon Monstr

A free service with icons. The website features over 4,500 icons in 316 collections.

Icon Finder

One of the largest services for icons and illustrations. The website features both free and paid works. In the filters, you can choose the desired type and license.

Stock videos.

There are fewer free stock videos compared to photos. Often, videos are posted together with photos, but some websites exclusively focus on videos. Therefore, let's highlight them in a separate section.


A website with free video materials. All videos are manually curated by a team of video editing professionals. The website utilizes two types of licenses: Creative Commons 3.0 (videos can be used with attribution to the author) and Mazwai (videos can be used without attribution to the author). Therefore, it is necessary to check the type of license for each video.

Stock photo search engines

Sometimes it's not necessary to search for content in each individual stock photo website. It's sufficient to use a stock photo search engine.


A service that indexes content from over 20 sources simultaneously. Simply enter a keyword on the website and find relevant images from various stock photo platforms. To download the photos, users need to visit the respective sources (third-party stock photo websites).

Free downloading from paid stock photo websites

For those who are in need of free content, at the end of this material, a couple of interesting services are provided for free downloading of photos and videos from paid stock photo websites.