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Traffic arbitrage

Arbitration in TikTok, how to make money on TikTok in 2023.

Today, everyone with internet access knows about TikTok. The social network has become one of the most popular platforms. And while it used to be primarily popular among teenagers, now TikTok is being watched by moms, dads, and more. According to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, in the first quarter of 2020, the TikTok social media app was downloaded over 2 billion times!
New features and capabilities are regularly added to the app: video filters, licensed music, and more. Alongside the content tools, the advertising options are expanding as well: now there is the ability to promote specific videos, rather than just channels or websites.
In the end, TikTok can generate a significant amount of traffic. The social network has long evolved from being an underdog to becoming a source of income for entire affiliate teams. So, what verticals can one work with on TikTok and what is needed for that

What can you promote on TikTok?

Which verticals do arbitrage marketers work with on TikTok? Let's break it down.

  • Gambling. Creative ideas are not much different from what works on Facebook. Expensive cars, luxury, the opportunity to quickly earn a lot of money, and of course, emotions – all of these work not only in familiar banners but also in videos.

  • Betting. For creatives, you can use not only images of a luxurious lifestyle and earning schemes but also discussions about upcoming matches, betting strategies, and more.
  • Dating. It's a great fit for lead generation on TikTok. Traffic can be directed to dating services or apps. For creatives, attractive girls and offers to meet up are used. Note that mainstream dating can often yield more profit than adult dating.

  • E-commerce. TikTok is an excellent platform for promoting beauty products, clothing, and more. You can purchase advertising from influencers or utilize your own highly engaged accounts for promotion.

  • Nutra. Weight loss and other related offers can be promoted using "Before and After" creatives. Keep in mind that creams for joints or rheumatism are unlikely to pass moderation.
  • Adult. It is possible to work with adult content through TikTok. In this case, it would be advantageous to redirect traffic to other platforms (such as a Telegram channel) and "squeeze" it there.

Essentially, you can choose almost any vertical to work with on TikTok. The key is to prepare good creatives and have well-established accounts for your work.

Creating a high-quality account

Creating a suitable TikTok Ads account can be done independently. Buying accounts can be a good option, but the quality of purchased accounts is sometimes not ideal. Additionally, purchasing accounts requires budgets, which may not always be available.

Here is the process of creating a TikTok Ads account:

  1. Purchase and install an anti-detection browser.
  2. Register (or purchase) an email on .com domains (e.g., Google, Yahoo, etc.).
  3. Connect a proxy (the best option is an IP from cable internet or home Wi-Fi providers). Associate the proxy with the browser and visit websites to collect cookies. The more cookies collected, the better. Collecting cookies is a mandatory step.
  4. Register an account on ads.tiktok.com. Fill in the account details and verify the designated email using the verification code.
  5. Enter real data and GEO information into the account. You can choose any real store, small café, or other locations from Google Maps and copy their contact details to your profile. Be careful in selecting the country where you will conduct your "business" as it can help avoid VAT payments.
  6. Go through the moderation process, which usually takes a few minutes but can sometimes take a couple of hours. Once you see the "Good to go!" message in the Account Status section of your profile, it means the moderation process has been successfully completed.
IMPORTANT: First, launch your advertising campaigns and upload your creatives. Only link your bank card after passing moderation – and no other way around.

Promotion on TikTok

For successful work, you need accounts and you need to grow them. This can be done for free (but takes time) or for money (but faster). Of course, using account growth services can lead to problems.

Free TikTok promotion

It's simple. Register an account, create content, and upload videos. The advantageous aspect of TikTok is that you can potentially hit the trends right from the start. If your content is interesting and goes viral, you can gain a lot of views and followers within a few days.
You need to constantly follow other TikTokers, comment, and like their content for free promotion. However, don't forget about the limits - you cannot give more than 500 likes or make more than 200 follows in a day. Of course, you should carefully distribute your activity over time to avoid potential account restrictions.

Paid TikTok promotion

Certainly, you can quickly gain a lot of views by investing money into promoting your TikTok account. What methods can you use?

Buying advertising from influencers: It's a standard approach where you search for popular TikTokers with a suitable audience and offer them paid placements. The benefit of TikTok is that the cost of such advertising can be relatively low. For finding influencers, you can use services like tiktopers.ru.

Buying followers, views, and likes: There are many platforms or exchanges that can help you quickly boost the popularity of your account. However, there is a risk of getting banned, so it's important to approach this cautiously. Platforms like tmsmm.ru or 1tok.ru can assist with this.

Set up your account and add content: Only after uploading a few videos and having them reviewed by TikTok algorithms should you start boosting views and followers

Shadowban on TikTok

There are several things that can result in a shadowban on TikTok. In this case, your videos will be excluded from recommendations and shown less frequently. This means that fewer people will see your advertisements.

What can lead to a shadowban?

Here are some reasons that can lead to a shadowban:

  • Age: It is not allowed to use videos featuring children under the age of 16 (age is determined based on video analysis, profile information, and viewed content).
  • Previous violations: If your previous videos have been blocked before, there is always a chance of receiving a shadowban (you can check by examining the presence of the recommendations line in your view sources).
  • Content issues: If your videos are uninteresting or lack a cohesive theme, TikTok's algorithms may impose a shadowban as they are unable to appropriately determine who should be shown your video.

How to get out of a shadowban?

There is no straightforward way to escape a shadowban. If the number of views has decreased and the recommendation section is missing from the sources list, simply deleting the problematic content will not help. It is necessary to delete the account and create a new one, preferably with a clean IP. Freelancer platforms can be used for this purpose, where you can obtain an account registered on a smartphone that has not had the TikTok app installed before, typically for a nominal fee of 100-200 rubles.

However, if you search on Google, you can find numerous guides on how to unban any account. The effectiveness of these methods remains uncertain (while trying one of them, we stumbled upon an online casino!).

Creating creatives in TikTok

TikTok regularly introduces new features and tools that help make creatives more interesting and appealing. You can use filters, masks, augmented reality, and a wide range of licensed music tracks.

To learn about passing moderation and creating creatives with high conversion rates, you can refer to our interview with Vitaliy Gavrilov.

The key to effective advertising campaigns on TikTok is creativity. It's important to stay updated with trends and be as unique as possible. Of course, there are several classic approaches: gambling - showcasing luxury and expensive purchases, emotions and slots, sports betting - displaying wealth and a successful lifestyle, dating - featuring attractive individuals and invitations, and so on.

Keep an eye on popular channels (if you're running a self-registration), and utilize music and content trends.

And of course, it's crucial to follow TikTok's rules. Otherwise, your account may be quickly banned.

Which affiliate networks should I promote on?

The time when only a few affiliate networks accepted traffic from TikTok has passed. Now it is accepted on par with Instagram. Essentially, these are two very similar social networks, with one using video content and the other focusing on photos.

Today, you can promote both white-hat, gray-hat, and even black-hat offers on TikTok. Affiliate programs from marketplaces like Yandex.Market, AliExpress, and others can be found on networks like ePN. As for nutra, online casinos, and other profitable offers, anyone can find them on their own.

Approaches may vary, but affiliate programs and networks are ready to accept this type of traffic. All you need to do is choose an offer, determine your approach, and create unique creatives, as creativity is highly rewarded by TikTok's algorithms.


You can and should earn money on TikTok. You can search for "casino, adult, nutra, betting" and see that arbitrageurs are running campaigns on various offers. Study the approaches, create unique creatives, and test them. You can easily find many case studies of successful campaigns online.

There is a lot of traffic on TikTok, so you just need to find the right approach and start working.