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5 social media monitoring systems

In social networks, review websites, or online media outlets, these services will find any posts where people mention the company or product. Notifications (e.g. about new negative reviews) will be sent to email, messenger, or CRM system.

Such monitoring will help gather feedback, swiftly resolve conflicts, identify brand ambassadors — essentially, manage reputation and boost sales.

1. Babkee

Babkee is a participant of Skolkovo, a product by the Ingate agency. It operates with Facebook*, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, and Instagram*. In total, it monitors 55 million platforms (media, forums, and others).


  • Gathering information about mention authors: age, region, contact details.
  • Assessing the significance of messages based on their reach.
  • Identifying original sources and duplicates of mentioned messages.
  • Saving frequently used filters.
  • Retrospective data collection – up to 1,000 messages.
  • Exporting data to Excel.

The service is free, but there are limitations. A maximum of two monitoring topics and 3,000 messages per each.


Medialogy is included in the Russian software register. Among its clients are Russian Railways, Alfa-Bank, MegaFon, Zenit football club. It tracks Facebook*, YouTube, VKontakte, LiveJournal, Odnoklassniki, Telegram, Instagram*. In total, it covers 900 million sources (including tens of thousands of internet media and even the darknet).


  • Sentiment analysis of messages: identifying negative, positive, and neutral feedback.
  • Searching for deleted messages.
  • Engagement analysis (likes, shares, comments).
  • Gathering and analyzing the target audience (gender, age, marital status, education, geography) based on sources where the brand is mentioned.
  • Analysis of mentions and reviews specific to individual cities and regions.
  • Visualization of data in the form of graphs and charts, with the ability to export to DOCX, PDF, and XLSX formats.
  • Integration with any CRM and cross-analytics systems.
  • Configuration of notifications (Telegram, email, push).


The minimum tariff is 25,000 rubles per month. It includes an unlimited number of messages for analysis and the ability to search for five mentions.
There is no free tariff, but you can request a trial access.

3. Brand Analytics

Brand Analytics is the top-rated system according to AdIndex. It works with VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram*, Facebook*, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter. In total, it monitors over 40,000 sources, processing 3 billion messages per month.


  • Text recognition in images, videos, and stories.
  • Sentiment analysis: identifying negative, positive, and neutral feedback.
  • Analysis of the target audience of the mention's author and the community/account where it was made.
  • Engagement analysis for each mention: number of comments, likes, and message shares.
  • Geo-tag mention search.
  • HR brand analytics, revealing what employees are saying about the company on social media.
  • Team collaboration with access rights management.
  • Data export to DOCX, XLSX, PDF, CSV, JSON, data visualization, and reporting.
  • Integration with Telegram and ticketing systems: Zendesk, Service Creatio, Usedesk, Salesforce.

For 25,000 rubles per month, you can track up to three sources and gather up to 5,000 new messages per month. The more sources, messages, and retrospective data you need, the higher the cost will be.

4. IQBuzz

IQBuzz has been in the media and social media monitoring market for 14 years. The product is used by brands such as LitRes, CTC, Colgate, Ozon, Bosch, and others.

It monitors Facebook*, YouTube, Instagram*, Twitter, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki. In total, it covers more than 15,000 sources.


  • Tracking positive and negative reviews and the ability to respond to them from the service interface.
  • Audience analysis for communities or accounts where the brand is mentioned.
  • Tracking reach, likes, comments, and shares for each mention.
  • Determining the total number of authors and messages.
  • Deep retrospective analysis – up to 10 years (compared to others, up to a year).
  • Data export to DOCX, XLSX formats.
  • Team collaboration with access rights management.
  • Integration with Zendesk and "Megaplan" systems.

The most affordable tariff is 9,480 rubles per month. With this tariff, you can monitor up to three mentions. New users have free access for seven days.

5. YouScan

YouScan is an international company with over 10 years of presence in the market. Among its clients are brands like Nestle, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, L'Oréal, Avito, and Google.

It supports monitoring on Facebook*, YouTube, Instagram*, Twitter, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki. It tracks half a million sources and 1,000 times more mentions.


  • Sentiment analysis of reviews.
  • Analysis of the target audience of authors and sources of mentions.
  • Text recognition and analysis in images.
  • Searching for popular discussions on social networks.
  • Spam filtering is a service that automatically screens out mentions from bots.
  • Integration with Zendesk, Freshdesk, Usedesk, HelpDeskEddy, Terrasoft systems.
  • Creation of analytical reports and data visualization, export to PDF and XLSX.
  • Notifications in Telegram, Slack.

The minimum Standard plan starts at 35,000 rubles per month, allowing you to monitor up to five mention topics. You can increase the number of topics, but the cost will rise accordingly. For instance, monitoring 20 mentions on the same plan will cost 140,000 rubles. Additionally, a minimum payment for three months is required. There is a demo version available, access to which requires submitting a request.