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How to sell on Avito: detailed instructions for entrepreneurs

To sell online, it is not necessary to invest a large budget in developing a separate website. Many entrepreneurs have found success by utilizing third-party platforms.

One promising channel with significant traffic is the classifieds board "Avito." It can be used as the primary or additional source of sales. The more diverse the channels of development, the more effective the business can be. Today, we will discuss the advantages of trading on "Avito" and how to maximize profits on this platform. We will share numerous secrets and tips.

Why is it profitable to sell on Avito?

Avito is:

  • The largest classifieds board in Russia.
  • 47,000,000 monthly visitors.
  • 58,000,000 active listings.
  • 6,000,000 professional sellers.
  • A platform with a vast selection of categories.
Literally every minute, more than 100 different products and services are sold on the platform. Moreover, people buy not only new but also used items.

Primarily, Avito operates in the C2C format, where both the seller and the buyer are end consumers. This increases the level of trust between the participants of the service. However, the B2C model is also present: entrepreneurs can create their own business pages on the platform.

Advantages of Avito:

  • An easy start. You don't need to spend resources on website development, advertising setup, or strategy planning.

  • There are many useful tools for business development. Sellers have access to advanced statistics, the ability to create a store page with all their offerings, automatic ad renewal, detailed descriptions, photos, and more. There are also promotion services available that can help stand out among competitors and attract a warm audience.
  • Advice and instructions from platform employees. The website features helpful publications that can help users quickly understand professional tools and choose the optimal tariff for themselves.

The platform allows selling personal belongings, products from various manufacturers, and services. Registered sellers can attract financially capable customers for their existing businesses and scale by expanding the geographical reach of their sales.

Rules for creating effective ads

Starting to sell on "Avito" is easy: simply create listings and configure the receiving of inquiries. However, it's important to consider that not all listings perform equally effectively.

To maximize results, it's necessary to craft compelling offers and pay attention to certain nuances and platform rules. Otherwise, the listings may not pass the moderation stage.

Let's go through all the components step by step.

Product selection and value analysis

If you don't have ready ideas regarding your product offering, start by studying the demand. Look at what your competitors are offering and gather interesting ideas. Familiarize yourself with prices and reviews.

Have you identified your product? Check its value. To do this, find similar listings and assess how long they have been active and how frequently they are viewed. If an offer has been on the platform for months without any updates, it indicates a lack of demand. However, if the product holds value for buyers, you can confidently create and publish your listing.

Price tag formation

Pricing strategy on Avito is an important consideration. We recommend studying the current offerings of sellers in the relevant category before setting a specific price. You can enter the price later in the designated field.

Have you researched the prices? Calculate the average value taking into account the cost price and an optimal markup. You can even slightly increase the price, anticipating the possibility of offering a discount. For example, asking for 1,300 rubles for a product with an objective price of 1,100 rubles. Buyers on Avito often request a discount of 200-300 rubles, depending on the product category.
Why shouldn't you underprice your products? The reason is that there is immense competition on the platform. When users search for a specific product, they often set a price range filter. As a result, if your price is too low, you simply won't appear in their search results.

Additionally, excessively low-priced items raise suspicion among buyers, and their concerns are justified because low prices often indicate products with defects or outright junk.

However, excessively inflated prices are also detrimental. They can lead to a decrease in the number of views, as fewer potential customers will be interested in your listing.

In general, you can experiment with pricing. The data can be easily adjusted in the settings. If you don't want buyers to see the price reduction history, you can delete the current listing and replace it with a new one.

Choosing a category

The proper selection of a category significantly impacts future sales, and it is where the creation of a listing begins.

The service offers numerous sections:

  • Transport
  • Electronics
  • Hobbies and Leisure
  • Pets
  • Personal Belongings
  • Household/Garden Items
  • Ready-made Businesses and Equipment
  • Real Estate
Each of these sections is further divided into relevant subsections. If you fail to select any of these subsections during the listing publication process, it can lead to a loss of potential customers. The majority of platform users search for products through the sections rather than using specific search terms. This is especially true for mobile applications.
In order for people to see your product, be sure to put a mark in the most appropriate section. For example, "Personal items" – "Children's clothing and shoes" – "For boys".

Creating a header

A compelling and attention-grabbing headline is already a part of successful work that can drive desired sales. The maximum length for a headline on Avito is 50 characters. Utilize them fully to convey the essence and value of your offer effectively.

Rules for creating a selling header:

  1. First, indicate what you are selling, such as "Dress," "Jacket," or "Television."
  2. Specify the main detail or characteristic, such as "Floor-length Sun-Flare Skirt Dress."
  3. Include the brand name or other important features, such as "Floor-length Sun-Flare Skirt Dress by Polla Fashion."
  4. If necessary, incorporate an evaluative word, such as "Airy Dress" or "Impact-Resistant Watch."

The headline is the first thing a potential customer sees in the search results. According to platform guidelines, it should only contain the name of the item. However, there are no specific restrictions on using descriptive adjectives. Therefore, including the main feature or evaluation can help you stand out among similar listings.

Preparation of the descriptive part

Next comes the most crucial stage. You need to present your product to potential customers effectively and provide as much detailed information as possible that could interest them. The specific content will depend on the nature of the offer itself.

A few examples:

  • Clothing: Specify the size chart, color range, type of material/fittings, and other details (presence of pockets, type of insulation, convenience of fastenings, etc.). You can also mention how this model can be paired or for which occasions it is suitable - for everyday wear or special occasions.

  • Mobile phones: Mention the manufacturer, color, all technical specifications, included accessories, and condition (if the item is not new).

  • Bicycles: Include the country of manufacture, type, color, and technical specifications. You can also add a link to an online video review of the offered model.
In addition to the main content, it is worth using various enhancing elements.

For example, you can talk about specific benefits for the buyer:

  • A laptop on which you can play your favorite games without delays, freezes, and speed loss.
  • A spacious dining table that can accommodate the entire extended family.

However, the description should primarily consist of essential information: specifications, properties, exact parameters. The platform only allows the publication of texts in the Russian language. It is not allowed to include contact information, call for participation in giveaways, or advertise the store separately from the product.

Uploading photos

Product photos are an essential component of a compelling advertisement on the platform. "Empty" listings with just text are not viewed by anyone. They lack credibility and rarely attract a significant number of views. Consumers want to see the product. For example, if you are selling a jacket, take separate photos of the front view, back view, lining, sleeves, zipper, and pockets.

General rules for creating snapshots:

  • Prepare the product for photography by cleaning and wiping it, if necessary.
  • Use a high-quality camera.
  • Set up a solid, contrasting background.
  • Take photos of the item from different angles, showcasing all its sides.
  • Highlight details and nuances.

The photos should show everything, including any existing defects. Honesty helps to make a sale. Deceptive perfect images, even if they lead to a purchase, can result in complaints and negative reviews.

You can also add a video of the product by uploading it to YouTube beforehand. On Avito, it is not allowed to place watermarks or contact information on the images, include crossed-out old prices, or use attention-grabbing words like "Urgent" or "Sale" in the photos.

Filling in contact fields for quick feedback.

Buyers on Avito prefer to contact sellers in one of two ways:

  1. By phone.
  2. Through messages.

For the phone option, there is a separate field in the message template. Leave your most frequently used phone number there. If necessary, indicate the optimal time for calls. It is advisable to respond as quickly as possible and not be tied to specific time frames, especially for individual entrepreneurs (ИП).

To promptly respond to buyer inquiries, install the free Avito mobile application. It will send instant notifications.

Additionally, fill in the remaining fields and specify your location. After passing moderation, your listing will appear in the platform's search results.

Secrets of successful sales on Avito

To find potential buyers more efficiently on this platform, we recommend taking note of the following tips:

  1. Timing: Sell your items in a timely manner, especially seasonal products. Sleds, skis, Christmas decorations, and fur coats sell well during winter, while swimsuits, sunglasses, lightweight dresses, and garden equipment are in demand from late spring onwards. It may seem obvious, but not everyone considers this factor. Of course, sales of year-round products are not tied to specific seasons.
  2. Target major cities: When posting your ads, specify major cities or regional centers as the location. This will attract a larger number of potential customers. You can also create separate listings for different cities, but make sure to use different photos and descriptions; otherwise, your ad may be rejected during moderation.
  3. Effective communication: Engage with buyers politely and respectfully. Respond promptly to any questions about the product and clarify details. If you're unsure about something, it's better to admit it rather than ignore the inquiry. However, avoid going to extremes: removing an ad from the platform just because someone promises to buy is not advisable. Do so only after receiving a deposit or full payment.
  4. Allow for negotiation: Avito buyers often enjoy bargaining, so consider including a small discount in your initial price. This way, you can make slight concessions if necessary. However, any price reduction should be justified, such as for a defect, self-pickup from a designated location, or the purchase of multiple items simultaneously. Never agree to unreasonably low prices.
  5. High-quality photos and descriptions: As mentioned in the previous section, photos and text serve as a selling showcase, significantly influencing the buyer's final decision. Don't forget to provide accurate measurements, such as height, length, and width for furniture, or insole length for footwear.

Popular items on the platform

Ready-made classified ad boards are great because they already have an established audience. However, it's important to understand that not every product sells well here, and like anywhere else, there are specific preferences.

Before entering the platform with your offer, it's necessary to find out which products consistently have high demand. Otherwise, you might make a miscalculation.

According to analytics, one-third of sales on Avito are made in the "Personal Items" section. The second most popular category is "Transport," which accounts for approximately 23% of sales. Another highly popular category with record-breaking sales is "Consumer Electronics." To determine which items will sell best on the platform, conduct the following research:

  • Study the search history using "Yandex.Wordstat" or Google Trends.
  • Look for analytical reports on demand trends on Avito.
  • Check what items are currently trending on the platform.

Afterwards, set a competitive average price and create an appealing offer.
In the ranking of products with stable demand, the leaders are:

  1. Auto parts.
  2. iPhones.
  3. Baby strollers/toys.
  4. Women's shoes.
  5. Tablets, laptops.
  6. Furniture.
  7. Refrigerators.

Some products are prohibited from being implemented on the platform.

In particular, these include:

  1. Counterfeit products.
  2. Unauthorized software.
  3. Precious gemstones.
  4. Medicines and medical services.
  5. Tobacco, drugs, and alcohol.
  6. Weapons.
  7. Financial services, securities.

The complete list can be found in the rules posted on the official website.

Is it worth using paid services?

The number of available free publications on Avito is limited. There is a strictly defined monthly limit for different categories, and some sections are fully paid. While these limits may be sufficient for individual users, businesses often need to submit additional paid advertisements. This is one of the mandatory expenses on the platform.

The cost of paid listings depends on the specific category and region. It is calculated when creating a publication after filling in the necessary parameters.

To promote their ads, users can order special VIP services. The service has recently changed its search algorithms and introduced six new services tailored to the updated conditions. Now sellers only need to choose the duration and power of promotion, and the system will automatically select a suitable service.

What is the difference between paid services:

  • The promotion offers different options based on duration, such as 1 and 7 days,
  • and power, with options of x2, x5, or x10 views.
  • It also includes frequency and placement, with the choice of appearing on top positions in search results or in recommendations.
  • There are additional features to enhance the appearance of the ad.

Promotion is planned for a specific period, and detailed statistics are provided for each advertisement. Businesses are offered three tariff plans: "Basic," "Advanced," and "Maximum."
Paid services are necessary to increase sales because higher-ranked ads generally receive more views. In some cases, paid promotion can help multiply the number of transactions by 2-3 times. If you don't have a budget for advertising, you can still make use of the tips and recommendations we discussed earlier as life hacks.

How not to get caught by scammers and inadequates?

Avito often encounters cases of fraud that confuse many novice sellers.

One of the most common schemes is messages requesting an exchange. The content of these messages is usually like this: "Hi. I propose an exchange, check out the item in the photo." At the end of the message, a malicious link is placed, which should not be clicked. Otherwise, a virus may infiltrate your phone or computer, and the malicious actor can withdraw money from your card/wallet.

Another variation is the upfront payment scheme, which is a more complex scheme:

  • The buyer calls and inquires about the item, showing genuine interest.
  • They declare their intention to purchase the item and transfer a partial amount to your account, requesting all necessary details.
  • After some time, they ask for additional information, claiming that their bank requires it – such as an SMS code, CVC from the back of the card, or the card's expiration date.
  • The seller unwittingly provides confidential information and loses money.
If you want to avoid falling for such tricks, never provide unnecessary information to anyone. Even if someone calls you and claims to be a bank employee. The only information you should share with buyers on Avito is the card number, full name, or the name of the individual entrepreneur.


Avito is a promising platform with a low entry barrier for businesses. The service provides a minimal set of necessary tools for development and has an established audience. All sellers need to do is choose products with stable demand, set appropriate prices, and create high-quality advertisements. Many product categories sell quickly, profitably, and without significant issues on Avito. Therefore, it can be confidently used as a separate sales channel or as a supplement to your own online store.