Overview of affiliate programs
Overview of affiliate programs" можно определить как a review and description of various affiliate programs that offer earning opportunities in internet marketing. Such overviews typically include details on the terms of participation in the program, the amount of commission payouts
Traffic arbitrage

The current method for promoting content on Facebook through paid advertising or organically. March 2023.

Hello! Here's the translation of the method you provided for topping up Facebook as of March 14, 2023:

The essence of the method is as follows: Set up a cheap farm account, attach Business Managers (BM), link a card, take the risk of being charged, go through the deduction process, pay a $2 prepayment, and that's it. Depending on the card, the bank, and whether it is closed or not, the prepayment may be refunded back to the account. (It is also possible to proceed without the risk using the prepayment.)
You will need:
  • (1 unit) - 170 rubles - Farm account with 14+ days of farming, registered under a fake identity (can be obtained from the Telegram bot @SocroboticStoreBot).
  • (5 units) - 80 rubles each/400 rubles total - Business Managers (BM) without Business Verification (BV), available for purchase at https://akk-fb.shop/.
  • (1 unit) - 4 rubles - Proxy service available at https://proxy6.net/ (you can use the coupon/promo code "jSa7eaZbIJ" to get a 5% discount on your purchase).
  • (1 unit) - Card - I use the Kiwi Master package, where one card is sufficient for 10 account linkings.


  1. Access the farm account, registered under a fake identity, using an anti-detection browser like Dolphin. Immediately navigate to the Ads Manager without any delays or other actions. Launch the account and observe the results.
  2. Retrieve the BM links from the file and sequentially add them to the farm account.
  3. Create an ad account (RK) for each BM. If you already have one, you can skip this step. It is not necessary to verify the email on the BM account.
  4. Link a card to each BM. For example, for a Ukrainian account using USD currency, enter any 12 digits for the VAT (for example, PB 10$). For an Azerbaijani account using EGP currency, enter any 12-14 digits (approximately $12-14). After linking the card, the risk will immediately appear, which can be resolved by following this link: https://facebook.com/payments/risk/preauth/?ad_account_id=935838867034748&entrypoint=WWW_AYMT_NOTIFICATION. Replace "935838867034748" in the link with the code found after "act=" in the link.
  5. You can now start running ad campaigns on the BM accounts.

In summary:

The cost of launching, including prepayments, amounts to 574 rubles or $7.6, plus $10 for prepayment, totaling $17.6. The ad spend is $50. Considering that the prepayments will be refunded, the net cost is $7.6 for a $50 ad spend, resulting in a net profit of $17.4 (50% of the ad spend). Even with a small number of campaigns launched, the profit is positive. Additionally, considering that you can attach 20-40 or more BMs to one farm account, the cost becomes even lower. Furthermore, the prepayments are refunded back to the account.

If we consider having 20 BMs on the farm account (though you can have even more), the total cost including prepayments would be 1774 rubles or $23.5, plus $40 for prepayment, totaling $63.5. With a $200 ad spend, the net profit at 50% would be $76.5 (or even higher, around $106.5 if using EGP).

Keep in mind that it is possible to further reduce the cost of launching, which will be discussed below.

How to reduce costs:

  1. Attach 20-40 Business Managers (BM) to each farm account, up to the limit set by Facebook.
  2. Search for and find cheaper farm accounts that are suitable for your purposes and meet the necessary criteria.
  3. Look for affordable options when purchasing BMs. For example, you can create your own BMs using auto-registration services, such as Instagram. Purchase an auto-registration service for around 20 rubles, create a fake profile, add Instagram to it, complete all the necessary verifications, and you have a ready-to-use BM. Repeat this process multiple times, within Facebook's limits, to acquire more BMs. Giving the accounts some time to age can increase the number of available BMs even further.

Additional answers to possible questions and challenges:

(If you couldn't find an answer to your question, feel free to message me on Telegram @artemzkh, and I'll be happy to help.)

  • It is not necessary to purchase from the specific stores I mentioned. They were just examples of where I obtained accounts for testing purposes, and they worked. I recommend searching for cheaper options to reduce the launch costs and ensure you always have the necessary supplies for launching. Here are some places where you can find Facebook account stores: https://leque.shop/goods/facebook and https://cpa.rip/shops/.

  • As for the cards, I use the Qiwi Master package, which refunds the prepayment within 3 days if the card is open, or up to 21 days if the card is closed (I always close it to prevent potential charges immediately after the prepayment is refunded, ensuring that I will receive it guaranteed, albeit slightly later). Credo Bank refunds the prepayment within 1 day, Mono Bank takes up to 5 days, and Alfa Bank takes up to 3 days. Please note that these time frames may vary slightly depending on the bank. It is not necessary to use Qiwi Master like I do; you can use any other cards. The main point is to have the risk appear after binding the card, which you will pass through the prepayment deduction. Currently, the issue lies in the policy/zrd after launching, even with mega farm accounts.

  • You can attach more than 5 BMs to one account. I mentioned 5 as an example quantity, but some farm accounts can handle 20, 40, or even more BMs. If you give the accounts some time to age, you can attach even more BMs. Facebook will simply notify you when you have reached the limit and cannot add more. Recently, there have been no issues with checks or logins, even with cheap proxies. Feel free to use them confidently and scale your operations.