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Overview of affiliate programs" можно определить как a review and description of various affiliate programs that offer earning opportunities in internet marketing. Such overviews typically include details on the terms of participation in the program, the amount of commission payouts
Traffic arbitrage

A compilation of useful and convenient plugins for arbitrage professionals.

In the work of an arbitrage professional, there are many routine processes that need to be performed, despite the fact that they consume time and energy. For example, data collection and analysis for SEO optimization, improving social media advertising, password management, and so on. Moreover, monitoring needs to be done not only for one's own websites and accounts but also for others for comparison. Plugins can help with this by taking on some of the arbitrage tasks.
According to StatCounter data, in 2022, the world's most popular browser remained Google. In September, it held over 65% of the global browser market, followed by Safari with 18.66%, and Microsoft's Edge with 4.32% in the top three. In Russia, the situation was almost identical: Google was in first place (54%), followed by Yandex Browser (15.72%) in second place, and Safari (13.52%) in third.
So, we've put together a selection of useful extensions for the most popular browsers—Google and Safari. Although most of them are also suitable for other browsers.

Google Browser


This extension allows you to obtain detailed SEO analytics for a website, including its ranking and position in search results, the number of website visitors, user interactions, and user paths. Additionally, this tool provides data on audience demographics, traffic sources, and geographical information.
With Similarweb, you can analyze not only your own website but also competitors, allowing you to study their metrics. And if you're considering purchasing a website, there's a chance to evaluate its effectiveness.


This tool allows you to determine how well a website complies with Google's browser requirements. Based on the collected information, Lighthouse provides some recommendations for improving the website.


This extension assists in website SEO optimization. The service analyzes the website and assigns it a score on a 100-point scale, taking into account factors such as content uniqueness, SEO metrics, usability, mobile and desktop interface, bounce rate, user engagement, and so on.

Language Tool и Grammarly

Such tools assist in working with spelling, vocabulary, and style on a website. The plugin underlines and highlights syntactical and grammatical errors, detects typos. Language Tool works with 25 languages (including Russian), so if you are dealing with various regions, this tool will be particularly useful. Grammarly, on the other hand, focuses on different versions of English, but it compensates for the lack of languages with its thoroughness in checking.


Facebook accounts can be banned for various reasons, and often the explanation from moderators can be quite vague, such as 'Violation of advertising policies.' The Maskfb extension allows you to find out the exact reason for the Facebook ban and rectify it.

Google Analytics URL Builder

This extension allows for quicker and easier creation of tracking links, such as utm-links, which can later be used for traffic analysis. The service enables the addition or editing of existing templates based on parameters crucial for tracking. Additionally, the plugin includes a feature for automatically shortening links using bit.ly (which needs to be activated in the extension).

PPC NegativeKeywords

Usually, everyone is looking for tools to gather keywords for SEO optimization. The PPC Negative Keywords plugin works slightly differently; its goal is to save negative words and phrases to a collection (those words that do not match your business theme and do not trigger ads).
It also analyzes keywords from Google Ads, Bing Ads, Serpstat, Yandex.Direct, Yandex.Metrica, and Yandex.Wordstat. Then, it combines all the data into a unified list.

Serpstat Plugin

This extension, based on the SEO tool Serpstat, is used for analyzing a website's semantics, backlink profile, search engine rankings, and data collection from other sources. While this plugin offers reduced functionality, it can still display website traffic volume, its visibility (i.e., how often the site appears in search engines), the number of keywords used, and the number of competitors in your niche.

Google Page Analytics

This plugin tracks the number of views, clicks, bounce rates, and the duration of visits by users on the pre-landing and landing pages of your product.


In arbitrage, you often have to open many different tabs, and if you don't clean them up (or if you need to keep all these links open), it can lead to a chaotic mess. Moreover, such a situation can result in excessive PC memory usage.
The OneTab extension organizes the chaos into a convenient list that you can always check and find the necessary link at the moment. As a result, this will not only save your time (while you find that one link) but also your device's memory.

Safari Browser

Most extensions have versions for different browsers running on Windows. For example, a plugin for Google has an identical counterpart for Firefox or Mozilla. However, when it comes to Safari, the situation is often the opposite because Apple's products have a more closed system (and you have to pay for adding plugins). Therefore, the list of Safari plugins is not as extensive.


This extension allows you to shorten the size of links and make them more customized. This way, Rebrandly optimizes the link for search results. Additionally, the plugin has another benefit: a shorter URL is easier for users to remember, which positively impacts brand recognition overall.

SEOquake(there is also for Google)

This extension allows you to determine how well your website is optimized for SEO. With its help, you can check the number of internal and external links, gather information about domains and URL addresses, find out if your website has been mentioned on social media (and if so, in which ones and how often). Additionally, SEOquake analyzes keyword databases and provides a report on how many of them are used in the design of the examined website.
Moreover, SEO analysis can be conducted not only on your own resources but also on others to compare effectiveness metrics. The extension's interface can be customized according to your preferences, taking into account the specific indicators that interest you.


This extension is an equivalent of Language Tool in Google. The tool helps work with text from a grammatical, lexical, and orthographic perspective. It can detect and underline errors, offer alternative (more correct) options next to the incorrect word: clicking on the mistake will automatically correct it.

LastPass(for Google, Safari and Yandex)

In arbitrage, you often have to remember many passwords for personal accounts and more. The LastPass extension will remember usernames and passwords for you and securely store them in an encrypted format on their server (the functionality of this plugin is more extensive than the built-in password manager in Safari). The plugin automatically enters the data when logging into a website.
Moreover, with LastPass, you can switch between browsers and devices, and the necessary data will always be at your fingertips thanks to synchronization. You just need to remember the password for your LastPass account.

For Yandex Browser and more

The browser from the Yandex team is the second most popular browser in Russia in 2022. Partly, this is due to Russian companies shifting towards domestic development. This browser was primarily designed to work in the Russian-speaking internet space, and there are not as many plugins of interest to arbitrage professionals available there.
It's worth noting that you can install its own extensions for the Yandex browser, but plugins developed for Opera will also work. We will consider two extensions for Yandex, created by Russian teams.

Yandex Wordstat Helper(for Google too)

This extension is used for working with semantics in SEO optimization of a website, primarily for the Yandex search engine. However, it works not only in Yandex but also in the Google browser. This plugin allows you to group words alphabetically, by frequency, by the order of addition, check for duplicates, copy with and without frequency in a single click, synchronize work between tabs, and include a word count, among other features.

Popsters(Google, Yandex browser)

This extension provides statistical data for any page or post on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, VK, YouTube, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, Coub, Flickr, and Pinterest. It can analyze not only your own but also others' (including competitors') pages. With Popster, you can find out which posts have become the most popular in terms of likes and shares, receive information on views and likes over different time periods, and learn about metrics like ER (Engagement Rate), LR (Like Rate), and TR (Total Reach), and more. Reports can be exported in Excel or PDF formats.


Google remains the most popular browser among users in 2022, which is why most plugins are primarily created for it, with versions for other browsers appearing later. Among these programs, there are many that make the lives of arbitrage professionals easier, including tools for SEO optimization, password managers, grammar correction software, plugins that identify the reasons for Facebook bans, and more. Thanks to them, one can save effort and time, redirecting them towards creating creatives or developing new strategies.