Top affiliate programs

We have compiled our rating of affiliate programs and are sharing with you the best affiliate programs for earning money

Top affiliate programs

    Binary options

    Binary options are affiliate programs of exchanges on which users are offered to make predictions about the behavior of currency pairs. For example, predict whether USD will rise against EUR or not. Advertisers and networks are willing to pay on a CPA model (for opening an account and depositing), RevShare (a percentage of the money spent by the customer), or Hybrid (a combination of CPA and RevShare)

      e-Commerce affiliate programs

      e-Commerce affiliate programs are a product vertical in traffic arbitrage. The main payment model is CPS (PPS): cost per sale, where the advertiser pays for the purchase of goods made by the attracted customers. Working with SS (payment for the product directly on the landing page) or Trial (payment for the delivery of a free trial batch and subscription to regular delivery of goods) is also possible.

        Gambling affiliate programs

        Gambling is a vertical dedicated to online gambling. In it, you can find offers from affiliate networks and direct advertisers for online casinos. Advertisers typically pay on a CPA model (for the first deposit) or RevShare (a percentage of the money lost by players). Combined payments are also possible. The rarest working model is CPL, where the casino pays for a confirmed user registration.

          CPA networks

          CPA networks are companies that aggregate offers from various advertisers and offer them to affiliates. Usually, networks work with several verticals at once, so you can always find an offer for your traffic. However, there are networks that specialize in a certain niche (for example, gambling or nutra). Most often, they offer exclusive working conditions.

            Teaser networks

            Teaser networks are advertising networks (traffic sources) that specialize in teaser advertising. Companies offer to place ads (teasers) on their sites to get a flow of users. A teaser is a small banner with a bright picture and a clickbait headline. They are most often used to promote offers from verticals such as nutra, gambling, betting, or e-commerce

              Dating affiliate programs

              Dating affiliate programs are partner programs and networks that specialize in offers in the dating vertical (matchmaking). Advertisers pay for attracting users to websites, services, or dating apps. Typically, the work is done on a CPA model (purchase of VIP statuses, tokens, etc.), CPL (registration), or RevShare (a percentage of all user spending on the service or in the app)

                Affiliate programs for online stores

                Affiliate programs for online stores allow even a small niche blogger or webmaster with an audience of, say, 500 unique visitors per day to earn money! Simply register with ePN, choose the stores you want to work with, and get your platform (blog, website, social media group, YouTube channel, etc.) approved.

                In addition to standard offers that work on a cost-per-action (CPA) basis, our partner store referral programs deserve special attention. Some sellers are willing to pay lifetime commissions for customers brought to their online store.

                  Adult affiliate programs

                  Adult is a vertical in traffic arbitrage dedicated to the "18+" category. This includes offers from intimate stores, porn hosting, webcam sites, and other resources with erotic or pornographic content. Depending on the type of resource, advertisers pay for subscriptions, purchasing products, buying tokens on the site, registrations, etc


                    Sweepstakes are prize draws and quizzes on the internet. The user participates in the draw without making any monetary contributions. In other words, sweepstakes may seem like a fun freebie to the average internet user. But it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Even though the user doesn't pay any money to participate, they pay with their personal information

                      Product affiliate networks

                      Product affiliate networks (or product CPA networks) are affiliate programs focused on working with product offers, that is, they deal with the implementation of physical goods

                        Financial affiliate programs

                        Financial affiliate programs are programs and networks specializing exclusively in financial offers. They offer to attract customers to obtain loans, microloans, debit and credit cards, and more. In this vertical, you can work not only with CPA networks but also with direct advertisers: large banks and microfinance organizations.

                          Course and info product affiliate programs

                          Course and info product affiliate programs are not considered to be among the "popular" verticals in affiliate marketing. However, offers in the infobusiness niche can bring in a good income. This is especially relevant now, when online education is at its peak of popularity. Today, we will talk about what affiliate programs in the infobusiness niche are and how to earn money on online courses. We will also give you some useful case studies on selling info products.

                            Pharma affiliate programs

                            Pharma affiliate programs are a vertical in arbitrage that offers offers for the sale of prescription drugs. Unlike nutra, these products always have the advertised effect claimed by the advertiser. The main payment model is CPS, which means that affiliates are paid for each product purchased by the customer. When working with pharma, it is necessary to study the legislation of the country where you plan to send traffic

                              Mobile CPA

                              Mobile CPA is a type of affiliate network that works exclusively with mobile traffic. They often offer offers for app or game installs (CPI - cost per install) or completing certain actions within them (CPA - purchases, subscriptions, obtaining VIP accounts, etc.). These networks are suitable for monetizing wap sites, social media communities, and more

                                Forex affiliate networks

                                Forex affiliate networks are networks and programs with offers from brokers and dealing centers that operate in the Forex currency market. You can work with them on a CPA model (opening an account and depositing funds), RevShare (a percentage of the money spent by the attracted trader) and a referral program (attracting other users by your traders, who will also bring you income).

                                  Legal affiliate programs

                                  Legal affiliate programs are another way to monetize traffic that is often unfairly overlooked. However, no special skills or tricks are required for arbitrage in the legal niche, and affiliate programs can bring in a relatively small but stable income. In our review, we will look at the features of such partner programs, how to drive traffic to legal services, and compile a ranking of the main offers.

                                    Nutra affiliate programs

                                    Nutra affiliate programs specialize in offers related to various health and beauty products. These include dietary supplements, weight loss aids, facial and body cosmetics, joint creams, and more. Nutra is a trending vertical in traffic arbitrage due to the high demand for these types of offers.

                                      Betting affiliate programs

                                      The best betting is the one that brings in good profits. We've collected all the betting affiliate programs in one place so you can choose the best one. Read reviews, compare payout terms, and see restrictions on traffic sources.

                                      The top betting affiliate programs are ranked based on a rating system. Each program is assigned a score from one to ten. Dozens of factors affect the score, and we consider each one to ensure that the top spots are filled by truly worthy CPA networks where it's comfortable to earn.

                                        Video affiliate networks

                                        Video affiliate networks are affiliate programs that offer payment for views. To earn money, you need to invite users to watch videos using a personal link. At the same time, you can independently choose which video to promote. However, there is a difficulty in working with such affiliate networks: all channels go through moderation, so you can get a rejection even at the stage of connecting to the affiliate program.

                                          Push advertising networks

                                          Push networks are companies that allow you to monetize traffic using push notifications (short advertising messages sent to users' PCs and mobile devices). The standard models of operation are CPA (cost per action), CPC (cost per click), and RevShare (revenue is generated from clicks on the ad after users have clicked through to the advertiser's website).

                                            Wap Click affiliate networks

                                            Wap Click affiliate networks are affiliate programs that help monetize mobile traffic. The working scheme is as follows: a user opens a website on their smartphone, clicks on an interface element, and gains access to content, automatically subscribing in one click. The webmaster receives a reward from the advertiser for this.

                                              Travel affiliate programs

                                              Travel affiliate programs are affiliate networks and programs that operate in the travel vertical. Advertisers pay for targeted actions related to the travel industry: buying tickets or tours, booking hotel rooms, obtaining insurance, renting transportation, etc.

                                                Poker affiliate programs

                                                Poker affiliate programs are partnership programs for various online poker services and rooms. Advertisers pay for attracting new players using two main models: CPA (first deposit) and RevShare (a percentage of the money lost by players). Also, work is possible on a mixed model - Hybrid (reduced rate for CPA + RevShare).

                                                  File sharing networks

                                                  File sharing networks - such partner programs allow you to earn money from downloads of any files. For example, you can upload interesting videos, keys to antivirus or games, or any software to a file sharing service. When a user tries to download the file, they will be shown ads or will need to pay for premium access to ensure high download speed. After that, you will receive a reward from the advertiser.

                                                    Educational affiliate programs

                                                    Educational affiliate programs are companies and affiliate networks that offer clients the opportunity to have their theses, coursework, and essays written for them. Webmasters or arbitrageurs receive payouts for each order placed. The advantageous difference of the essay vertical is the long customer lifetime value. If the user is satisfied with the result, they are likely to order writing services again, and the webmaster will receive another payout.

                                                      Cryptocurrency affiliate programs

                                                      Cryptocurrency affiliate programs, or crypto affiliate networks, are networks and programs that specialize in cryptocurrency offers. They can work with cryptocurrency exchanges, remote mining companies, or equipment sales for cryptocurrency mining. Payments are made on a CPA model (such as depositing funds on the exchange or purchasing mining equipment), RevShare (a percentage of money spent on the exchange), or Hybrid

                                                        Cashback affiliate programs

                                                        Cashback affiliate programs are partnership programs of various cashback services. In this case, the task of an arbitrator is to attract customers with favorable purchasing conditions in various online stores (the buyer receives a part of the spent funds). After the purchase, the store transfers the reward to the cashback service, which then transfers a portion of the money to the webmaster.

                                                          Link aggregators

                                                          Link aggregators – these are services for automatically promoting websites in search engines and attracting new users to websites. Affiliate programs of link aggregators allow you to earn money by attracting thematic traffic. In this case, the affiliate program pays commissions for new customers who clicked on the advertiser's link.

                                                            SMS affiliate programs

                                                            SMS affiliate programs – these are affiliate networks and programs that provide the opportunity to monetize web and mobile traffic through paid services. After clicking on such a site, the user can pay for access to it using SMS payment. Such services usually offer access to games, diet programs, or adult content.

                                                              What affiliate programs pay for

                                                              Affiliate programs pay substantial amounts for attracting new participants. This refers to real people who are willing to use their personal finances and enjoy the game.

                                                              Acceptable types of traffic often include:

                                                              • Traffic from social networks such as Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, and advertising in various Telegram channels (not to be confused with betting channels);
                                                              • Push traffic: (advertising traffic).
                                                              • Portals, all kinds of blogs and websites.
                                                              • And similar sources.

                                                              Acceptable and prohibited traffic resources are individual for each affiliate program and offer (bookmaker). The easiest way to obtain this information is to contact the manager of a particular affiliate program or to check the offer card on the official website of the affiliate program.

                                                              There are two types of payment:

                                                              CPA - a fixed payment for manipulations (first deposit and registration). Often this is a baseline (replenishment of a certain amount on the client's account in the betting company, in one payment or several). The participant deposited 500 rubles into their personal account in the betting company, and you receive a CPA payment at this time.

                                                              RevShare - a percentage of the betting company's revenue (from the losses of players you referred). There is only a percentage from losses without a baseline. A participant who loses money replenishes your account, for example, by 20% (through the revshare system), with a deposit of 500 rubles. The revenue percentage for revshare depends on the specific betting company.

                                                              The hybrid model involves combined percentages from your referred participant's deposit (you receive a fixed amount) and their losses.

                                                              Your RevShare balance can go negative. If your referred participant wins, you lose funds in proportion to the amount your referral won.

                                                              If your referrals win more often, you will simply go into a huge negative, and it will also be quite difficult to get out of it.

                                                              Of course, some "experts" try to inflate and bypass the system, generating traffic through Seosprint or simply attracting their friends by making a minimal deposit and going through the registration process.

                                                              Often these manipulations are carried out with CPA payouts because it is significantly more substantial than the baseline. Whether to do this or not is, of course, your choice, but I do not recommend it since affiliate programs quickly catch on to such manipulations and simply ban the account, freezing funds without the possibility of unlocking, and this is definitely not worth it. It's better to go the honest way, attracting participants by improving traffic from acceptable resources and not subjecting your account to freezing and loss of funds.

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