Traffic arbitrage cases
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Teaser Traffic in Arbitrage: Current Cases in 2023

Teaser networks are one of the oldest and most established sources of traffic. At the same time, they have several advantages:

Simplicity. No need to farm accounts or deal with complex moderation. We select a teaser network for the offer and start driving traffic. Teasers allow for a wide range of shock content, and you won't get penalized for it.
Affordability. Practically all teaser networks offer a small price per 1000 impressions.
Volume. In a short amount of time, you can get a large flow of visitors.
In this section, we will publish up-to-date cases from the world of traffic arbitrage. Not just successful ones, as you can also learn from mistakes. The 2023 cases in teaser traffic arbitrage will help readers understand the logic of webmasters and the nuances of working with offers and traffic sources.

    Advantages of Teaser Traffic in Arbitrage

    Teaser networks have several advantages for traffic arbitrage, making them an attractive source of traffic for many webmasters.


    Unlike other traffic sources that require the creation of multiple accounts or complex moderation, teaser networks are relatively simple to use. After choosing the appropriate network for the offer, you can start driving traffic without the need for complex account setup or moderation.


    Teaser networks offer traffic at a relatively low cost per 1000 impressions compared to other traffic sources. This makes them an attractive option for webmasters who are looking for cost-effective ways to generate traffic.


    Teaser networks offer a significant volume of traffic in a short amount of time. This allows webmasters to quickly scale their campaigns and drive more visitors to their offers.

    Successful Cases in 2023

    There are many successful cases of webmasters using teaser traffic in their arbitrage efforts. For example, one webmaster used teaser traffic to promote a new dating offer, resulting in a 30% increase in conversions. Another webmaster used teasers to drive traffic to a cryptocurrency offer, resulting in a 50% increase in profits.

    Learning from Mistakes

    Not all cases are successful, and webmasters can also learn from their mistakes. For example, one webmaster tried to use teaser traffic to promote a skincare offer but failed to consider the ad content's relevancy to the offer. As a result, the campaign generated poor quality traffic and few conversions.


    Teaser traffic remains an attractive source of traffic in 2023 due to its simplicity, affordability, and volume. By studying successful cases and learning from mistakes, webmasters can optimize their campaigns and generate more traffic and conversions.

    Traffic arbitrage cases

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