Traffic arbitrage cases
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Arbitrage Traffic on myTarget: Current Cases in 2023

MyTarget is a platform that combines several advertising networks on platforms owned by For example, you can advertise on "Odnoklassniki", "VKontakte", "Yula", and other platforms. Arbitrageurs are not very active in using it, but those who decide to launch advertising there get excellent results. In this section, we will discuss how much you can earn on traffic arbitrage in MyTarget and how to reach such amounts.


    MyTarget is a relatively new player in the advertising industry. It is a Russian platform created by Group in 2015. Although it is not as popular as other advertising networks, it has many features that can make it a viable option for arbitrageurs. In this article, we will explore MyTarget's potential for traffic arbitrage and present some current cases that illustrate how to make the most of this platform.

    Advantages of myTarget for Traffic Arbitrage

    There are several reasons why MyTarget can be a great platform for traffic arbitrage:
    1. Large Audience: MyTarget allows you to advertise on several popular Russian platforms, such as "Odnoklassniki", "VKontakte", and "Yula". These platforms have a large user base, which means that you have access to a significant audience.
    2. Advanced Targeting: MyTarget offers advanced targeting options that allow you to reach your desired audience with precision. You can target your ads based on demographics, interests, location, and more.
    3. Low Competition: MyTarget is still a relatively new platform, and many advertisers have not yet discovered its potential. This means that there is less competition for ad placements, and you can get more traffic at a lower cost.

    Current Cases in 2023

    Let's take a look at some current cases of successful traffic arbitrage on MyTarget:
    1. Case #1: A webmaster promoting a dating offer managed to achieve a 200% ROI on MyTarget. He targeted his ads to single men aged 25-35, and used eye-catching creatives that emphasized the benefits of the dating site.
    2. Case #2: An affiliate promoting a health supplement offer managed to achieve a 300% ROI on MyTarget. He used lookalike targeting to reach people who were similar to his existing customers, and used testimonials and before-and-after photos in his ads.
    3. Case #3: A webmaster promoting a mobile game offer managed to achieve a 150% ROI on MyTarget. He used dynamic creative optimization to test different ad creatives and find the ones that performed best, and also experimented with different ad formats.


    MyTarget can be a great platform for traffic arbitrage if you know how to use it effectively. With its advanced targeting options, large audience, and low competition, you can achieve excellent results with the right approach. The cases presented in this article show that it is possible to achieve high ROIs on MyTarget by targeting the right audience, using compelling creatives, and testing and optimizing your ads.

    Traffic arbitrage cases

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