Betting affiliate programs in 2023
Betting affiliate programs are a type of offer that involves promoting sports betting services and earning a commission for every new customer that signs up through your affiliate link. Webmasters can earn significant revenue by driving high-quality traffic to these programs, as many sports enthusiasts are willing to place

Betting affiliate programs

Betting affiliate programs are a type of offer that involves promoting sports betting services and earning a commission for every new customer that signs up through your affiliate link. Webmasters can earn significant revenue by driving high-quality traffic to these programs, as many sports enthusiasts are willing to place bets on their favorite teams and events.

In 2023, there are numerous betting affiliate programs available for webmasters to choose from. These programs offer different commission structures, such as CPA, CPL, and RevShare, and they cover a wide range of sports and events from around the world.

Webmasters can earn commissions ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars per customer, depending on the program and the type of commission structure. They can also benefit from various promotional tools and resources provided by these programs, such as banners, landing pages, and promotional codes.

Reviews from webmasters who have worked with betting affiliate programs can provide valuable insights into the performance and reliability of these programs. Webmasters should research and compare different programs before selecting the ones that best fit their needs and goals. By selecting the right betting affiliate programs and driving quality traffic to them, webmasters can generate substantial revenue streams and build successful online businesses in the sports betting niche.

    Top betting affiliate programs with bookmaker offers on RevShare and CPA. A list of the best affiliate programs currently available, where webmasters and arbitrators can earn money.

    Good day! Betting is not the only way to make money with bookmakers. Attracting new players is a solid way to earn money through an affiliate program today.

    Webmasters and arbitrators can also multiply their financial portfolio on betting partnerships, and today I will tell you how to do it and provide a TOP 10 list of the best platforms.

    Betting affiliate programs, top 10

    Advertise - affiliate program

    Advertise - offers a large number of betting offers available through a thematic CPA network of partnerships. Both offshore and legal in the Russian Federation are available. It also offers goods, applications, financial offers, and more.

    Advertise - affiliate program
    Advertise - affiliate program
    Advertise offers:
    • Bwin (CPI): Baseline 200 rubles, CPA 2,600 rubles for each referred participant.
    • PariMatch (CPI): Baseline $5, CPA 5,000 rubles for each referred participant.
    • BetCity (CPI): 300 rubles, CPA $50 for each referred participant.
    • Fonbet (CPI): Baseline 500 rubles, CPA payment of 2,300 rubles for each referred participant.
    • Leon: RevShare 25% from the bookmaker's profit.
    • GGBet: Payment for a qualified player. CPA $30 for each referred participant.

    Advertise is known for its variety of available features. It has everything necessary for stable work, including link generators, banners, landing pages, deep links, link shorteners, traffic back (switchable and adjustable), and more.

    CPA#1 - affiliate program

    CPA#1 offers a large number of betting offers, and profitability of affiliate programs is guaranteed. The system operates on Affise, but it is likely to transfer to a proprietary platform.

    CPA#1 - affiliate program
    CPA#1 - affiliate program
    CPA#1 betting offers:
    • Leon (CPA): RevShare 30% from BC profit
    • PariMatch: Baseline $5, CPA $35 for a referred customer
    • BetCity (CPA): Baseline 300 RUB, CPA $50 for a referred participant
    • Fonbet (CPA): Baseline 500 RUB, CPA payment of 2,500 RUB for a referred participant
    • GG.Bet: Baseline $10, CPA $27 for a referred player

    CPA#1 allows the use of subids, provides detailed statistics on conversions, and more. However, there are minor limitations, such as the inability to disable traffic back in some places. You may need to contact support, but they may not be able to help you, or you should not rely on it.

    GG.Bet Affiliates is a partner program

    GG.Bet Affiliates is a partner program for the cyber sports betting company GG.Bet. Only this BC can be promoted through this affiliate program.

    GG.Bet Affiliates is a partner program
    GG.Bet Affiliates is a partner program
    Advantages of GGBet Affiliates:
    • Revshare starting from 40%.
    • 10-level referral system.
    • Availability of popular esports disciplines.
    • Fast slots and games.
    • Loyalty programs and promotions.
    • Exclusive promo materials.

    With successful results, beginners will have the opportunity to increase their percentage and switch to CPA, but initially only revshare is available for work.

    For high-volume traffic, promoting GGBet through revshare is relevant to this day. If you have such a desire, it is worth considering this affiliate program. All necessary tools are available for correct work on this system.

    Melbet Partners - affiliate program

    Melbet Partners is another affiliate program associated only with one bookmaker - Melbet. Arbitrageurs and webmasters receive additional bonuses. Participants are offered to earn up to 40% of the company's profit.

    Melbet Partners - партнерская программа
    Advantages of Melbet Partners:
    • Fair bookmaker
    • Promotions and bonuses for partners and players
    • 24/7 support for participants and network users
    • Operational and stable payouts
    • Up to 40% revenue share
    • Stop Shave
    • Creative marketing
    • Cutting-edge products in the bookmaker market
    • Unique design for esports players

    Most CPA networks work with Melbet, even those mentioned above. Getting the highest percentage rate on revenue share is a significant advantage of this native affiliate program. There is no waiting for reconciliation since the statistics change in real-time.

    If you need more information about Melbet Partners, it is better to familiarize yourself with it on the official website.

    Pin-Up Partners - affiliate program

    Pin-Up affiliate program collaborates with companies of the same name.

    Pin-Up Partners - affiliate program
    Pin-Up Partners - affiliate program
    Advantages of Pin-Up Partners:
    • Hybrid upon request
    • RevShare up to 50%
    • CPA - $200 (for Western markets) and $25-$50 (for Russian-speaking markets)

    Pin-Up is known for its very user-friendly interface, favorable terms for wholesale clients, frequent payments (every 14 days), and a personal manager.

    Mostbet Partners - affiliate program

    The Mostbet affiliate program only works with this bookmaker and offers attractive terms, combining them with a hybrid collaboration model.

    Mostbet Partners - affiliate program
    Mostbet Partners - affiliate program
    Advantages of Mostbet Partners:
    • CPA - from $20 to $75 per lead
    • RevShare up to 60%
    • Hybrid options

    Parimatch - affiliate program

    The official Parimatch bookmaker affiliate program offers quite pleasant terms (it is better to clarify the details with the manager). It also has a hybrid work structure.

    Parimatch - affiliate program
    Parimatch - affiliate program
    Advantages of Parimatch:
    • Hybrid
    • Up to $60 CPA
    • From $40 RevShare

    Betting and Ways to Develop: A Comprehensive Guide

    Betting has become a popular form of online entertainment, with various platforms offering their services to interested individuals. These platforms, also known as bookmakers or betting companies, have created numerous opportunities for individuals to participate in different types of sports betting, including horse racing, football, basketball, and many others.

    One of the most effective ways to make money through betting is by partnering with bookmakers through affiliate programs. These programs offer substantial rewards for every new player that an affiliate attracts to the bookmaker platform. There are two main types of payments that bookmaker affiliate programs offer:

    1. CPA – Fixed payment for specific actions, such as the first deposit or registration. This payment is often based on a baseline amount, such as the amount deposited by the player in their betting account.
    2. RevShare – Percentage of the bookmaker's revenue from losses incurred by the players referred by the affiliate. This payment is based on the percentage of the player's losses without any baseline amount. If a player loses money on the platform, the affiliate receives a percentage of that loss.

    Bookmaker affiliate programs may also offer a hybrid payment model, which combines a fixed payment based on the player's deposit amount and a percentage of the player's losses.

    While some individuals may try to manipulate the system by using traffic from platforms such as Seosprint or by inviting friends to make minimum deposits, it is not recommended. Bookmakers quickly identify such manipulation and may ban the account, freezing all funds without the possibility of recovery. It is best to use legitimate methods to attract new players to the platform, such as improving traffic from acceptable sources.

    Acceptable sources of traffic include social media platforms such as VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, and various Telegram channels (excluding cappers' channels). Other acceptable sources include push traffic, portals, blogs, websites, and other similar platforms. However, each bookmaker may have its own specific policies regarding acceptable sources of traffic. It is best to consult with the affiliate program manager or check the offer card on the official website of the affiliate program to determine acceptable sources of traffic.

    In conclusion, bookmaker affiliate programs provide a lucrative opportunity for individuals to make money by partnering with bookmakers. However, it is essential to use legitimate methods to attract new players and avoid getting banned from the platform. With proper strategies and an understanding of the rules, it is possible to develop a successful betting affiliate business and earn substantial rewards.

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